Everytime ❤️

Everytime I look into your eyes, I feel like you handpicked me to suit your darkest insight, but you never really knew what I was like, you only witnesses a facade of what it’s like to love a woman like me. 

Everytime I am inside your arms, I feel like you handpicked me out of a million, only you didn’t know who I was like, I thought you will leave cause I tempted to leave, not because I hadn’t loved you yet, but because it didn’t feel right, because you only witness the smile I wear in day, and the lustrous mask I wear at night but then you reminded me, it wasn’t a facade it really was me.

Everytime I dance with you in the dark, I want you to be harder cause I am not so soft, Everytime you try to be kind I tell you I want you to be hard because I know love isn’t supposed to be easy, that’s why I don’t want you to be easy. 

Everytime I look into your eyes, I feel like you handpicked me effortlessly because I am transparent, you know I was the girl that suit your life, I love the sex you like and the fetish you love, I hate all the things that you hate, I laugh at same joke as you laugh to, I never cry because you hate to see me cry. 

Everytime I kiss you I feel like I will explode into a million diamonds because you make me shine brighter than the diamonds. 

Everytime you sleep I want you to know, you are my love and I belong to you. 


Discussion: two women? 

Here is a scenario. 

You recently met a girl and you are actually in a relationship. Let’s say her name is Melisa. So one day your girlfriends finds out that you have been seeing Mel and she doesn’t say anything and you don’t know that she knows about Mel. Then one day you are from work, or something, exhausted and all you need is your gf besides you, watching tv and just chilling basically. Then you go into your bedroom and find Mel and your girlfriend having sex. 

This is a real scenario, don’t think of it from a really sexual mindset, this is your wife and your sidechick having sex. 

What would you do? 

A bird seeking freedom 

Sing a song with me 

Let us lie in the pool of our tears 

Your visible unhappiness, my fear 

My grip so tight on your arm, you sear 

Burn and scotch, I become so near 

To you, my handsome deer 

If you walk away, a car will hit ya

I am not useless 

I am just not useful 

Holding onto you has become less gleeful 

Reminiscing the days, they were beautiful 

No matter the hole inside, I am still insightful 


I know you are a bird in need of it’s freedom 

I was taught love is patient, it’s wisdom 

I was never taught to let a king flee its kingdom 

I can’t let you go because you told me I was your queendom. 

I love you because I do love you 

I used to believe you love me but really I have become your flu 

I should be the medicine to your health but I am just the glue 

Sticking you to the floor, next to me, for that’s the cue

To the next song that my heart beat makes to give you a clue 

That your freedom is the death of me because it’s true 

Being in my arms should never feel like imprisonment 

My love for you surpasses the imagination of commitment 

It’s an obsession, due to the incapability to bear my resentment 

That I am weak and you are like my project of development

Until you find means to extricate yourself from me, shall you try to at least smile at my endearment 

I wish you would be here for me like I am been for you 

Be here when we make love like I am to please you 

At least last longer, you know I am ravenous bull 

At least bring me roses because you know red makes me beautiful

What made you stop loving me? 

I love you because through you I love me 

But you are a bird in need of its freedom 

I don’t know how to let go 

Because my love for you is seldom 

Until I learn to let you fly my hopeless bird, 

I will be yours and yours forever. 

So Sing a song with me 

Let us lie in the pool if our tears 

And within a few seconds I will let you fly 

Fly away my love and please do take my heart with you 

As you vacated it and your safest home. 

I own it 

It would be a green ugly lie if I said I always live in reality 

My head is world of gold and fortune 

Sleek and fine 

Haters ashes, scattered in hell

My ashes are diamonds

Pose bitch 


I dance

Barely dressed 

My body is a gracious vessel

A fountain of youth 

Bathing in this liquid gold 

My melanin popping

My highlight gold and brighter than your future 

I am owning it 


I like giving you something to talk about 

A hegemonic figure of life 

I own every shit I have 

You own that malice, what do you have? 


My eyes lascivious 

He said they pierce through his soul, 

My lips thick 

He says they are juicy, 

Cause I am damn owning it 

Own it bitch 


Remind haters you the shit, 

The damn queen of your life

Let them play extras

And you be the lead role

My face on everything 

I’ll be your kid’s idol 

Your brother’s crush

Your boyfriend’s fantasy 

Bitch, I am owning it. 


All of that glam 

Bad and boujie 

Own it 

Let’s have a laugh 😂 

The internet has no chill man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 

A Lucky Man’s nightmare 

Darrel was a man who had everything in his life. A high grossing company that had become his holy grail over the years. A beautiful wife, witty and immensely beautiful. Most men used to tell him he was a lucky man to have such a beautiful and loving woman. 

Despite that, Darrel was lucky with the ladies. His wife Roina was aware of this but she had thought it was just rumours.Like  a woman with all the money in the world he decided to hire a spy woman that was going to follow his husband to Las Vegas. He had told her it was a business trip. Normally he would trust her husband’s words, but not after multiply finding women’s objects in his briefcase not after catching him flirting with women and not after he cheated again. 

She sat in the living room and inserted the tape that her spy had filmed everything without him knowing. Roina had told her to have some evidence, so the spy went on and planted some cameras at every surface of the hotel room. 

So as Roina watched, she saw Darrel walk in with two ladies, kissing them. Drowning in the eroticism of two young women princesses eager to please him. One had blonde hair and the other was taller with brown hair. 

Despite the thump her heart made she sipped on her red wine and watched. Watched her husband’s cock being sucked by another blonde woman. The woman was messy and slurping all over him. Spitting on his manhood and rubbing it. She was leering coquettishly at him with a pornstar’s smile while she moaned along with him. She heard the lewd things he was saying to her as she worked his cock while he kissed and sucked on the other’s tits. 

Her heart ached like someone had just stabbed a dagger into it but she wanted to see that when her husband slept with these women, was there an ounce of guilt or not? 

He sat on the white leather sofa and the one that had her tits being savoured by his mouth hopped on and began riding him while the other that was sucking him up climbed the sofa and positioned herself above his face and sitting on it. 

A tear threatened to escape the lids of her eyes as her heart clenched life and serenity out of her. Darrel’s face was her throne. She was the only woman he had to eat like that. She had given herself to Darrel to do what ever he wanted. She dominated her world but submitted to him fully. And there he was having a nobody sit on his face, his tongue pleasing this woman. 

She saw them switch, the girl that had been riding him was now sitting at the upper edge of the sofa, the other with brown hair was now on fours on the sofa eating the blonde one while Darrel ravaged her from behind. She knew that was his favourite position, Fucking her against the edge of the bed, the kitchen island, the sofa, the shower, everywhere and there he was fucking another woman. 

She watched them, roll in their Fucking and each moment she told herself she wasn’t going to cry but her entire body was trembling with immeasurable heartbreak. 

Was it because he always wanted a threesome? She hadn’t said no to that and she had told him she would do it for him, what was it that made him do this to her? With all that she had done for him? 

She continued to sip on her wine like a sane woman that she totally wasn’t. Darrel had never tapped into the crazy side of this woman. So she watched as he fucked both girls and as his orgasm stroked him, she felt the dagger twist in her heart. She trembled just like he spasmed in the video. His moans of pleasure released her tears. They gushed like a river as she closed her eyes. Her heart sunk inside the ocean of pain that she couldn’t hold back the sobs. 

She was a woman with a career, she dedicated herself to this man for a very long time. She had never ever hurt him and but seeing pleasure rather than guilt in his eyes, angered her. 

Darrel was nothing without her and she had to show him that. So she got up and went into the pool house, and turned on all eight gas stoves they had. Then she went into the office and negotiated with the bank that they freeze every bank account. She wanted him to feel all the pain. She had all his millions frozen in the bank, all his credit cards frozen. She went into the kitchen and turned lit the gas stove. She didn’t pack away or anything. She knew he would want to have her arrested but if he dared he would never ever have his money again. All the business money went into the back and once it was in, it was locked in. 

All hers. 

She wore her black 6 inch formal heels and her ritzy black coat, applied her blood red lipstick and some shades. She grabbed her work bag and the files of one of her cases as she was a lawyer. She had to be in court at 12:30am.

So she told her garden boy that she would pay him ten thousand pounds if he gets out of the house lock it then throw in the lighter. 

She drove to the court and while she was defending a criminal her mansion exploded. When her husband rang to tell her about the tragedy she didn’t feign to be hurt. 

She said “I told you once you hurt me again, I will be your biggest nightmare Darrel” she hang up the phone. 

Her words left Darrel gobsmacked standing in front of his burnt down mansion while the firefighters tried to tame the fire. 

In that second he knew, he was a lucky man and his wife was his biggest nightmare. 

The lucky man’s Valentine’s day

He worked hard daily. He would come home extremely knackered and she would not even know what to do. It stripped away their togetherness, their communication and time together as he would come home at 8pm have dinner in bed already because he would be over the top knackered. 

Their love making had fluctuated to maybe once a week, both vigorous beings had suddenly become the most sexually sad people. How had that happen? It was a long story of moving in together and trying to put a roof over their heads. 

So it was on the 14 th of February, the day were the eloquence of love is explored that even if they expressed their love for each other daily, in that day they had to say it like it was a rarity; an expensive beauty that they can’t get enough of. 

Unfortunately, he was working but fortunate enough he was finishing work early. He arrived home and found the house absolutely empty, or at least that’s what he thought. 

Thinking that she was out shopping, he took the stairs to his bedroom and found her sat on the bed. She looked famishing, the red lace body suit brightened her skin, her blond hair was down in curls, her beauty was just extremely astounding. 

“Happy Valentine’s babe” he said grinning from ear to ear as she strolled towards him. 

Despite being in his muddy builder’s uniform, Jennet threw her hands around his neck and kissed him. Lips locked and laced with unconditional love that erupted volcanically inside both’s bodies, eliciting higher levels of their fire. 

“Happy Val, handsome” she greeted with a smile. 

“You are so sexy ” he bit on his bottom lip his hands caressing his wife’s lithe but fit figure. 

“I want to spend more time with you today. I want you to rest and then Fuck me all night. So first of all, I have prepared a bath for you” she said pulling his hand into the bath. She had ran a bubble bath and added some fresh scented candles, some wine and some red rose petals on the bubbles and on the floor. 

“This looks amazing” he complimented kissing her lips before he stripped off his clothes. He got into the bath and she sat on  the closed toilet chamber. They conversated until his water was cold. The bathroom was boisterous with mirthful laugher while he relaxed and rested in his bath. 

For the first time in a long time they fell in love all over again. They hadn’t had the longest conversation in a long time, the constant coquettish teasing and the hot  compliments. Mostly it was how she just sat there and watched him bath while they spoke. Normally they would have a bath together but there was something aesthetically pleasing about the way she had not joined him. 

After his bath, she had prepared some scented oils to give him a full body massage, to relax every part of him. To make him feel at home and after that she had cooked his favourite meal and prepared Wanted their all time favourite film. They weren’t the notebook type. 

He laid on the space and she played some soft music at the back ground. They continued with their conversation while she began working on his chest first. Just her hands gliding on his body, massaging and relaxing every muscle. 

His stiff arm muscles relaxed as her fingers massaged him. She turned him around and worked on his back. She was not a professional but she had tried to learn what Korey loved the most. 

She turned him over again, fully aware of his hard on but both continuing with their conversation catching up and making holiday plans while he also complemented her dexterity.   

Then she began gliding her hands between his thighs, adding more oil and massaging around his groin, fully ignoring his cock. This time the conversation had morphed into some hums and pleading moans. She massaged around the crotch but never touching him. She was taking her time too. 

She leaned down and kissed from his torso, her lips lingered on his skin, moved gracefully slow expressing her passion for him. Then he shuddered when she finally grasped the hungry cock. She stroked it gently slow while she kissed around his crotch area, kissing his balls and his inner thigh while she continued stroking gently. 

There were no words said, just the body talking. She brought her kisses to his cock. Kissed from the base coming up to the bulbous tip where she then enveloped it into the warmth of her mouth. 

She didn’t everything slowly and romantically, she teased with her tongue and then pulled away and went back to massaging his thighs while she caressed her lips against the shaft, her breath warm against his shaft. He would cum just from that. 

She licked his shaft from the bottom to the top, slowly and sophisticatedly. He grunted loving the torment. Then she grasped it and drove it onto her mouth. Her lips were tight around his girth, sliding down his shaft the head hitting at her throat before she even reach the base of it. But that didn’t hinder her, she drove him deeper. Deeper into her mouth, down to her throat and fought her gag reflexes. 

She kept him there for desirable seconds then withdrew and spat on it, drizzling her saliva like she was dressing it with a sweet sauce. Then she took him into her mouth yet again, used her hand to stroke him up and down while her tongue licked and flicked circles and mixed movements on the head. 

Pre-cum pleased her taste buds and she knew he wasn’t far off but she wasn’t into Fucking him with her mouth. She ought to make love to him, with her mouth. So she sucked on him. Not too fast and not too slow but just good enough to drive him crazy. She salivated as her pussy quivered seeking attention. 

But she paid all her attention to him, massaged his balls with her oiled up fingers making the slide through her grip as she sort of squeezed them and played with them while her mouth pleasures him. 

He was becoming harder and harder, turgid and begging to cum. 

“I want you to cum into my mouth Korey” she told him as she covered his shaft with her mouth and stroked him up and down fast this time while her other hand worked his set of balls. 

He lost control and gave into her romance, his pistol shot bullets of love inside her mouth and she swallowed it all, his body had never felt so alive the way it had at that time. 

She hadn’t bought him anything, she had simply provided something he didn’t think he needed. Quality time, his favourite meal relaxed with her in his arms, watching a film together followed by an all night Fuck filled with a myriad of love making. 

He was a lucky man and lucky to have a woman who knew what he needed before he even knew he needed it. 

“I love you Jennet” they had come from their fourth or fifth ecstasy at five in the morning. 

“I will always love you more Korey” she said kissing him and folding into his arms. 

Happy Valentine’s everyone! 

Happy Valentine’s Day 

Happy Valentines Day

(This would be heaven!!! I would love this so much!!!)

Make the most of it! Have fun, laugh hard with your partner, kiss them a lot, go watch fifty shades darker, eat pizza, make love all night. Sleep in each other’s arms. 

If you were mad at your partner let it pass, it can’t be too important than your love. Love is powerful and Valentine’s Day reminds us how the little things make our heart swoon. 

Eat chocolate, he will work you out later 😉, roses and strawberries, sexy hot baths and all. Do it all like you have never done it before. Forget the world, today it’s all about the two of you. 

And don’t forget to appreciate what you have. Don’t forget to appreciate your partner. Don’t forget to tell them you love them a thousand times. A million actually. Or more. 

Happy Valentines Day 😘😍

A valentine story is coming late 🙈 just working on it. 

Storms of love

Bored with being at home working hard and ironing, cooking and cleaning; she decided to take a walk to town. She had rarely came out of the house. If anything she was a stay at home wife. 

As she retreated towards the shopping centre, she saw him. Her husband, tangled in the arms of a lithe woman, laughing and kissing passionately at the local coffee shop. She stopped in her tracks, her body inert. She’d heard about it from the people on social media but she trusted him. She might have been a bit dubious as love had become its own opposite at home but she didn’t believe people from the outside. She had taught herself to never believe people’s rumours. 

Her heart had stopped beating her body had frozen at that moment she believed she was half dead and half alive. There she was doing all of her home duties because she believed he loved her and that she loved him and there he was spreading his wings with other women. 

As her mind diverted from doing shopping to getting her clothes and leaving him, she forgot how she had gotten there  and turned back, crying. Tears washed away with the rain and as she got home she sat on the bed, weak to even start packing her belongings. 

Two hours later he arrived home and found her drenched in tears. He didn’t even bother to ask what had went wrong. Instead he greeted her morosely and headed to the shower. When he was finished he came to the living room and found her sitting on the sofa, the tv off and the room darksome. 

It wasn’t the first time she had witness such betrayal. She had allowed his beatings across her body, she had forgave him in the name of love. How long would she have to endure such abuse? 

“Who is she?” She asked and he chuckled. 

“Who are you talking about? Where is the food, I’m starving” he threw himself onto the sofa. 

“The woman you were with two hours ago. I saw the two of you snogging and all” 

“I don’t know what you are talking about. You are crazy and lonely maybe it’s just one of your unfortunate imaginings” he said looking at his phone scrolling. 

She felt ridiculed and unloved. She got up from the sofa saying “call her and tell her to Fucking cook for you. I am not your slave” 

Those words didn’t sit well with her tempestuous husband. Ronald waisted no seconds and threw away his phone lunging for her and backhanding her across her face making her land back onto the sofa. 

While she suffered from the heat of his slap he was onto her with his hands on her neck pressing and clenching his fingers against her throat, blocking every access to air. She fough against his grip but it tightened, clouds formed in her brains, her vision blurred, her body began losing power and strength. She couldn’t hear any of his malicious words as he cursed while choking her against the sofa. 

As her eyes shut, her breath became little to hold her entire body, she passed out. The next thing, she woke up on a bed and Ronald was all smiles next to her holding a cup of hot chocolate. 

“I am sorry, Kathy” he said the moment she opened her eyes. 

Horror clouded her, her heart tied knots. Ronald war the masquerade of a man she had fallen in love with not the one that hit and bullied her. 

In that moment she fell in love with him all over again. The weight of her love for Ronald overwhelmed the weight of her hate for him. It was perhaps the hundredth time he had hit her like that and sometimes more than that but she always came back to him. 

She loved him. 

“You know I didn’t mean to. You ask too many questions about stuff that aren’t real. Why would I cheat on you, I love you Kathy and I would never do anything to hurt you.” Seeing him apologetic with tears mirrored on his eyes made her heart swell. 

He didn’t mean it, she told herself. So she lifted her head off the pillows and kissed him. Kissed him with tears falling down her eyes. 

“I forgive you Ron but I can’t live like this” she whispered and Ron pulled away from the kiss and stumbled away walking back and forth in the room. 

“You can’t leave me Kathy.” He cried out trembling. 

“I can’t live like this Ron” she emphasised and Ron trembled. 

“If you dare leave me I will kill myself” as he said that Kathy changed her mind in a spit of a second. That was the last thing she wanted to live with for the rest of her life. Guilt. Guilt that her actions had led to someone’s suicide and so she got up from the bed and went to hug her husband as he overreacted. 

“It’s okay Ron, I am not going anywhere” she whispered and he went on saying a myrad of affectionate lies in her mind she knew tomorrow or even before the end of the day, he would say something that would hurt her. And he could beat her up again. 

But she loved him. At least she thought she did. 

Looking for love

come in and speak 

I am hoping you can hear me 

I tell you my name 

You don’t even react 

I sing to you 

Can you hear me?

The lyrics 

Are sweet and mine 

Do you understand this ?

That I am looking for your attention?

I write,

can you read me?

The tale of my sorrow 

The novel of my passion 

The memoir of my desires 

The poetry of my love 

I laugh 

Can you join me? 

It’s all combined in one tin 

Sadness and happiness 


In one laugh 

As if it will solve me 

I am looking for love 
In all the darkest places

Dirtiest places 

Loveless places 

I am looking for life 
Where there is only death 

No water no air 

Suffocation is the key 

I am looking for you
Though you are standing beside me 

Gone is your spirit

The one that I loathe 

I am looking for fame 
Talented yet neglected 

I write to tell you 

The horror in my mind 

I am just a kid 
Floating on the surface of the ocean 

Fearless of the potency of water 

Looking forward to singing with the Dolphins 

I am looking for love 
Where there is no love 

Where it’s lust and sex

Resulting in silence and self hate 

I am looking for love 
For I don’t have love myself 

I have looked for it 

I can’t find it 

But you find it in me.