The girl with the lollipop 

Daily prompt challenge: lollipop 

He was relaxing at the park, enjoying the once in a while sun in England. His eyes scanned around the park until they stopped by this young woman who was unwrapping the red bulbous lollipop. It looked like one of them over size-ish ones that are sold at the fun fairs. Somehow he was enthralled with how relaxed the young woman was. She was sitting at a bench across him with her legs crossed and her blue skirt sliding down to her hips leaving her thighs a bit bare. His eyes came up to her hands that were positioned in front of her chest, her nipples were protruding through the white cropped vest heading to her pierced belly button.  

She grabbed her phone by the other hand and started licking her lollipop while she played with her foot as though she was dancing to the music in her head. It wasn’t like he had never seen a lady eats lollipop it was how she was having it. She licked it, twirled the top of her young at the top of the lollipop then sucked it in. She pulled it out and ran her toungue licking the access juice on it, she played her tongue around it like waves. She did it so easy as though she didn’t even know how sensual her mouth was. 

The lollipop was painting her lips but she seemed to be entranced by the phone while he was entranced by her. She sucked in the lollipop, in and out of her mouth he could hear her slurping. She pulled it out and kind of glanced at it before her eyes went back to her phone and caressed her lips on the bulbous lollipop before she semi-inserted it between her lips, pressing them on it that it’s slides out. She does it again before licking it, twirling it on her tongue and sucking it. 

He had to stop looking and look down when he felt his member pulse. He had become aroused as the image couldn’t look or feel mundane. 

He got up and walked away, when he couldn’t help himself but glance back at her she was looking at him with a mischievous bit coquettish smile. With her hand holding her lollipop she waved at it and still couldn’t go back. 

He had a wife at home.

24 thoughts on “The girl with the lollipop 

  1. How in the fiddle sticks did I miss this? My word your writings are sexy and certainly cause quite a moist bliss in me. My goodness I will have to call a lover boy of mine up tonight.

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      1. Because everytime I tried to write a story like that it was just horrendously bad.
        It was stilted, no passion, and just bad.
        The last one I wrote was the “singles cruise” and honestly that took me at least 6 months to write and it’s not that good

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      2. You should look back into what was inspiring you to write in the first place. It could help. Like the guy I wrote about was my inspiration and then I let go of him and then I stopped. Then I thought of myself that’s why I started the naughty woman series instead of going on with the lucky man series. You could inspire yourself. Think of something you have never done and imagine what it would be like. Especially doing it with someone you love or like. Then write a story or poem.
        A writer’s greatest tool is their imagination

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  2. That was just so anti-climax to a fabulously poised plot. It gave me an Idea to writing something of mine… to entice my lovely rp wife.

    How are you Sammy?

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