That man

He wore his successful charming smile 

Swept me off of my feet with his voice,

A sexy whisper combined with authority 
His brains, a masterpiece worth more than imaginable, 
Smart and witty 
Intelligence and eloquence 
Every single thing I ever wanted 
He had an expensive taste 
Knew wine my the back of his head 
Wore me a Givenchy
Bought me an emarald 
Wore money drenched suit, smelled like fortune 

He read minds too,  eloquent basturd 
He knew me like I was his 

But I had never been his 

He made my eye feel like they had accomplished a diamond 

The sight of him ritzy like his apartment. 

I felt rather dirty thinking about it 

But his manly hands on my body had me feeling as special as gold 

Then we went to his spacious kitchen 

Only good things came out of it for sure 

Then he said, 

“Bend over” his voice hoarse and husky and pulling my pants down already 

Perplexed I said “what?” 

He smacked my ass and made me bend over the granite stone island 

And that was his passport to my treasure 

The passport to dive deep inside and have my voice fill the room 

A new tune for the birds. 

His passport to my heart. 

11 thoughts on “That man

  1. Looks like he will be having you for dinner.☺️ Now be a good girl and bend over while he toasts your buns and prepares them to encase his meat. Of course, a juicy succulent peach rounds out this meal perfectly. 🍑💦

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