25 thoughts on “Curious? 

  1. I’d say that you are outspoken and not shy about your opinions but you are always careful not to, intentionally, hurt people, unless they deserve it.
    I also think that you keep your sexual side quiet so anyone looking at you wouldn’t know what goes on in that mind of yours.
    You are also creative but find it hard to express yourself other than with writing.
    No idea how close I am in these but hope you won’t mind what I’ve said and if I totally steal this idea for my blog

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      1. Haha yes I thought so.
        I have this kind of super power where I am scarily good at reading people I am a very good judge of character.
        I am about to post the same question see what people think but I have tagged you and give you credit for the idea.

        I’m glad you’re liking it.

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  2. I think you’re a person who wants to share all sorts of naughty and exciting things with that one single soul, forever. And I think you’re probably tame in real life, and this blog is how you express yourself.

    But what do I know? lol I could be wrong

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    1. I like to be honest at most of the times, and this is the most accurate answer in almost all I have read.
      I do wish I had one person I could tell all sorts of things in my mind but I don’t and therefore I do use this blog as an outlet to express myself.
      So you are definitely not wrong 😊

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  3. Geniuses can be scintillating and geniuses can be somber, but it’s that inescapable wonderful depth that shines through – originality. Your beautiful write ups are breathtaking Samantha and so does you. Your vivid imaginations that you bring into your words has always been exceptional. Be who you are and I promise I will shower more love ☺️

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  4. I think you’re quiet, maybe even shy and if no one read this they wouldn’t know this sexual side of you existed.

    I picture you as a young looking girl of some kind of African origin with beautiful dark skin, full lips and long hair.
    How ya doing? 😊

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    1. Well Simon you almost had it.,
      I am a loud speaker, I am very talkative and I laugh a lot. With my career choice; being shy is not even an option. A lot of people think I am arrogantly confident but if I am being honest, I do have my shy moments 😉 and yes no body looks at me and think that I have such a side, in fact it’s always a shocker because I kind of have a baby face and an innocent face. But the description of how you picture me aren’t far off. 😊 thanks and I am actually doing fantastic and you


      1. Well I never expected to be perfect but it shows I know you a bit. I bet your sexual nature isn’t expected with a baby face… I never thought you were arrogantly confident though.
        I’m glad you’re fantastic… Is there a reason for this?

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