What I write does NOT define me!

My title is harsh right? That’s how I feel like when people start giving me labels and more so, looking at me like I am the girl that stands by the corner and sell her body for money. No offence.
I write on this blog for pleasure in which it gives no one any inclination to think they can identify and define me with what I write. So many times I have been tempted to stop this blog or stop writing erotica because of the emails and the comments I will get. It breeds a fear in my mind and it conjures the previous fears that happened and that I’ve overcome.
I write erotica not because I want to be taken advantage of, not because I want that kind of attention and not because it’s who I am. This -erotica- is a tiny fraction of who I am and therefore it doesn’t define me. It simply is something that I think everyone has but happens to be so good at keeping it in. I guess I am not that good at keeping in it then.

We have to know that being open about sexual desires isn’t something taboo anymore. I have read real life stories of erotic bloggers who got bullied and abused due to their writing (both men and women physically and mentally, sexually abused) and somehow I feel like I will be under that category at anytime. But a wise person will see the beauty and potency in expressing such desire. 

People who write this subject know what they want and how they want it. That is a quality of full dominance over their life and therefore that could be a threat to the inferior minded. 

I am young, probably the youngest erotic writer on this blog (idk) and I am aware that my writing is quite provocative but I do ask to be respected. I also thank the ones who complement my work and see far deeper than the words that my work shows. 

Of course it’s erotic poems and stories but in all truth, it’s all in the element of love because I love love and I want to love. Besides, I have showed that I write more than just erotica. 

I am not defending or causing fire where there isn’t any fire and I am not apologising for accepting, nurturing and expressing this talent and my passion. 

21 thoughts on “What I write does NOT define me!

  1. Sorry people have been so quick to judge you. Sometimes people fear what they don’t understand and even more so when they know it too rests deep within themselves. I think anyone that reads your blog more completely will understand that your writing comes from a place of love. Although, it shouldn’t matter where it comes from. You are free to explore your fantasies as you wish. If they don’t like that is their problem, not yours. They have other reading options.

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  2. Of course it doesn’t define you, a page can’t possibly cover decades of somebody’s life. Most people realize this. Most, but not all. Fortunately most will support you πŸ™‚

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      1. And thank YOU for YOUR kind words. I’ve never really attempted to write any erotica of my own since i’ve never felt capable of doing so, only for commenting and sharing my thoughts. Do you really think I should? πŸ™‚

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      2. I think you should, personally I grow as a lover when I write erotica because I don’t write it plainly as kinky and all, I always coat it with love and you could write it but coating it with a feeling you love or anything that triggers your affection. Personally it even helps me get confident. Jut give it a go cause I would really love to read it about it.


  3. Samantha, I want to offer you encouragement. I understand that some people will be challenged by your expression of things that are challenging to them. I face this kind of ‘discrimination’ myself in my daily life, not everyday of course, but it comes up often enough.
    Could be what I say, could be what I do, could be what I wear, etc. Whether that’s a co-worker that doesn’t understand my motivations, my partner(s) who are challenged by some stuff I say or do, or my boss who may have a different set of values than those that I display, I think its important to be true to yourself, while being respectful to others as much as practical, without forfeiting your sense of self. I get it. Easier said than done….

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    1. It easier said than done but thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. It’s inspiring and uplifting to know someone also fought a similar issue and remained themselves. 😊 I appreciate it

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