Happy one year!

Oh my goodness time flies! One year ago I started this blog, I was scared, unsure and in all honesty someone had told me it’s a great marketing way so I wasn’t thinking about making good friendships as much as I have. I actually was just promoting my books and that was it. But at one time I stopped doing that and deleted everything and it remained just an empty blog for months. From September last year that’s when I decided to start writing, this time I was communicating and expressing myself more. 

It’s nice being single, it really is but sometimes it is definitely not. I always knew in me there was some sexual part of me and it scared me shitless that I was opening that side of me to people I didn’t know. I simply started writing erotica on here because someone would read and perhaps won’t see me as a weirdo and also because I didn’t/ don’t have anyone to get naughty with or tease or write to or do anything with; I am single and actually happy but obviously I needed someone to listen or read my dirty brains and on this blog I found people who did and it’s you lot! You have supported my work and haven’t made me feel like a wierdo. I mean, almost every one of you is older than me and they have more experience than I do and that scared me shitless but no one read my work and told me I was an immature writer or I was so bad. I got some more advise on writing in general, you guys showed some love to my work and sometimes I tell myself that I will stop writing because I overthink things and I would be thinking this might have an effect to my relationships in the future but then I think about how much you guys like what I write and I will find myself writing again. 

I also thank you for enjoying every aspect of my writing because as you can see my blog, I mix almost everything I can write about and you guys motivate me and support me and for that I am thankful to you. 

I thank you for my confidence in writing and for my growth in writing. 

I hope to write some more for you guys and for something new to this blog, I am letting you guys decide what you want me to write about this month, so if you want me to write about some topic or anything just comment and I will see to it. 

Again, it’s one year together people and even the new friends I have made… I am grateful 😊

16 thoughts on “Happy one year!

  1. Congratulations on making it through the first year. I know a lot of people don’t make it that far.

    When you are asking for us to give you something to write about what way do you mean? A story? A topic? A general discussion? Just curious so I know which way to set my brain thinking

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      1. How about a topic of discussion.

        Would you rather meet the true love of your life and be with them for only six months then lose them and live the rest of your life with the pain of that loss? Or never meet them and never know the feeling of true love?

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