You are a phantom 

You appear and disappear just like that

No warning, no nothing, you just appear 

Then I become wordless


You ravage my pulse Everytime you decide to appear 

You leave me hanging on a thin thread 

Starving, crazy and extremely volatile for the happiness that flowers inside me

You make me so happy, I could cry

You leave me wanting

Wanting more of you


Yearning for more. 

Trust me it’s nothing sexual 

It’s more than that 

You are an incorrigible man 

Blind eyes could even see that 

Innovative and so smart

So… perfect it’s pissing me off 

My heart leaps up to my throat 

My visions fool me 

My heart makes a promise it can’t keep 

The chances are invisible 

Would you ever be mine? 

I could never expound how much you enthuse futuristic happiness in my heart 

My face dilates with a huge smile 

Shine bright like a diamond 

Glow, reflecting the light from a distance 

The light I keep yearning to invite into my life 

Yet you are the light that is so far away. 

I am crazy right? 

Would it be of shock if you found out someone cared so much about you? 

I think you care 

I care 

But I feel like I am always borrowing our time and I only get pennies 

All I am looking for is at least a loan or a grant of time 

I am rumbling aren’t I? 

Talking about you is a mixture of all emotions 

Words fail me when it comes to talking about you. 

They fail me because they are incapable

Of defining how I feel about you 

Every thing I thought was possible in my life has turned out to be not possible 

But when I saw your face that day, I felt like you were possible. 

(Gosh I was so happy)

I wish you could be a possibility in my life 

I want you to be. 

Whereever you lay, shall you know I witnessed the somber face you wore on that day 

You wanted to say something 

You wanted a shoulder to lean on 

I care,

I could listen to you for a million hours. 

I may be wordless but I care 

Just talk to me

2 thoughts on “Wordless 

  1. This is beautiful, dear Saam! Sad but beautiful. I am still around, but I’ll be back to writing my lovely romance stories soon. I hope you’ll stop by and enjoy them when they return. In the meantime, I am enjoying your post here. This is just great! 🙂 Have a beautiful day, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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