A naughty woman’s torment 

All four limbs were tied up at every corner of the bed. She had disappeared into the bathroom and he was becoming impatient and nonetheless turned on. She came out wearing her sexy lingerie, black lace thong and a matching bra accompanied by lace talkings and red stilettos. In her hand she held two glasses of wine and and a bucket of ice. She asked him if he was feeling hot and he grinned nodding his head, every inclination wishing he was able to pull her to his lips and kiss them like there is no next minute of life. 

She climbed up onto of him while a soft sexy song played at the background. She grind her hips on him her hands just a bit above his hard and erect manhood. She bit her lip caressing her hands all over her body throwing her head back making him wish he was able to touch her. Hell his hands were all itchy and wanting to feel her soft skin. He growled telling her how beautiful she was and how he would die to just touch her but she wasn’t going to let him. 

She leaned down her skin touching against his and she planted pepper kisses all over his chest, going up his neck while her finger nails softly caressed his arms tickling and awakening every cell of his body. “Fuck,” he breathed out and she captured his words into her mouth, kissing him breathless, her lips her tongue were all commandeering, letting him know that he was hers. He yanked his arms from the cuffs involuntarily as electricity pulses through his veins triggering him. He was used to be the hegemonic man of the house and he wasn’t used to letting his guard down, he was used to have her obedient and assuming the position with a strong hand. 

She grabbed the glass of wine and sat just above his abdomen. “Open your mouth” she told him and he didn’t take two more seconds, he was ready to recieve from her. She sipped the wine and leaned over to pour it into his mouth and he drank from her. “Good boy” she grinned lasciviously while her eyes leered in his, she poured  the blood red wine on his belly button and letting it slide down his chest, cold and chilling. She shuffled back; her ass was in the air and her mouth was licking the wine from his skin. He could run crazy already. She was ignoring his election as though it didn’t exist. She was playing with him, taking time because they had all the time in the world. She drank up again and when he opened his mouth this time she dived in with a kiss, the wine tasting in his mouth and also spilling all over him. But they kissed until the taste of the wine was gone and they could taste each other. She moaned, her heart swelled. Even if she was trying to be domineering to him, she was irrevocably in love with him. Words and actions felt too little to explain how much she was in love with him. 

She kissed him commencing from his mouth down his neck and down to his manhood. It stood tall and hungry. She caressed her finger like a feather against it and it pulsed. He was too intoxicated and very sensitive. She had taken her time and played around with him and he had had a hard on since he’d come home. She leaned down, had it close to her mouth but she simply breathed in his scent, taking him into her and that made him crazy. Her love for him was wordless but worthy. Her lips were like a feather close to touching his thin skin but also a bit away. Her warm breath was brushing across his man hood, her eyes were closed and she moved about it, just breathing his scent in. 

She grabbed the ice from the bucket of ice and put in her mouth her eyes gleaming with latent desires. She then leaned down to his thigh and ran the ice on his skin slowly with her mouth and when she got to his groin it had melted. So she grabbed another and this time, she placed her cold lips on his shaft and hastily replaced them with ice, he grunted out loud, there was a searing pain and pleasure as his shaft was turgid and painfully hard. The ice was painful but nice too, he was heaving and humming. She moved around his shaft in shapes and patterns. She took her time and tomented him heartlessly. Keeping the little ice in her mouth she held him tight with her hand and sheathed him into her mouth his bulbous sensitive head hitting on the ice in her mouth, he bellowed with pleasure and pain yet again and surprisingly he felt himself release his first shot of essence. She grinned while he was still in her mouth. 

He was becoming breathless, her torment was one he hadn’t prepared for and it had him crazy and constantly erect. She schelped him out of her mouth and swallowed his first shot. Then she went back and licked all of him before putting him back into her mouth and sucking him hard that he had his eyes rolling back. She was slurping, licking and sucking until he climaxed yet again. It was violent and knocking him weak. Then she didn’t waste time she climbed up and sheathed him inside her warmth in one take and he was back alive yet again. 

Leaving him inside she unlocked his wrists from the headboard and he immediately held her. He had craved that almost all night and she rode him with his hands touching her, and when her orgasm tore her onto shreds he was there to put her back together.  

I own it 

It would be a green ugly lie if I said I always live in reality 

My head is world of gold and fortune 

Sleek and fine 

Haters ashes, scattered in hell

My ashes are diamonds

Pose bitch 


I dance

Barely dressed 

My body is a gracious vessel

A fountain of youth 

Bathing in this liquid gold 

My melanin popping

My highlight gold and brighter than your future 

I am owning it 


I like giving you something to talk about 

A hegemonic figure of life 

I own every shit I have 

You own that malice, what do you have? 


My eyes lascivious 

He said they pierce through his soul, 

My lips thick 

He says they are juicy, 

Cause I am damn owning it 

Own it bitch 


Remind haters you the shit, 

The damn queen of your life

Let them play extras

And you be the lead role

My face on everything 

I’ll be your kid’s idol 

Your brother’s crush

Your boyfriend’s fantasy 

Bitch, I am owning it. 


All of that glam 

Bad and boujie 

Own it 

A naughty woman: music of her thoughts 

She was on a train, commuting from work to her home in which it was a 45 minute ride and normally she would have a novel to entertain herself or She would have downloaded a film from Netflix. In fact she was obsessed with the TV show, the client list but that day she had nothing to do. So she plugged in her earphones and like commonly, her songs always had a pinch of sexuality in them. 
She was an erotic woman with dark intentions and interests when it came to her sexuality and recently she’d met a man, from work. He was kind, his demeanour was smart, intelligent but he wore no suit. In fact he was a man that worked outside a lot, a construction worker he was. He had came around a couple of time and he had never came to her work wearing smart nice and clean clothes. He always wore his work clothes, with mud and paint on them. His skin was almost a tan due to the sun and his arms looked manly, very veiny and strong. 

It was a first for her to be entranced at such measure especially with a man in muddy clothes. That day as she sat in the trained she recalled her day with him. He’d came round drenched, the weather had been shit – raining and windy. His shirt was pressing on his skin. Something about the wetness conjured a lot of imagery. Besides, his body was a masterpieces carved by a god of perfection, his smile – his teeth – fine and unreal but mostly his eyes and his lips, – she bit her lips – if she ever tasted those lips, if she ever laced hers with his, soft and gentle, rough and sexy; she would ride the crazy train to heaven. 

Then the song played. Dance for you by Beyoncé. She thought about him sat on a small couch with his arms resting on both arms of the sofa, his legs relaxed and lean. She imagined him leering at her with his dark blue eyes, so intense they burned am indelible imprint in her heart. She would be in a lingerie piece, a red one. Sexy with a similar bra supporting her huge tits. A red lipstick on her thick lips, her curly hair loose and wavy down her shoulders, black lace clip on stalkings and red long heeled stilletos. 

She would stand, see him bite on his lip with that sexy smirk playing in his lips, his fingers gripping on the arms of the sofa, digging deep as though playing in her soul. 

Her hips sway with the song, her hands on her body, caressing and loving. Hips sway, she moved with the song, getting down spreading her legs, gentle and romantic, dancing for him. Hips sway, biting on her lip, licking her fingers sensually, tracing them down her body, her eyes never strayed from his. He was bothered and wanting. Her hips sway, she moaned he groaned, she danced. 

The song morphs to Fuck you all the time by Jerimiah. She forgot she was on a train, all she knew was the song made her feel herself crawl on her knees to him. Kissing him, finally her lips laced with his. Her breath, her breath became a mist, so light and so weak to obtain but she would not let those lips go. Her hips grind on him, feeling his shaft harder between her legs. His lips on her neck, his breath a warm sweet lather tantalising and caressing like a feathers of a bird fleeting down her skin. His hands, rough from cement but the roughness somehow tomenting and spelling his power, his manliness and his desire. Sexually invigorating.

The song morphed into another, papi pacify by FKA twigs. The train could have passed her stop, she didn’t even remember she was on a train. The song propelled her onto her knees, her hands unbuckled his belt, pushed down his pants down and the man sprung free, red and turgid, taking her breath away. He was well endowed, precious – she salivated. Her fingers touched, caressed down his shaft. He pulled his head back humming. Her mouth covered him. Pleased him, the song played on the back ground, her mouth moved with it. His hips moved with it, his fingers tighter grasped with it. 

Then the song morphed to I can go deep a classic by silk. He flipped her, turned her and made her lie on the sofa with her legs wide open. He removed her clothes and when she attempted to push her heels off he stopped her and smacked her ass. 

“I want to Fuck you in them heels and don’t you dare take them off or else…” 

The song stopped and when she opened her eyes the train was just arriving on her stop. Only she knew the wetness that drenched her pants. She had to get home. 

Very soon. 

Let’s have a laugh 😂 

The internet has no chill man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 

Discussion: virgins 

So like I have said before, when thinking of what pleases men, we think it’s playing with their bodies let them inside us and then they are pleased but due to my understanding; men are just as complicated as women are. That’s why I am starting this series of discussions so that I can understand more and also help others. I also demand brutal honesty, in this and also respect. Also if you do not agree with someone’s opinion, do remember -it’s their opinion and be respectful even if you feel like commenting on it.

 I have been contacted by some virgins both male and female, both of their worries are that women and men avoid them due to no experience. In my culture if a woman is a virgin a man normally treasures her as it shows that she respects herself but that said; it doesn’t mean every man could look at a virgin in this way. Also in my culture women always crave a much older and experienced man as they are said to be more profound and caring. In fact; my grandma taught/told me, I would experience more with an older man and they will care for me and respect me more. I can’t say I know or I have experienced such with a man because I have not been with a man older than me. 

So the question for this week’s discussion is: 

Do men like virgins? And what is their opinion about them? Please be brutally honest because this discussion will be useless if people aren’t honest. After all you are free to voice your opinions. 

Myriad fuck

I want your hand tight on my neck and the other down in my pants 

I want my moans to fill your mouth as your lips lace with mine 

Don’t kiss me softly, let my lips spasm, leave me perplexed whether it’s the pain I like or the sensation of pleasure pumping in them


I want you to make me tremble while telling me to keep steady 

Tell my I have been a bad girl while your lips kiss my kitten so softly 

I want you to spread me up wider like I have no muscle, 

Burry yourself inside cause I love my body when it is with yours 

Dick me down, break the bed; we will worry about that later 


Then I will roll you over so I can be onto you 

I want you to know that I like you because I am about to Fuck you like I hate you 

Ride on that hoarse till I feel as though I have no bones 

Have my tits hopping up and down like bouncing balloons 

Savour my river as it pours down your shaft, glazing those balls 

Confess your gratification baby, it’s a crazy fuel 

I want you to lay on your back and let me fist that man in my palms, 

Squeeze him offer a great massage there has even been in the world, 

I want to bury you in my mouth, drive you fucking crazy you will need a therapist 

Suck on the lollipop and drink up all its juices 

Fill me up, water the love brimming inside 

I want you to take a breather then go back on it again. 

Like animals on energy drink 

Beat it up

She laid on her back and spread her legs open. So open, the glistening sight of her swollen pussy made him as hard as rock; it was painful. 

“I want you to beat it” her voice was a silk touch, caressing across his desire, erecting and mercilessly arousing. 

“Make me scream” her eyes peered up at him, held a strong contact, her eyes filled with supplication. 

“Give it some discipline” she caressed her manicured hand down her slit, teasing with her finger, only inserting her finger just a nail’s length. 

“Ram yourself inside me” she moaned licking her fingers and returning them to her pussy. His eyes vied between the protruding pink nipples or her inviting open legs. 

“That potency that you possess makes me drenching wet” her voice thinned, plead vehement and obviously in thrall to his dominance.

“Look” his eyes were spellbound and they followed two of her fingers Slowly and dextrously slipping into her pussy. The tender muscles welcomed her long fingers in a sucking sound. 

“Dive deep into me, into the slippage that will have you moaning and groaning in gratification” her words were in commas as she drew her neck back, heaving and making love to herself with her fingers, her hips moved. Grinding and swaying. 

“Fuck” she whispered “I would wrap you so tight” she emitted a kitten’s cry pinching her hard and taut nipples. “Fucking warm and all yours” she moved her fingers in and out of her in the momentum of a snail and the sight reminded made him feel as though he was yet again a virgin and if he dared to move he was going to explode. 

“Tell me this pussy is yours” she cried her eyes lustful and coquettish. 

“Mine” he growled, immensely infused in his girl’s eroticism. 

“Fuck me” she withdrew and drew her fingers to her mouth and sucked on them. 

“Brand it yours” she whispered spreading her legs ever so wide, and exposed to him.

“You are so naughty” he said.

“Then beat it up” she said slapping across her pussy “give it some discipline” she smirked coquettishly. 

In that second, he felt lucky. So lucky the gates of heaven would open for his sinful soul.

Riding a bullet: Submissive Kayla

Hi guys this is the book I am currently working on. I have not entirely written a BDSM book and I can’t say I will get it right that’s why I have posted this little part. I hope you enjoy it 😊 And I would like to apologise for neglecting you guys in the last two weeks or so… I have been going through some shit and I neglected a lot but you guys supported me and checked up on me and that’s amazing and I am grateful. 


They requested a private table and she sat next to him and the other woman sat on his other side. She had been giving Kayla a nasty glance and Kayla prayed she didn’t end up asking her if she had a problem. 

While she sat there listening to all of them laugh and talk, she felt kegan’s hand slide down her stomach. Aghast, she glanced at him and he looked like he was detached from his hand. Knowing better she remained calm. 

“Pull your skirt up” he ordered not even whispering. She looked around and said “but there are people on this table”. With one stern glance she obeyed and did as bid. Slowly and carefully she pulled her skirt up to her waist. 

“Open your legs” he bid her and she realise that there was a man sitting next to her and already her knees were touching with his. 

She hesitated and he smacked her across her thigh. Closing her eyes she opened her legs wide. 

“Wider” he told her as the waiter brought the glasses of wine to them. She spread her legs wider and the guy glanced at her as she budged his knee to the side. 

“Good girl. If you question any more I will punish you” he said his tone low and guarded. She looked around the desk fighting all of her instinct that told her to walk away right that second but at the same time she couldn’t ignore her screaming libido. She wasn’t fearing what his intentions were, she was anticipating them.

“Yes, Sir” she whispered. 

He grinned at her the moment his hand began caressing circles at her sex. Her knees trembled. She leaned her head back on the wall and clutched her hands onto the leather seat. She stifled a moan as he pressed harder on her clit. She glanced at him and saw him relaxed and conversing with his workers. 

“Take your panties off” he whispered in her ear while his lips kissed and nibbled her earlobe. 

“What?” She whispered and he connected his eyes with hers. 

“That’s five slaps across your ass. Ask me again I will be happy to add five more” he growled and without a question she grabbed on to the red lace paintings and began sliding them down. The waiter served food and they all began eating.  

She slid the panties to her ankles pulled them off her shoes. 

“Give them to me” he said and she exhaled and took the red lace panties that were also a bit damp due to him making her wet. 

He opened his palm and she placed the red panties on it, everyone was watching but they seemed to pretend as though it was nothing. He folded the panties and placed them next to his plate and began forking some salad and chicken. 

“Open your mouth” he bid her and she opened it and he fed her. 

Then he slid his hand down to her pussy and she gasped in some air. Closing her eyes trying not to emit a sensual sound. Kegan’s hands were dexterous. He flicked at her clit while his other hand brought food to her mouth. It was hard and intense and with food in her mouth she got away with a moan but their friends were well aware of what was going on. 

She was wet. Drenching wet and Kegan was well aware of it as he fed her another spoon the moment his fingers dived into her. She let out a moan and commented on the food. Kegan laughed but his fingers were not gentle and he didn’t care that with each entrance the wetness of her pussy echoed along with the music in the private corner. 

She was so close to climaxing and he was driving her insane. Her legs trembled, she couldn’t hold steady, her fingers dug into the leather. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall. Now she had forgotten about were she was. All she knew was Kegan was fingering her and she couldn’t hold herself that much longer. 

“Kegan” she whispered his name and he turned to her and brought his lips to hers, 

“What baby?” He whispered 

“I will… fuck…mmm” she couldn’t speak, his fingers were tough and fast across her pussy and she was barely survive it. 

“Tell me baby, what do you want?” He whispered his lips on her neck, his breath warm and arousing, his tongue sweeping across her skin, eliciting so much arousal and fear that she might have a squirting orgasm. 

“I am going to cum” she whispered almost whimpering. He grinned against her skin and pulled his fingers out and rubbed circles on her clit. This time words were gone, she climaxed. Drew her head back and let out a huge moan that everyone on the table heard. 

The orgasm was huge, it washed over her body like an ocean, wave after wave like contractions. She buried her head in Kegan’s arms as she pulsated and spasmed, her thighs sandwiching his arm tight while he slowly caressed her pussy. 
Now all she wanted was some sleep. The orgasm was so powerful that she felt so weak that she wouldn’t walk. 

“Are you okay?” He whispered in her ear and she could sense the smile on his face. 

“Yes, thank you” she whispered back lifting her head up from his chest to seeing the entire table watching her. Humiliation and embarrassment smacked her across the face that all the enjoyment disappeared. 

Their blank expressions were also the most terrifying thing ever. She glance on the side of Kegan where a woman was staring at her with such hate. Knowing that Kegan had told her to keep her head down. She kept it down. 

“There” Kegan handed the red panties to her “put them back on” he told her and she decided to keep her head high and put her panties on without allowing them to see how humiliated she was. 

But she was humiliated and she was packing her shit and leaving Kegan the moment they got home.

A Lucky Man’s nightmare 

Darrel was a man who had everything in his life. A high grossing company that had become his holy grail over the years. A beautiful wife, witty and immensely beautiful. Most men used to tell him he was a lucky man to have such a beautiful and loving woman. 

Despite that, Darrel was lucky with the ladies. His wife Roina was aware of this but she had thought it was just rumours.Like  a woman with all the money in the world he decided to hire a spy woman that was going to follow his husband to Las Vegas. He had told her it was a business trip. Normally he would trust her husband’s words, but not after multiply finding women’s objects in his briefcase not after catching him flirting with women and not after he cheated again. 

She sat in the living room and inserted the tape that her spy had filmed everything without him knowing. Roina had told her to have some evidence, so the spy went on and planted some cameras at every surface of the hotel room. 

So as Roina watched, she saw Darrel walk in with two ladies, kissing them. Drowning in the eroticism of two young women princesses eager to please him. One had blonde hair and the other was taller with brown hair. 

Despite the thump her heart made she sipped on her red wine and watched. Watched her husband’s cock being sucked by another blonde woman. The woman was messy and slurping all over him. Spitting on his manhood and rubbing it. She was leering coquettishly at him with a pornstar’s smile while she moaned along with him. She heard the lewd things he was saying to her as she worked his cock while he kissed and sucked on the other’s tits. 

Her heart ached like someone had just stabbed a dagger into it but she wanted to see that when her husband slept with these women, was there an ounce of guilt or not? 

He sat on the white leather sofa and the one that had her tits being savoured by his mouth hopped on and began riding him while the other that was sucking him up climbed the sofa and positioned herself above his face and sitting on it. 

A tear threatened to escape the lids of her eyes as her heart clenched life and serenity out of her. Darrel’s face was her throne. She was the only woman he had to eat like that. She had given herself to Darrel to do what ever he wanted. She dominated her world but submitted to him fully. And there he was having a nobody sit on his face, his tongue pleasing this woman. 

She saw them switch, the girl that had been riding him was now sitting at the upper edge of the sofa, the other with brown hair was now on fours on the sofa eating the blonde one while Darrel ravaged her from behind. She knew that was his favourite position, Fucking her against the edge of the bed, the kitchen island, the sofa, the shower, everywhere and there he was fucking another woman. 

She watched them, roll in their Fucking and each moment she told herself she wasn’t going to cry but her entire body was trembling with immeasurable heartbreak. 

Was it because he always wanted a threesome? She hadn’t said no to that and she had told him she would do it for him, what was it that made him do this to her? With all that she had done for him? 

She continued to sip on her wine like a sane woman that she totally wasn’t. Darrel had never tapped into the crazy side of this woman. So she watched as he fucked both girls and as his orgasm stroked him, she felt the dagger twist in her heart. She trembled just like he spasmed in the video. His moans of pleasure released her tears. They gushed like a river as she closed her eyes. Her heart sunk inside the ocean of pain that she couldn’t hold back the sobs. 

She was a woman with a career, she dedicated herself to this man for a very long time. She had never ever hurt him and but seeing pleasure rather than guilt in his eyes, angered her. 

Darrel was nothing without her and she had to show him that. So she got up and went into the pool house, and turned on all eight gas stoves they had. Then she went into the office and negotiated with the bank that they freeze every bank account. She wanted him to feel all the pain. She had all his millions frozen in the bank, all his credit cards frozen. She went into the kitchen and turned lit the gas stove. She didn’t pack away or anything. She knew he would want to have her arrested but if he dared he would never ever have his money again. All the business money went into the back and once it was in, it was locked in. 

All hers. 

She wore her black 6 inch formal heels and her ritzy black coat, applied her blood red lipstick and some shades. She grabbed her work bag and the files of one of her cases as she was a lawyer. She had to be in court at 12:30am.

So she told her garden boy that she would pay him ten thousand pounds if he gets out of the house lock it then throw in the lighter. 

She drove to the court and while she was defending a criminal her mansion exploded. When her husband rang to tell her about the tragedy she didn’t feign to be hurt. 

She said “I told you once you hurt me again, I will be your biggest nightmare Darrel” she hang up the phone. 

Her words left Darrel gobsmacked standing in front of his burnt down mansion while the firefighters tried to tame the fire. 

In that second he knew, he was a lucky man and his wife was his biggest nightmare. 

Does my zodiac sign tell the truth about me? 

Get to know me. I will either agree or disagree with what my zodiac sign says about me. I am a Gemini by the way. 

(I know Rihanna’s pic is irrelevant but damn this woman! Just look at her!) 

This is true. I am always thinking about something not relating to the subject.

Totally agree. You could piss me off and not even know it but you will know when you’ve realised I stopped talking to you years ago. 

The reason why I haven’t asked my crush out. 

This is true. I am literally the one who throws jokes from a-z and have everyone tearing up. But surprisingly I am so bad at making friends in person. 

This is true. Sometimes I look at some of my class mates and rate their hotness. Especially when I am bored in class. 

God blessed me with a beautiful straight face, so you can’t tell whether I am shy or not but get me talking. You will love me or I will annoy you. 

Couldn’t disagree with this one. 

This is a big problem, especially when I totally don’t understand what you are saying or what you’re talking about doesn’t interest me, I will interrupt you until you feel the urge to slap me but if you slap me I will… let’s leave it in god’s hands haha.


Sorry I am not neat. 

I kind of don’t like all but slow walkers do piss me off. 

I disagree. Like a supernatural TV show fan, I will get salt, find out whose ghost it is, look for the grave and burn the bones. If you watch supernatural you know how to deal with ghosts 😉

Apart from the day I almost died, I don’t remember the last time I cried. 

Hahahaha what the Fuck am I doing under the bed? I laughed so hard at this. 

I love a mirror so much. I would have a room with mirrors on every surface if the wall. 

Might be. But I am a careful driver although I do like speed. 

So so so true about me. Tell me I can’t do something and I will show you how it’s done. 

Like I said, something is always on my mind that includes funny shit and trust me, I have walked out of the class a thousand times or made the class laugh about something they have no idea about. I can’t help it. 

I have been told so. 

This is actually true. I said that to one of my ex friends and they sent me a longest paragraph saying I was a cold bitch, but what did she want me to say? Beg her to like me? I think I like myself enough thanks. 

I do appear arrogant sometimes but I don’t think I am arrogant. 

Sorry I am not much of a hugger. I feel awkward when I hug someone. It’s weird isn’t it? 

Mmmm kinda true 

Totally disagree. I care. A lot but I am more of a last minute person in which I pride myself for still getting some As and Distinctions 😉.

I can’t say I haven’t because I am a very curious person but I would say I don’t over do it. 


I have too many of these and I hate them (boring texters) 
A huge lie, I don’t drink, if I do I get ill. 

This is weird cause I would hug Rihanna and tell her how much I love her. 

During my bullying I kind of got addicted to silence in a way cause my mind would be constantly jibber jabbering. But now, I don’t like silence. It’s creepy. 

Lie. I want four kids and their names will be One, Two, Three and Four 😀 I am serous about this. 

True. God knows how many books I have left half way. 

lol I don’t know about this one. 

Seriously there is no reason to fight the end of the world or do anything other than praying and sleeping and eating all ice cream. 

I don’t know how to help people sometimes. For instance when a person comes to me crying, I don’t even know where to start with consoling them and sometimes I say something trying to console them but actually make them feel worse. 

I didn’t know this. 

Totally agree. 

Interesting fact this is. 

Mmmm okay… 

This depends on who voices it. It’s happened a few times that someone tells me they love me and I am just like ‘uhm… okay’ because I can’t lie and say I love them when I don’t. 

Hahaha interesting. 

This is true. I love money and I love love and I can’t choose between the two.


Lol, not a bad quiality is it?

I agree. Glad to know i am irresistible. 


I like this. And I agree. 

I hate an angry atmosphere so it’s natural for me to add some warmth to it. 

I like this.


This is a great quality 

So I hope you know a bit about me from this and isn’t it ironic that my star sign stands for twins and I am the only one who is not a twin in my family? 

And I share a star sigh with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. I feel like a star knowing this.