The ordinary 

Daily prompt challenge: Ordinary

We are not ordinary 

We are not from the basic earth 

We knew that the moment our eyes burned reflecting one’s fire

An indelible connection 

Sensual Phenomenon correspondence 

The desire that could not be hindered, 

Lust that is prepossessing

An ardour that burst my libido 

Fluorescent affection that crave to be illuminated by your touch 


I knew we were no ordinary

With the way your touch felt like a the hand of a god 

A demeanour of a sexual prodigy 

Unleashed your talents on my body 

Left me marvelled and craving more, 

I just knew, nothing was ordinary about us 


Those lips on my skin felt good like a sin 

Your tongue tasted delicious like sweet poison 

Your voice spoke dirty inside my head 

You inside me felt magical like an illusion 

It left me wondering, is any of this ordinary? 

And the answer was clear, nothing like us is ever ordinary 

If it is, the world would be floating in the sky, insane and crazy. 

9 thoughts on “The ordinary 

      1. Awwwww… !!!

        You know you are extra special..
        and very talented..

        You have such a way with erotic poetry…
        I hope you are thinking of publishing a book 📚 someday.. with these awesome envisions..

        Liked by 1 person

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