I have never thought I could easily be read like today. So the story is, I am literally glued to Maya Banks’ Sweet Surrender series and damn it is hot! 

I am on the third book at the moment, SweetTemptation. Normally I read such hot books in public, in fact I do it all the time. I even write my own erotic stories in public and be turned on and manage to efface it but today I failed. 

I was at work and it wasn’t that busy so I was able to be sneaking and reading the book and I am on a chapter where Angelina the protagonist of the book is being dominated by three men. How hot is that! The scene was utterly hot that I became kind of bothered but still, I am good at hiding my arousal and I have never been busted. 

So while I was reading a customer came and I had to serve immediately. They literally caught me off guard while the scene in the book still played in my mind. He was male, tall and handsome. He had come around at work a few times, he is a regular customer actually and we normally have some little chats. He is a paramedic too but today he wasn’t working. 

So I hastily went to serve him and he greeted me as always and ordered what he wanted. Then he narrowed his eyes with a little smirk in his face and said “are you alright?” 

I hastily became pale thinking shit, I just got busted!. So I said “yeah I am” with a bit of a laugh. More of a humiliated kind of laugh. 

“Oh okay, you look a bit flushed that’s all” he said and I swear my face must have swelled up like a balloon with no air. A man I had no business with had just read my arousal from my face. 

Like a good actress that I am I laughed it off and said “it’s cause I am tired. Had a long day at college then came to work and it’s been busy”. I was trying to wear a facade but damn I was turned on. “I will take your word for it” he said and on his face I knew he knew I was aroused. 

The scene in the book kept playing in my mind and I was so humiliated because I was half in my head and half in the shop serving a good looking man that just read how turned on I was just from my face. 

So then our conversation went on about his day then he paid his goods. After that he said “get some rest, Sam” I knew his words implied something way more but I pretended like I didn’t know what he was on about and said “same to you, have a good day”. 

Inside I was shitting myself. My bitch face literally betrayed me today, I was all hot and bothered and it was almost impossible to hinder it. 

I am so embarrassed lol. 

17 thoughts on “Busted!

  1. Sexy girl, you’ve left some juicy thoughts in this post. First of all, your featured image…you are GORGEOUS!πŸ’– Wow, I love your look!πŸ˜›πŸ”₯Secondly, you slipped in a little bit of the book you are reading about being dominated by three men…that is so, damn hot! You should write about that fantasy. Finally, it is so cool that you are writing and reading erotica throughout your day…keeping the fire stoked and you on edge.πŸ”₯

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