The man in my dreams 

Child, you are safe

You are safe now, he would say
He wears a white shirt, 
He’s an angel now 

He will hold me in his arms 

Console me in his amour 

And whisper 

You are safe now 

In world were there is no safety 

He kisses my forehead 

Heal the fatigue of my day and night dreaming 

Caress his magnificent fingers in my coiled hair 

Lull me into closing my eyes 

Travel on time, to were my happiness is 

And I will hear his voice say 
Child, you are safe
You are safe now 

He wore a dark suit 

Leaped me out of fire With one hand 

Took me to the glistening river 

That only existed in Disney 
Showed me the lights after the darkness 
And said 
Child you are safe, 

You will be safe now 

As the morning sun came 

He wore his straw hat and walked away

Left me washing my feet in the miraculous river 

Turned his back on me 

I felt forlorn for a moment 

Then he turned around 

His halo glowed above him 

He held his cane to balance his frail body 

And said 

“Child, you are safe 

You are safe now” 

He smiled and said 

“I will not wave as your father did wave 

I will not promise as a promise can be easily broken 

I will not say ‘goodbye’ and my name is Goodnight 

I am a star that shines upon you 

For as long as I shine bright like a diamond 

Look up and remember my worlds 

Child, you are safe. 

You are safe now” 

He vanished into thin air, 

And you should believe me when I say 

The man of my dreams is the star that shines above me 

The one that keeps me safe. 

Safe forever.

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