A naughty woman gets spanked and fucked p2

Most of the times Harvey is a very loving man. Gentle and caring – in fact it is the main reason why she fell in love with him hence that said it didn’t drive her crazy. Not as crazy as the feeling of him posses her, glide into her, hard but carefully stretching her tight little hole. The confusion of whether she liked the pain or the pleasure had her head almost spiralling. Her ass cheeks burned etching his five fingers on it. With every movement, every passing inch she almost died, not because of the wrath of pain that brimmed in and out of her ass but because of the overwhelming pleasure that followed up after that. The welt met with her ass yet again she arched her back, he pulled out his finger and worked her. In and out, humping like she was a matter of life and death. 

Her legs trembled, her knees attempted to buckle. He was close to his climax but he didn’t want to have his end without her having one. So he slid out and and turned her so her back was on the bed. Her face was glowing, eyes flaming with lust, her lips red and wanton. He leaned up to her and put her hands over her head and kissed her lustrously, licking and biting her lips. He trailed his way down to her tits with kisses and light bites. He enveloped the pierced nipple onto his mouth and sucked on it hard that she felt like her nipple was getting pierced all over again but nonetheless it shot bullets of arousal in her system. She knew if he touched her down there this time, she was climaxing and she was not just climaxing she was basically going to combust. 
His tongue flickered on the numb bead. Licked and kissed. Then he slid down and pushed her legs wide open her knees were almost touching on her shoulders. He rubs her pussy hastily just above the clit and she was going hella crazy. When she was just about to orgasm her body was shook by the welt meeting with her pussy, delaying the explosion. He ran his tongue across her slit, she raised her hips pressing her pussy against his mouth. He flicked his tongue on her clit and this time, she was going to lose it. Even when he lightly patted her pussy she felt the storm coming and when he inserted his fingers in there along with his mouth on her pussy Ravishing her clit, she climaxed, her teeth gnashed together her body pulsed into a rigid ice that pulsated. Her eyes were blinded, stars maybe but she didn’t know because her brains also stilled. Her world stopped and the universe reminded her Harvey was the only man that conquered all odds with loving her. She could feel his that fingers hadn’t stopped and they were hasty but her body was shook by the waves of pleasure that when her body melted from the shock of the orgasm she still pulsated, her body trembled, she felt like there was a whole river of an orgasm and it kept pouring and pouring nonstop.

After he’d had his end she was strengthless and could barely keep her eyes open. Her joints felt like melted cheese. Her body felt like she had been sprinting for the right three hours.  He went into the bathroom to clean himself up before he ran the shower and carried her to the bathroom, washed his wife and put her to bed. 

He had done something like this before but this time it was astronomical because he was irrevocably in love with her. 

Can you believe I write this at work while trying to avoid looking aroused and serving customers with a smile or a straight face so I can conceal the image of how hot this story has been?  Well I have been busy. I hope you enjoy 

Let’s have a laugh 😂 

The internet has no chill man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 

Gratitude and fear

There is something that people or the universe seems to forget or rather mistaken or perhaps only driven people with all kinds of expectations will only understand, but gratitude and fear sometimes comes together and one becomes dominant. 

I am at a point in my life where all my dreams have shuttered and don’t say I am still young, I can do it. I know I am still young and I know I can do it and I am greatful but at the same time, I feel like I will never be an actress that I want to be, my books don’t sell now, they will probably never sell because what’s going to change? I can’t be in love and I certainly feel like my downs are someone’s ups. Meaning since I seem to be back to square zero some people are going to be happy about this. 

Gratitude; I am grateful of what I have but I have a massive fear and the way my life has suddenly flipped upside down, I don’t see it changing. My biggest fear is I will never be happy. I am like a bag full of gold in the middle of nowhere. I fear I will not be an actress, I will end up doing some shit career that everyone told me to do because ‘I am black’ ‘it’s hard to get into’ it’s blah blah blah. I fear I will never find love, I fear I will never ever be happy. 

I am grateful I am multitalented, actress, singer, writer, artist, and more. I could thank God with all my life for such gifts, but what’s the point when no matter how much I work hard, none of it comes through? Now I should start think which shit job that I hate with a passion, that I despise and that I swore I will never do – I should do. 

See, gratitude and fear come in together. I am grateful of what I have, I hate where I am in my life right now and I am extremely, very very extremely fearful of the future because the unhappiness has started now. That’s why I haven’t been writing on this blog because what’s there to write? I am unhappy. I write when I am at least aware that my life has a direction but at the moment I hitting my head against the wall and I am angry and scared I will die alone, broke as fuck, doing a shit job, having hundred kids from hundred assholes who never even loved me. Living in a ramshackle shithouse, with a hundred fucking books starked in a drawer somewhere. 

And many many many people in my life will be extremely happy because I am a threat. My intelligence, charisma and talent are a big threat. 

Low life 

Low life 

Lower than life 

Higher than standards 

Lower materialistically

Higher aesthetically 

Lower enducation 

Higher adulation 

Lower fortune 

Higher wisdom

Lower houses 

Higher mountains 

Lower love 

Higher lives 

Lower happiness 

Higher freedom 


Low life 

High happiness 

Nothing to nothing 

Nothing to something 

Something to smiling 

Smiling to crying 

Laughing to gagging


Low life 

Low language 

High curses 

Low mentality 

High morality 

Low on cash 

High on drugs 


Low life 

Have nothing but something 

Dressed nothing but covered in something 

Rags as rage 

He is working for nothing 

Low life 

In the eyes of the intelligent 

High life 

In the eyes of the wise.  

What is sad?

I don’t know what’s sad, 

The weather or the sky, 

Gloomy and grey, it cries 

The rain that falls lifelessly like its dying 


I don’t know what is sad, 

My face or me

My grey clothes or feels 

My smile, a plastic thing 

A real one would breed wrinkles 

I am a glamour queen 


I don’t know what’s sad, 

My loneliness in a room full of people 

Or the gleeful mask they are wearing 

Possessed by the demon of blindness 

Effacing reality and replacing it with bad dreams and desires 


I don’t know what’s sad, 

That I have love or that there’s no love 

It’s scorching in my heart 

Churning at the pit of my stomach 

The pain, the burns 

Propels tears from my eyes 

Empty tasteless tears

But a glamour queen never cries


I don’t know what’s sad, 

The dryness of my lips keen to be softened by yours 

Or the absence of lips that please 

No love in love

Wanting what doesn’t want 

I don’t know what’s sad, 

That I love you and you don’t even know it 

Or that you look like love and maybe you aren’t. 



She is a mute 

Slit her mouth with a razor 

Perhaps she will speak.


Silence is louder than the volume of her voice
It’s buried underneath the weight of fear

The fear of pain

Pain from your ridiculing laughter 

Your ignorance 

And your 

False affability.


She is everywhere but nowhere 
Alienated by her uniqueness 

Isolated by you her fellow human beings  

She is a ghost

An alien

A mutant 

A flaneur 

And a probable existence 


She is imprisoned

For a crime-less crime 

Sentenced to life 

The Unbreakable bars are her brain

The putrid cold floor is her anxiety 

The suffocating room is the world

The coldness of the room is your humanity.


If your false affability, your lies and pretence were money

She would be a zillionaire 

Hence wealth and money come with an abundant amount of loneliness and stress


You label her like a brand
Fully aware that,

These labels cut her into pieces of loneliness



Self hate

And then she will bleed

Bleed it all onto a paper

Create her own universe

A universe that accepts her for who she is

Bleed her scenarios into her creation’s scenarios

Bleed all her latent desires until she is left desire-less

Bleed all her dreams until she no longer has hope for them

And then she will die

Die a God of a universe that the world is unbeknownst of.


She is an introvert 
Everything is foreign to her

Just like you are foreign to her

Friends is a strange term to her

If she understood it maybe she would indulge


She is happy

She gets drunk until she forgets her name too

She is witty, talkative, easy going and amicable 

But you won’t know because you think she is the worst thing in the world
She also thinks you are the worst thing that’s ever happened to her life

She is the worst

You are the worst

You are all the same

Although because you despise her difference 

You mutter your profanities under your breath

Despite being stoic, your profanities are a symphony of her ears.

It would be better if you stop fooling yourselves. 


She is an introvert 

She looks crazy

A mute

Created to bolster your non existent confidence


If you open your mind and see that you are not any different from her

You will realise she is the most safest sea in all seas

The easiest mountain to climb

True beauty like the skies 

She is an introvert not an alien.

Does my zodiac sign tell the truth about me? 

Get to know me. I will either agree or disagree with what my zodiac sign says about me. I am a Gemini by the way. 

(I know Rihanna’s pic is irrelevant but damn this woman! Just look at her!) 

This is true. I am always thinking about something not relating to the subject.

Totally agree. You could piss me off and not even know it but you will know when you’ve realised I stopped talking to you years ago. 

The reason why I haven’t asked my crush out. 

This is true. I am literally the one who throws jokes from a-z and have everyone tearing up. But surprisingly I am so bad at making friends in person. 

This is true. Sometimes I look at some of my class mates and rate their hotness. Especially when I am bored in class. 

God blessed me with a beautiful straight face, so you can’t tell whether I am shy or not but get me talking. You will love me or I will annoy you. 

Couldn’t disagree with this one. 

This is a big problem, especially when I totally don’t understand what you are saying or what you’re talking about doesn’t interest me, I will interrupt you until you feel the urge to slap me but if you slap me I will… let’s leave it in god’s hands haha.


Sorry I am not neat. 

I kind of don’t like all but slow walkers do piss me off. 

I disagree. Like a supernatural TV show fan, I will get salt, find out whose ghost it is, look for the grave and burn the bones. If you watch supernatural you know how to deal with ghosts 😉

Apart from the day I almost died, I don’t remember the last time I cried. 

Hahahaha what the Fuck am I doing under the bed? I laughed so hard at this. 

I love a mirror so much. I would have a room with mirrors on every surface if the wall. 

Might be. But I am a careful driver although I do like speed. 

So so so true about me. Tell me I can’t do something and I will show you how it’s done. 

Like I said, something is always on my mind that includes funny shit and trust me, I have walked out of the class a thousand times or made the class laugh about something they have no idea about. I can’t help it. 

I have been told so. 

This is actually true. I said that to one of my ex friends and they sent me a longest paragraph saying I was a cold bitch, but what did she want me to say? Beg her to like me? I think I like myself enough thanks. 

I do appear arrogant sometimes but I don’t think I am arrogant. 

Sorry I am not much of a hugger. I feel awkward when I hug someone. It’s weird isn’t it? 

Mmmm kinda true 

Totally disagree. I care. A lot but I am more of a last minute person in which I pride myself for still getting some As and Distinctions 😉.

I can’t say I haven’t because I am a very curious person but I would say I don’t over do it. 


I have too many of these and I hate them (boring texters) 
A huge lie, I don’t drink, if I do I get ill. 

This is weird cause I would hug Rihanna and tell her how much I love her. 

During my bullying I kind of got addicted to silence in a way cause my mind would be constantly jibber jabbering. But now, I don’t like silence. It’s creepy. 

Lie. I want four kids and their names will be One, Two, Three and Four 😀 I am serous about this. 

True. God knows how many books I have left half way. 

lol I don’t know about this one. 

Seriously there is no reason to fight the end of the world or do anything other than praying and sleeping and eating all ice cream. 

I don’t know how to help people sometimes. For instance when a person comes to me crying, I don’t even know where to start with consoling them and sometimes I say something trying to console them but actually make them feel worse. 

I didn’t know this. 

Totally agree. 

Interesting fact this is. 

Mmmm okay… 

This depends on who voices it. It’s happened a few times that someone tells me they love me and I am just like ‘uhm… okay’ because I can’t lie and say I love them when I don’t. 

Hahaha interesting. 

This is true. I love money and I love love and I can’t choose between the two.


Lol, not a bad quiality is it?

I agree. Glad to know i am irresistible. 


I like this. And I agree. 

I hate an angry atmosphere so it’s natural for me to add some warmth to it. 

I like this.


This is a great quality 

So I hope you know a bit about me from this and isn’t it ironic that my star sign stands for twins and I am the only one who is not a twin in my family? 

And I share a star sigh with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. I feel like a star knowing this. 

Storms of love

Bored with being at home working hard and ironing, cooking and cleaning; she decided to take a walk to town. She had rarely came out of the house. If anything she was a stay at home wife. 

As she retreated towards the shopping centre, she saw him. Her husband, tangled in the arms of a lithe woman, laughing and kissing passionately at the local coffee shop. She stopped in her tracks, her body inert. She’d heard about it from the people on social media but she trusted him. She might have been a bit dubious as love had become its own opposite at home but she didn’t believe people from the outside. She had taught herself to never believe people’s rumours. 

Her heart had stopped beating her body had frozen at that moment she believed she was half dead and half alive. There she was doing all of her home duties because she believed he loved her and that she loved him and there he was spreading his wings with other women. 

As her mind diverted from doing shopping to getting her clothes and leaving him, she forgot how she had gotten there  and turned back, crying. Tears washed away with the rain and as she got home she sat on the bed, weak to even start packing her belongings. 

Two hours later he arrived home and found her drenched in tears. He didn’t even bother to ask what had went wrong. Instead he greeted her morosely and headed to the shower. When he was finished he came to the living room and found her sitting on the sofa, the tv off and the room darksome. 

It wasn’t the first time she had witness such betrayal. She had allowed his beatings across her body, she had forgave him in the name of love. How long would she have to endure such abuse? 

“Who is she?” She asked and he chuckled. 

“Who are you talking about? Where is the food, I’m starving” he threw himself onto the sofa. 

“The woman you were with two hours ago. I saw the two of you snogging and all” 

“I don’t know what you are talking about. You are crazy and lonely maybe it’s just one of your unfortunate imaginings” he said looking at his phone scrolling. 

She felt ridiculed and unloved. She got up from the sofa saying “call her and tell her to Fucking cook for you. I am not your slave” 

Those words didn’t sit well with her tempestuous husband. Ronald waisted no seconds and threw away his phone lunging for her and backhanding her across her face making her land back onto the sofa. 

While she suffered from the heat of his slap he was onto her with his hands on her neck pressing and clenching his fingers against her throat, blocking every access to air. She fough against his grip but it tightened, clouds formed in her brains, her vision blurred, her body began losing power and strength. She couldn’t hear any of his malicious words as he cursed while choking her against the sofa. 

As her eyes shut, her breath became little to hold her entire body, she passed out. The next thing, she woke up on a bed and Ronald was all smiles next to her holding a cup of hot chocolate. 

“I am sorry, Kathy” he said the moment she opened her eyes. 

Horror clouded her, her heart tied knots. Ronald war the masquerade of a man she had fallen in love with not the one that hit and bullied her. 

In that moment she fell in love with him all over again. The weight of her love for Ronald overwhelmed the weight of her hate for him. It was perhaps the hundredth time he had hit her like that and sometimes more than that but she always came back to him. 

She loved him. 

“You know I didn’t mean to. You ask too many questions about stuff that aren’t real. Why would I cheat on you, I love you Kathy and I would never do anything to hurt you.” Seeing him apologetic with tears mirrored on his eyes made her heart swell. 

He didn’t mean it, she told herself. So she lifted her head off the pillows and kissed him. Kissed him with tears falling down her eyes. 

“I forgive you Ron but I can’t live like this” she whispered and Ron pulled away from the kiss and stumbled away walking back and forth in the room. 

“You can’t leave me Kathy.” He cried out trembling. 

“I can’t live like this Ron” she emphasised and Ron trembled. 

“If you dare leave me I will kill myself” as he said that Kathy changed her mind in a spit of a second. That was the last thing she wanted to live with for the rest of her life. Guilt. Guilt that her actions had led to someone’s suicide and so she got up from the bed and went to hug her husband as he overreacted. 

“It’s okay Ron, I am not going anywhere” she whispered and he went on saying a myrad of affectionate lies in her mind she knew tomorrow or even before the end of the day, he would say something that would hurt her. And he could beat her up again. 

But she loved him. At least she thought she did. 


Smiles and laughterJokes and tales

History and present

Hold hands and pray

Love and forget 

The past is the past

Read my lips and tell a story

Love me for I will be coerced to love you
Hate and betrayal

Sweets and candies

Christmas and trees

Presents and stones

Jealousy and pain

Happiness is the opposite of this family

Trust should be born in the family

Love should be taught in the family 
Praise and rejoice

Worship and congratulations 

Happiness and love

Homes and roofs 

Food and warmth

Family should be your first shoulder to cry on

Your ride or die

Your heaven on earth 

Your peace in the boisterous world

Your silence in the loudest cries

Family should be your universe
Tears and joy

Holding and hands

Touching and hugging

Passion and love

Looking and seeing

Showing and pointing

You should do everything together 

Support and motivate each other 

Advice each other. 


All I see is family riding fire to defeat their other one

Breathing and screaming fire 

Burning oil and pouring it all over your dreams

Skinning you alive because of your intelligence and luck 

Who said you will all be the same 

A fool called no one

So don’t fool yourself.

You are my family. 

If you have ever wondered, my last name means an elephant 😉


The beauty of a blind man is that he sees what he wants to see. 
He sees the darkness and the darkness doesn’t show him the havoc and chaos that the world has become. 

Dead beauty and alive ugliness. 

It shows him the beauty that the world has lost and therefore he has no pain. 

In which it’s his imagination that envisions such perfection.

The beauty we crave and that is art 

In his sightless life, he paints a picture ever so beautiful.

Yet we with sight, we fear the darkness for what it’s not. 

Sometimes I wish I was a blind woman maybe I would see a better world.