Discussion: big girls/ big women…? 

(I love this woman!!!!!)

I am glad we are in a time where most thick women feel confident and beautiful in their skin. I myself I am a curvy girl, I am no where near skinny and sometimes I feel less beautiful which is fairly less times to be honest. The thing is being a bigger girl comes with more flaws than most thinner women. We have huge tits that aren’t as perky, some thick girls don’t have huge tits but the majority do. I do and they are heavy and annoying but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I have read some articles where men say they are turned off when a plus woman has her huge tits that are obviously not going to be perky. 

(Another fav from Ig)

Second, we have stretch marks, our tiger stripes define our growth and our feminity and again I have read articles where some men say they are a turn off or they wouldn’t date a plus woman because of that. 

(So beautiful!, my body type)

Besides some thick women have thick thighs that rub together, cause friction and skin discolouration, and I have yet again read articles where women feel insecure about this and where they have been insulted about it. In my opinion, it’s all natural. 

Also I know there are some big men who aren’t six pack and muscles, who too are thick and are also made to feel as though they aren’t beautiful. I know people have preference, I have mine but sometimes you can’t help who you fall for. 

The media and the society makes us feel as though we are unattractive and that we must be picture perfect or if we are curvy, we must be Kim Kardashian curvy which is just… let’s not go there. 

So this week’s discussion is about fat/thick/plus/curvy women and thick men. 

Would you date a thick (BBW) woman/ man? Do the flaws I have mentioned above turn you off? And on the picture below which girl would you prefer if you were to date a big girl? 


I know this is a sensitive subject for other people and I don’t mean to offend. I am doing this discussion because people email me to do it and a lot have. I am just helping and if you have an idea of any discussion please voice it. Also share this post so that more people would join in. It’s fun if we are many. 

 I also ask that you write your most honest response and do not feel afraid or lie just to impress, I want you to be honest. And remember every opinion is an opinion, if it offends you, don’t take it to heart. 

No matter who you are, you are very very beautiful and no words should make you feel less than beautiful and handsome. 

58 thoughts on “Discussion: big girls/ big women…? 

  1. Anyone who comments on stretch marks never deserved to see your body in the first place.

    Media these days have created an unreasonable expectation. When one turns to the more scientific measures such as the BMI Index (which works for the majority of people, there are exceptions), one can see that a curvy body is natural too (within healthy limits of course, we are not talking about obesity).

    It saddens me every time I have to reassure my SO that she truly is beautiful (she is also a curvy lady).

    Girls, the media is wrong! Instead listen to your heart. And the only person who is allowed to call you overweight is a qualified doctor (who is more concerned with your wellbeing anyway). I invite you, go to a mirror, take a good look at yourself, and see all your beauty shining back at you!

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  2. I’m dating a chubby girl myself, although she said she wants to lose weight. We workout together and I’m taking care of her diet. She’s not THAT heavy, although at five foot two every pound shows on her pocket-sized body 😀

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    1. I love that you guys work out together. I love working out, the gym is never the issue, the issue is I loved food lol. And I love that you support her and still like her the way she is. It’s beautiful Rok and thank you for stopping by. You are so kind 😄

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      1. Well, she means the world to me and I will do my best to make our future bright together, even if at times we can be strict to one another. Some people can weigh a lot and be healthy, but not everybody…and with her blood pressure lowering and sleep apnea getting better, we’ve really made progress 🙂

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  3. I used to have a model figure. 5.11 a size 10. I always felt weird and like I stood out. A bean pole.I put weight on when I had my son. Now I’m a 16 with f cups and I love it! Lol I’m happier as a bigger girl than I ever was stick thin. So yeah curvy girls rock!

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      1. I did have a short fling in highschool with a girl who had very very big ones, I couldn’t hold one in my palm, I had to grab one boob with both my hands, they were the size of bowling balls. And I don’t have small hands 😀

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      2. Well, as a clumsy highschooler, they were fun but I was so inexperienced back then I didn’t really know what to do, I was just looking at them in awe! It was quite the contrast to my 145 lb frame back then 😀 fun memories 🙂

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      3. Damn, I love it when a man appreciates a thick girl!! So many times I have heard men saying ‘oh she is too heavy, or her thighs blah blah blah’ you just appreciate thick women and I freakin’ love that

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      4. It’s just so primal! Seeing such feminine curves lights a fire deep inside me, I want to feel them, kiss them, then slowly be inside her while kissing her neck and breasts and just stay there motionless for a while. And there’s never enough, I want to feel everything, no condom, just pumping her over and over again! Great, now I’m all hot and swollen 😉

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      5. She makes me make a big mess every time, not a big problem since it’s mostly inside her anyways.
        I’m sure you’re also having a fantastic time right? i’ve seen some of your pictures, you must have suitors lining up everyday 😀

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  4. Well:. Firstly.. you are so beautiful..
    And you are perfect in every way..

    I’m so glad to know you love yourself and feel so good in your own body…

    We all of all different shapes and sizes..and my very best love has been a plus size guy..
    it wasn’t a plan relationship but his personality wins my heart over.. and everything about him was beautiful after that…,

    So please know you are gorgeous and don’t worry about these people and men who don’t find you so.,

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      1. I know you would eventually get to it.. Sam..

        It was so good to put a face to all that erotica..
        You are truly a gorgeous lovable gal..
        And I could see all that passion you have in your eyes…

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  5. Great post. I’m a thick girl too! My husband loves me just as I am. I’ve been thinner, but it’s such a struggle, especially when you get older. I can’t believe some men would expect women to have perky boobs! Not when they are big!

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  6. I think everyone should feel beautiful in their skin. No one should hide themselves because someone doesn’t like their shape. Curves add spice to the clothes so I believe.

    And I myself have been called fat but I love myself so I don’t pay attention to the negative people who believe everyone should be a size 2. I love these curves I have and I will show them whoever doesn’t like it can look away.

    As long as a person is healthy they should brace themselves with love.

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