Welcome to my sweet little heaven of love, erotica and happiness. 

Here I write my poems and short stories  and mostly its erotica. Although, I do write some other stuff that are life related or that I will be thinking they have to be voiced. And I like talking to a whole lot of you guys. I have never been good at making friends, but I know how to hold a long conversation.

So, welcome darling, may you enjoy my sweet little heaven

43 thoughts on “Home

      1. It expresses me in an amazing way because I have always been quite eloquent about anything in my life but mostly when I spoke about sex I was always hindered by my insecurities body wise because I am curvy girl and after being bullied I loathed myself and now I realise I am not even bad lol. Although, through erotica I realised I had some sexy brain going on and as I explored, I began to realise that even if it was my characters speaking or doing the deed, that’s my mind creating those scenarios. So from then i started looking at myself on the mirror differently. Writing this genre effaced my imperfections and every time I looked at myself I loved what I saw and it motivates me to take good care of myself because even if I had gained confidence and all, I knew the girl I was in my brains was different from the girl I am body wise. That’s how I became a gym fanatic and more self love and more confidence. So this genre has made a difference in my life. That is why it’s my favourite 😊

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  1. I sent you an invite to my blog, which I had to make private, unfortunately. Pesky troll and I should exercise some discretion b/c of my job, haha… Come on by, please. The invite might be in your spam or trash folder on your email. I hope you’ll join. It’s private, so it’s a say anything kind of place! I posted a thank you post, which obvi includes you! Hugs, lady. If you don’t want to join, then I will still stalk you, haha! 🙂 Have a great day, you.

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      1. I think I have the wrong username for you. Want to just shoot me a request? I’m so sorry for the inconvenience! Boo!

        To request, just click on my name to get to the protected blog page and click on the request link. I will take it from there! Thanks so much!

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      1. Ahhh, well, you look like her, so I had to ask. I’m not into women, but your face could inspire a girl crush! You’re absolutely gorgeous…I just had to say something, you know how that goes, right, lol! Have a groovy day! ~hugs, J

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