Sue me, I am a dreamer

Sue me, I am a dreamer 

My mind is always over my head

I am a fool fooled by the visions of a life presented in a silver goblet. 

All that happens on my head occurs before my eyes in the subliminal line between human sight and that of a dreamer 

Then I am constantly told; ‘dreamers die drowning in the depth of sadness’ due to my higher expectation 

What you are unbeknownst to is my courage and the strength that I carry on my shoulders, 

Since you are a bull that knows we’re its horns come from I assure you, my dreams will come true

So, sue me; I am a dreamer 

Without my dreams, I am a blind dog with no sense of smell – lost 

My hope and belief is breed through the weight of my golden glazed dreams, 

Up in the high chair of a queen watching the lights gleam my fortune, and that is a dream in live to be

So sue me, I am a dreamer

I dream to love and be love 

I have been told that is naivity, the dreams of girl that only knows nothing

Maybe that’s why I don’t feel anything for the small minded and why I will wait till he comes forth with his beauty and darkness 

So hey, sue me I am a dreamer 

I will continue to work till I am a moving ghost, what happens in my head is constructed by my will power and my heart, 

I dream you learn to dream because I could see it in your eyes, your ignorance is a defence mechanism surrounded by jealousy. 

So sue me I am a dreamer

And I dare you to laugh at me, show me your putrid teeth painted by the essence of your ugly soul so that when my dreams come true and I shine, you will be blinded and you will bow because you know nothing.

Sue me, I am a dreamer. 

10 thoughts on “Sue me, I am a dreamer

  1. Hi,
    Dreams are the the vision of what may come in reality. Hold on to dreams they will come true. Wish you well Samantha, Is that what you go by?

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    1. Yes, I believe my dreams will come true. Believe anybody’s dreams will come true if they believe in them and if they know how to resist discouragement. I am very stubborn and when I am told I can’t do it I am enraged and due to that I work harder and if someone believes I will do I will work even harder towards my dreams as I will not want to disappoint them 😊

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      1. I am quite stubborn myself so I understand. But, Dreams can come and people that doubt that are just being foolish. Because everything in this world and the things that people obtain in life all start with a dream a ambition. So keep on dreaming you will get it when the time is right.

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      2. Hahaa, that is good we women should motivate each other more often. I look forward to more I am sensual woman so I enjoy your blog.

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