Shut up and drive 

Daily prompt: meaningless 
Shut up and drive

Drive deep into my body 

Faster if you want to 

Steady if needed 

Make me moan louder 

Shut up and drive 

Keep your hands on your steering wheel 

Your eyes on the road 

Your mouth sealed 

My mouth on your dick 

Your dick in my mouth 

Shut up and drive

At the back of your car 

Pull my hair and drive 

Drive deep into me, unhinged 

No stopping signs, it’s a free way 

Only open for you 

Shut up and drive 

Drive me crazy, 

Drive me insane 

Leave me at the edge of the cliff, tempt me to jump 

Drive me hard like your new Lamborghini 

Have no mercy, 

Ravish me, leave me sated 

Shut up and drive 

A meaningless trip with meaningful intents 

So we can fuck in the car 

Kiss on the road 

Swim in the ocean of our adventure 

Shut and up and drive, 

Drive me insane, baby. 

15 thoughts on “Shut up and drive 

  1. You are working my stick shift perfectly and I am in overdrive! I want to pump your gas until your tank is overflowing, check your points, sink my dipstick deep in your silky oil… Mmmm, life in the fast lane!

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