A handsome face 

A handsome face sells 

But it never sells the emotions

The darkness buried inside 

Hidden and starched underneath the angelic face.


It hold a priceless smile

That could sell for a million pounds 

A very deceitful smile 

That attracts even the devil of the world

It allures the wrong light into his life.


A handsome face is misinterpreted 

It’s effortless features could cloud all sorts of feelings, sex, love, hate, happiness, pity, naughty, sexy, hot and every word in the world.

It could turn you on without even advanced effort

It could intimidate you without any words spoken

It could mislead you without any intention to

It is just a handsome face 

An art piece


A handsome face alerts false projection

Women think it doesn’t have a heart

They become defensive 

Use their claws to scratch it ugly 

Yet a handsome face may sell false advertisement 

But it does have a heart

It’s handsomeness hinders us to see its reality

It’s handsomeness is a curse that causes unendurable pain 

Projection of a wrong feeling


An art piece that needs to be analysed in its fullest depth

It’s handsomeness hides the wrinkles and the fine lines of growth. 

Lines that are routes to its true being

Wrinkles that are brought by its sadness and its happiness.

A handsome face is the most saddest thing in the world.

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