Hello there lovely… My name is Samantha Alexia Ndlovu. You can call me Saam and pronounce my last name as Enluv. It’s easier that way. I am an aspiring writer and an aspiring actress with more goals that I am looking forward to achieve.

What genre do I write?

As I will be publishing more of my work, I know the readers will notice the similarities between the themes of my books. Mostly I write erotic romance hence I also write poetry (I am currently trying on a verse book). I have a science fiction book that I have written along with a series of a supernatural book. The most genre that I love writing is erotic romance because its what I find exciting and adventurous. I am an adventurous person who loves knowing a lot about what interests me and I love trying out new things, new challenges and new experiences. I even have  a list of wild crazy things that I want to do so that I can write about them as a form of a memory and also a story that the readers will love.


What inspires me and my writing?

My inspiration also comes from the way I was brought up. I am a child who moved around  a lot. I have been in over six schools in my life before college. I have experienced and witnessed hunger and poverty, fear from almost being raped, kidnapped and more horrible experiences. My mother had me when she was 17 and I almost grew up believing she was my sister, so I witnessed the abuse and the struggles she was going through. I have friends and relatives who go through some sorts of experiences and I would ask my self that ‘what would I do if I were them?’. I have been bullied which led to depression, social anxiety and introversion in which writing has been the tool and my best friend that gets me out of my comfort zone and that has helped me with my depression and social anxiety. So my inspiration comes from my desires, my experiences, my surroundings, my dreams and the way that I view the world.


My hobbies and interests.

I love hitting the gym. I am not fit but I am getting there buddy. Obviously I love writing, I do it in the bus (I write even my sex scenes in the bus), in class (its always boring so I might as well entertain myself). I love food. I love tennis. I never stay away from my phone, I even take it to the toilet with me. I love fashion, cooking and baking. I am so talkative I will annoy you in five seconds. I love mainstream music and also old rock and roll; in fact, I just love music. Movies! thats my home, my heaven, my life; why do you think I wanna be an actress? snog the hot guys? well maybe but its all because I love cameras and being in front of the camera.

Anyway, thank you for checking out my website, if you have more questions about me feel free to ask and don’t forget to check out my new book, Flawed Solace on amazon.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Well written self introduction. I am glad you are not dropping studies to get in front of the cameras. It sounds like a difficult industry for women to hold their own (well I guess all industries are the same). I am hoping you will find peace, happiness and success in all that you do..

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