What you do to me

I am an outlier 

The one creature that knows how to strip you naked with just a glance 

It’s amazing how your body enthrals every sense of me 

Conjure my hands to long and itch to caress you, touch you 

My finger tips on it, caressing in a tormenting dance along your shaft 

My eyes are keen 

To witness the merriment that will wash over your face, 


How horny you are

To see you become an outlier, separating from reality to us – an ecstasy  

Hand your desires to me, let me take care of them 

My words are never kept within 

I will whisper it all to you 

How I like to see you burn in the wrath of my touch 

How I have some bad intentions for you 

And how much I like seeing your manhood all wrapped up in my hand 

My lips long 

It’s hard to just look and stroke 

Without the urge to lick you up 

Kiss you 

Taste you 

Gosh I am so desirous 

It’s all you, 

You make me sinful and crazy 

You make me outlier to my own innocence 

Because seeing your conjures every sinful sex I could imagine 

17 thoughts on “What you do to me

      1. Hahaa, no it is not weird women just are taught to keep it quiet and be a lady.
        I believe in being sweet and sexy at the appropriate time. And reading a erotic post the sky side ones out

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