Riding a bullet: Submissive Kayla

Hi guys this is the book I am currently working on. I have not entirely written a BDSM book and I can’t say I will get it right that’s why I have posted this little part. I hope you enjoy it 😊 And I would like to apologise for neglecting you guys in the last two weeks or so… I have been going through some shit and I neglected a lot but you guys supported me and checked up on me and that’s amazing and I am grateful. 


They requested a private table and she sat next to him and the other woman sat on his other side. She had been giving Kayla a nasty glance and Kayla prayed she didn’t end up asking her if she had a problem. 

While she sat there listening to all of them laugh and talk, she felt kegan’s hand slide down her stomach. Aghast, she glanced at him and he looked like he was detached from his hand. Knowing better she remained calm. 

“Pull your skirt up” he ordered not even whispering. She looked around and said “but there are people on this table”. With one stern glance she obeyed and did as bid. Slowly and carefully she pulled her skirt up to her waist. 

“Open your legs” he bid her and she realise that there was a man sitting next to her and already her knees were touching with his. 

She hesitated and he smacked her across her thigh. Closing her eyes she opened her legs wide. 

“Wider” he told her as the waiter brought the glasses of wine to them. She spread her legs wider and the guy glanced at her as she budged his knee to the side. 

“Good girl. If you question any more I will punish you” he said his tone low and guarded. She looked around the desk fighting all of her instinct that told her to walk away right that second but at the same time she couldn’t ignore her screaming libido. She wasn’t fearing what his intentions were, she was anticipating them.

“Yes, Sir” she whispered. 

He grinned at her the moment his hand began caressing circles at her sex. Her knees trembled. She leaned her head back on the wall and clutched her hands onto the leather seat. She stifled a moan as he pressed harder on her clit. She glanced at him and saw him relaxed and conversing with his workers. 

“Take your panties off” he whispered in her ear while his lips kissed and nibbled her earlobe. 

“What?” She whispered and he connected his eyes with hers. 

“That’s five slaps across your ass. Ask me again I will be happy to add five more” he growled and without a question she grabbed on to the red lace paintings and began sliding them down. The waiter served food and they all began eating.  

She slid the panties to her ankles pulled them off her shoes. 

“Give them to me” he said and she exhaled and took the red lace panties that were also a bit damp due to him making her wet. 

He opened his palm and she placed the red panties on it, everyone was watching but they seemed to pretend as though it was nothing. He folded the panties and placed them next to his plate and began forking some salad and chicken. 

“Open your mouth” he bid her and she opened it and he fed her. 

Then he slid his hand down to her pussy and she gasped in some air. Closing her eyes trying not to emit a sensual sound. Kegan’s hands were dexterous. He flicked at her clit while his other hand brought food to her mouth. It was hard and intense and with food in her mouth she got away with a moan but their friends were well aware of what was going on. 

She was wet. Drenching wet and Kegan was well aware of it as he fed her another spoon the moment his fingers dived into her. She let out a moan and commented on the food. Kegan laughed but his fingers were not gentle and he didn’t care that with each entrance the wetness of her pussy echoed along with the music in the private corner. 

She was so close to climaxing and he was driving her insane. Her legs trembled, she couldn’t hold steady, her fingers dug into the leather. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall. Now she had forgotten about were she was. All she knew was Kegan was fingering her and she couldn’t hold herself that much longer. 

“Kegan” she whispered his name and he turned to her and brought his lips to hers, 

“What baby?” He whispered 

“I will… fuck…mmm” she couldn’t speak, his fingers were tough and fast across her pussy and she was barely survive it. 

“Tell me baby, what do you want?” He whispered his lips on her neck, his breath warm and arousing, his tongue sweeping across her skin, eliciting so much arousal and fear that she might have a squirting orgasm. 

“I am going to cum” she whispered almost whimpering. He grinned against her skin and pulled his fingers out and rubbed circles on her clit. This time words were gone, she climaxed. Drew her head back and let out a huge moan that everyone on the table heard. 

The orgasm was huge, it washed over her body like an ocean, wave after wave like contractions. She buried her head in Kegan’s arms as she pulsated and spasmed, her thighs sandwiching his arm tight while he slowly caressed her pussy. 
Now all she wanted was some sleep. The orgasm was so powerful that she felt so weak that she wouldn’t walk. 

“Are you okay?” He whispered in her ear and she could sense the smile on his face. 

“Yes, thank you” she whispered back lifting her head up from his chest to seeing the entire table watching her. Humiliation and embarrassment smacked her across the face that all the enjoyment disappeared. 

Their blank expressions were also the most terrifying thing ever. She glance on the side of Kegan where a woman was staring at her with such hate. Knowing that Kegan had told her to keep her head down. She kept it down. 

“There” Kegan handed the red panties to her “put them back on” he told her and she decided to keep her head high and put her panties on without allowing them to see how humiliated she was. 

But she was humiliated and she was packing her shit and leaving Kegan the moment they got home.

4 thoughts on “Riding a bullet: Submissive Kayla

  1. This is a sexy story, Samantha. The public display of affection (exhibitionism) really gets me going for sure! Her orgasm was hot too. Why was she so humiliated and now wants to leave Kegan? What is the other woman’s relationship to Kegan? Great scene🔥😘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Michael, it is such a pleasure to see you have been reading my work 😄 I did think that this story expressed a little exhibitionism only I have a new poem planned inspired by your post about this particular fantasy 😉 this is one of the mystery of this novel but to explain Kayla’s reaction; she is not really good at being submissive. She had tried before and she doesn’t like some of its aspects especial one of feeling humiliated. It made her unaware of the pleasure she got and more aware of how bruised her pride was and how humiliated she was.

      I am glad you like this 😊


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