Favourite pictures of the week and a question for the ladies…

It’s been a long time since I did the sexy one. 

Here is a question for the ladies… and men if you like…

For men what would you like? 

22 thoughts on “Favourite pictures of the week and a question for the ladies…

  1. Well, being ridden sounds nice…but who’s kidding who, I’m the morning person between the two of us, so it’s missionary all the way, and a hard pounding wakes her up as well 😀

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      1. It certainly makes the rest of the day nicer 🙂 The only complaint I get from my girl is she gets ready to leave the house, showers, dresses, arrives to work…and then a glob of cum leaks out of her, ruining her panties!

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      2. Not the ruined panties she has to wear until she gets home. But me cumming inside her? Yes definitely, that is a massive turn on for both of us, especially for her, she has quite a cum fetish 😉

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  2. Ignoring it *No*
    Early in the morning lust is the perfect breakfast,
    Desiring to taste his strong length piercing through me. Trailing kisses along him that leads to tasting him on my tongue. While my body’s tender affection inhales him. Gripping him tightly in my hands that guide him into a part of me that causes him to tremble in exotic measure of lust. Movements that seduce all his senses to give into me. I become a cage on his full length and I don’t release him until he spasms in orgasmic bliss.  So my answer is all except *ignore*

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      1. Hahaa, I can be erotic when the time is appropriate and morning is that time and I don’t tire quick so he better have had a good night’s sleep

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