Am I lucky?

I feel you, like the ants inside the layer of my skin, 

Crawling affection alarming the bells that were dead,

Skin craving like your touch is a needle of affection

You haven’t touched me yet 

Hence I am inhaling the fumes of your craving for me all over your shaft like a shark smelling blood, 

Tainted lips across my skin, awakening the death of lust i had buried far within

Alive are my nipples yearning for your attention 

If my arousal could be water, my pants would be floating on an ocean

I have wanted you since the morning I laid my eyes on you, light gleamed in your eyes and I was beguiled; is it luck or lust?


The tale says only the lucky ones see a shooting star once in their lifetime, but as you sweetly and delicately present yourself into me, feel me wrap tight and warm around you like a glove, hear your groan of want and gratification vibrate from your throat as I lay my lips and taste the sweat on your skin; taste you – I see a million shooting stars, 


Does that mean I am lucky? 

Lucky enough to be the vessel that allows you to enter it with your magical wand, 

Glide into me like a snake that found a brand new cave 

Bite on to me like I am the forbidden fruit, one you will never ever have again

Kiss me like I am the passing second and you wouldn’t want to waste me

Lick my skin like I am glazed with honey and you can’t get enough of me

Hear me moan your name like a bird chirping in summer morning 

Slap your skin against mine in thrall to your own welt of pleasure 

Plough me like you are exerting yourself into me 

Fuck me like you’re straight out of prison, and I was your dream

Give me shooting stars while you glaze my lips with your love, ravish my pussy with your hunger and brand my body with your lust. 

Let’s have a laugh 😂 

The internet has no chill man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 

Discussion: virgins 

So like I have said before, when thinking of what pleases men, we think it’s playing with their bodies let them inside us and then they are pleased but due to my understanding; men are just as complicated as women are. That’s why I am starting this series of discussions so that I can understand more and also help others. I also demand brutal honesty, in this and also respect. Also if you do not agree with someone’s opinion, do remember -it’s their opinion and be respectful even if you feel like commenting on it.

 I have been contacted by some virgins both male and female, both of their worries are that women and men avoid them due to no experience. In my culture if a woman is a virgin a man normally treasures her as it shows that she respects herself but that said; it doesn’t mean every man could look at a virgin in this way. Also in my culture women always crave a much older and experienced man as they are said to be more profound and caring. In fact; my grandma taught/told me, I would experience more with an older man and they will care for me and respect me more. I can’t say I know or I have experienced such with a man because I have not been with a man older than me. 

So the question for this week’s discussion is: 

Do men like virgins? And what is their opinion about them? Please be brutally honest because this discussion will be useless if people aren’t honest. After all you are free to voice your opinions. 

Discussion: what men like…

Hey guys, so I decided we would have some discussions on my blog and just get to know what people like and don’t. Especially men as they are hard to understand. 

I have heard quiet a lot of Prostate Stimulation for men. Is this something that men enjoy? 

So let’s discuss Prostate stimulation and whether you (men) like it or not or you (women) can do it for your man? 

No judgement here and you are free to express your opinion. 

Happy Valentine’s Day 

Happy Valentines Day

(This would be heaven!!! I would love this so much!!!)

Make the most of it! Have fun, laugh hard with your partner, kiss them a lot, go watch fifty shades darker, eat pizza, make love all night. Sleep in each other’s arms. 

If you were mad at your partner let it pass, it can’t be too important than your love. Love is powerful and Valentine’s Day reminds us how the little things make our heart swoon. 

Eat chocolate, he will work you out later 😉, roses and strawberries, sexy hot baths and all. Do it all like you have never done it before. Forget the world, today it’s all about the two of you. 

And don’t forget to appreciate what you have. Don’t forget to appreciate your partner. Don’t forget to tell them you love them a thousand times. A million actually. Or more. 

Happy Valentines Day 😘😍

A valentine story is coming late 🙈 just working on it. 

In denial and in love 2

If you haven’t read the first part then read it here, cause you won’t fully understand their relationship. 

With a smile she went down to her stomach and gently kissed from her marvel while she squeezed her tits and plucked the small hard nipples with her fingers. 

Her kisses traveled from her stomach to her groin. She looked up at her and licked just above her groin making her moan. 

Then she grabbed the underwear and pulled it off of her. Molly spread her legs for Carly and Carly took a moment asking herself if she was capable of pleasing a girl. She had seen a lot of pornography but that was just acting, this was real.

Not doubting herself, she glided her fingers down Molly’s slit and Molly shuddered, her pussy pumping wetness. 

“What do you want me to do you Molly?” Coquettishly, Carly asked while she slowly and guardedly glided her fingers up and down her slit. 

“I want you to screw me with your fingers, Molly” Breathy Molly told Carly and Carly bit of her bottom lip and used her thumb to massage Molly’s clit. Then she eased two of her fingers in making Molly emit a little gratified cry. 

“Do you like that?” Carly whispered, 

“Yes” said Carly 

“D’you want be to go faster?” 

“Yes” Molly whispered and then Carly began moving in and out of her, screwing her with her fingers, turning them and twisting like a driller inside her. Molly was so warm and so wet, feeling her fingers in there aroused her. She was soaking wet she could feel it between her thighs. 

Then she lowered her head to her kitty and kissed around her groin down at the sides of her thighs gently lingering her tongue on her skin while her fingers still worked on her. Then she landed her lips on her clit, sucked on it while leering up at Molly’s face. She was glowing with sexual merriment and that pleased Carly cause she knew that was all because of her. 

She flicked her tongue on Molly’s clit, flicking it in circles and in up and down motions. Molly was getting wet and wet with each stroke of her tongue and each entrance of her fingers. Then she stopping drilling them into her and inserted them in a coaxing manner, coaxing Molly’s orgasm. With one two three entrances Molly bid her to do it faster and Carly did. Entering and withdrawing with no hesitance, slamming her hand against her pussy as he pummelled her fingers in. 

Then a myrad of electric pulses stroke Molly’s body, she was pulsating and spasmodic. Screaming Carly’s name as her kitty clenched around Carly’s fingers that were still plunging into her. Carly then ferociously rubbed Molly’s pussy as she orgasmed one her of a stormy one. 

Then she brought her back from the galaxy of their sex with a kiss, a hit tongue action kiss while she was grinding her pussy against Molly’s knee. 

Molly turned her around and said “I want to see you ride that dildo” whispering in her ears. 

Carly got up and grabbed the pink thing in her hands. 

“It’s too big” she protested and Molly smirked 

“Oh I know baby”… 

to be continued. 

In denial and in love 

Carly was a good girl. In fact, mama’s good girl, raised by a strong opinioned single mother who was a church goer and always voicing her opinion about homosexuality. She despised such people and that led to Carly being in denial. 

But she couldn’t anymore, not when her pussy clenched so tight every time her room mate walked into the room with her curvy body and blond hair. She was deadly in love with her. With the way she moved, the way she talked and the way she laughed her throaty laughter throwing her head back with clapping her small little hands. Damn she was in love.  

“So Molly, have you ever hit it with a girl” they were both on their small beds, looking up at the ceiling while they spoke about love and dating. 

Molly laughed and said “no, have you?” She glanced over at Carly. 

“No but I want to” she said, dreamy. 

“Tell me your fantasy” 

“I will freak you out” Carly chuckled pulling up the blankets and facing Molly’s side. 

“Trust me you won’t and I won’t tell you anyone. What happens here is our secret” Molly told her making them both laugh with how sinful the atmosphere had suddenly become. 

“I wish to kiss you, taste you in my mouth, your tongue against mine. I want to spread your legs so wide for me. Suck on that clit with my mouth. The image of me doing that is just making me so horny, my pants are dripping wet” she grinned feeling a little bit mortified. She was still indenial about her desires. They somehow scared her. 

“Would you put them into action with me” Molly broke the silence pushing away the blankets and revealing her naked legs. 

“Are you sure?” She couldn’t believe this was actually about to happen and she had to be sure first. 

“We are in uni, Carly. We should do this shit” Molly said getting up and pulling out a purple thick dildo from her drawer. “You have no idea how much I have fantasied about you fucking me Carly and knowing you have the same fantasy is making me wet.” Molly strode to Carly’s bed and pulled away the sheets, her lips hastily locking with Carly’s. 

They kissed, the tongue battle leaving them breathless. Carly opened her legs to let Molly in. Molly sat aside the dildo and used her hand to rub Carly’s pussy. 

As her fingers touched her freshly shaven pussy, she gasped in some air. How long had she anticipated that touch, the touch of being owned by a woman, a woman with the same desires as her. The woman she loved. That feeling stroke a thunder inside her, conjuring a side of her that she thought was just an alter ego. 

She grind her  hips in circles oppositing Molly’s fingers. Then she dived them deep inside, she moaned. 

“Damn Baby you are all wet for me” Molly whispers against her lips. The two fingers stretched her, she had not really inserted two into her pussy before due to the small incessant feelings.

But it felt painfully good.

 Molly pummelled them in and out of her pussy while her lips laced with hers. Sucking on each other’s tongues.

 Molly was gifted, the way she had finger fucked her pussy so ravenously made her reach her first wave really quick. She shook and trembled the orgasm so huge than what she had went through before. 

“You are so excited. You didn’t even take time creaming my fingers” Molly’s voice and tone were intoxicating. It made her all horny even after a small wave of climaxing. 

“Well I have been looking forward to this for a long time” she whispered dreamily watching Molly suck on the fingers while humming. 

“That’s so sexy” she whispered before Molly pushed the two fingers into Carly’s mouth. Looking up at her Carly sucked on them now fully aware she was having sex with Molly. Nothing could hinder this moment. 

Not the thought of her mother’s loathe towards genders.

“I want to eat you up” she whispered making Molly giggle laying on her back on top of her bed. The sight, the view of how open Molly was for her. The way her legs spread wide like she had no bones all for her. The way she was wet all for her. Every single thing that Molly exposed to her at that second made her heart sink. She loved her. Loved her too much, it was hurting. 

With a smile she went down to her stomach and… 

to be continued…

Fav song sexy song of the week- Rocket

Beyoncé : Rocket 

Let me sit this ass on youShow you how I feel

Let me take this off

Will you watch me?

That’s mass appeal

Don’t take your eyes

Don’t take your eyes off it

Watch it, babe

If you like you can touch it, baby

Do you, do you wanna touch it, baby?
Grab a hold,

Don’t let go

Let me know

That you ready

I just wanna

Show you now

Slow it down

Go around

You rock hard

I rock steady

And rock right up to the side of my mountain

Climb until you reach my peak, babe, the peak, babe, the peak

And reach right into the bottom of my fountain

I wanna play in your deep, babe, the deep, babe, the deep

Then dip me under where you can feel my river flow and flow

Hold me ’til I scream for air to breathe

Don’t wash me over until my well runs dry

Send all your sins all over me, babe, me, babe, me
Rock it ’til waterfalls

Rock it ’til waterfalls

Rock it ’til waterfalls

Bathe in these waterfalls
I do it like it’s my profession

I gotta make a confession

I’m proud of all this bass

Could you put it in your face

By the way if you need a personal trainer or a therapist

I can be your piece of sunshine, inner peace, entertainer

Anything else that you may read between the lines

You and I create

Rockets and waterfalls

So rock right up to the side of my mountain

Climb until you reach my peak, babe, the peak, babe, the peak

And reach right into the bottom of my fountain

I wanna play in your deep, babe, the deep, babe, the deep

Then dip me under where you can feel my river flow and flow

Hold me ’til I scream for air to breathe

And wash me over until my well runs dry

Send all your sins all over me, babe, me, babe, me

Rock steady rock hard

Rock steady rock hard

Rock steady rock hard

Rock steady
Don’t you know that I give you

The loving if you need it

I give you my word

You can believe it

Your love feels like

All four seasons

Growing inside me

Life has a reason

Swimming in my love, your love lifting

Higher harder

Got me screaming to the lord, boy

Kiss me

Pray we don’t overflow

Baby, I know you can feel it pulse

Keeping the peak of my waterfall

Rock it, baby, rock it, baby, rock it ’til the water falls down

I can’t help but love the way we make love

Daddy, daddy

Ooh child, ooh now

Yes lord

Damn baby

You’re driving me cray, cray

You ain’t right for doing it to me like that, daddy

Even though I’ve been a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad girl

Tell me what you’re gonna do about that

Punish me please

Punish me please

Daddy what you’re gon’ do with all this ass

All up in your face

Yeah, hell yeah

Love me so deep

Ooh my shit’s so good it ain’t even right

I know I’m right

Hell yeah you the shit

That’s why you’re my equivalent

So sexy
We’re so much more than pointless fixtures

Instagram pictures


What about that ching-ching-ching (what about that, what about that ching, ching)

Baby boomers (baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby)

Cyclical trends, tryna fit in

Home is where the heart is

Goddammit I’m comfortable in my skin

And you’re

Comfortable in my skin

You look so comfortable in my skin, skin, skin

Rockets ’til waterfalls

This woman is damn sexy, how the hell?!! 

Dear best friend…

I want to lay you down, be sinful and dirty with you, 

I want to let you do what you want with me but mostly, I want you to know my latent desires. 

Every time you strip your clothes off innocently in front of me because we are both girls, you have no idea how turned on I would be. 

My pussy would be quivering and my clit would be pulsing with such need. 

So now listen – I want you to give yourself up to me. Let me tie your hands up over your head, spread your legs wide open so I can  tie each ankle at the end of the bed. 

Stretch you wide open for me. Shower my eyes with the definition of true beauty. Then I will kiss your little cute pussy, caress it and tease it with my tongue. 

I want to sheathe my fingers into your warm pussy, feel your muscles clench around my fingers as they possess you. Give yourself up for me babe. 

Let me lick you up and down and devour your sweet little kitten, suck in your clit while I Fuck you with my fingers. Cream around my fingers as I do so. 

Let me run my tongue down your slit babe, taste every part of you, live and breath you. Fuck you with my tongue while you moan my name babe. Feel me snake in and out of you baby, let me savour you, sweetheart. 

I want to Fuck you with my mouth, my hands and my toys. I want to play with you like you are my doll. Give yourself up for me and let me love you. 

Let me show you how special you are. 

Someone said rihanna looks so much like me in this lol and I have a question… maybe for men mostly but women too. What are blow job lips? Someone told me I have blowjob lips and I couldn’t understand what that really meant. 

Open for me

Seeking for an invitation I spread your legs wide, open for me. 

Open babe. Expose your sweet nature, serve me with your beauty. Allow me to bury my head between your legs. Let me love you 

So open for me, spread your pussy open for my tongue, let me taste your sweetness that only you have, savour you. 

Open for me, allow me in, my fingers digging deep into you and tacking your breath away, clench around them, cream and glass them with your wet glory. Please me. 

I want you to open for me, for my tongue, licking in your little cunt, relishing the little sweet kitten, suck on your clit till you beg me to stop but you know you don’t want me to stop, 

As long as you open for me I will kiss you, kiss the lips of your pussy, caress and touch you like you deserve. Follow your command tell me what you like and I will do it. 

Do you want to ride my face? Bury my mouth in the sweet cave? Lick and drink from you while you moan and say my name? 

Whatever you want, when you open for me and serve me with your beauty; I promise I will do it. 

Just open for me.