My head hitting against the wall 

My eyes rolling back 

My toes curling 

My mind spiralling in ecstasy 
We are boundless. 


As you drive into me

Drill into into me

Invigorated and unhinged 

Crazy and high on us 

Floating in boundless love. 


Flip me over and spank me 

I have been a bad girl, please

Your hand on my skin feels like fireworks

The way it burns my skin, I am fucking crazy 

High on our boundless ardour


Then you ram yourself in 

Right deep inside

Make me call your name out loud

Grab onto the sheets 

As you hold onto me tight 

Sheathe it between my tight walls 

Drown into our boundless fucking


Then I tear apart

Exploding into multiple particles 

With your miraculous hands you will bring me back 

And untie the rope on my ankles 

Hold me tight and I tremble 

The tightness of our boundless adulation

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