A bird seeking freedom 

Sing a song with me 

Let us lie in the pool of our tears 

Your visible unhappiness, my fear 

My grip so tight on your arm, you sear 

Burn and scotch, I become so near 

To you, my handsome deer 

If you walk away, a car will hit ya

I am not useless 

I am just not useful 

Holding onto you has become less gleeful 

Reminiscing the days, they were beautiful 

No matter the hole inside, I am still insightful 


I know you are a bird in need of it’s freedom 

I was taught love is patient, it’s wisdom 

I was never taught to let a king flee its kingdom 

I can’t let you go because you told me I was your queendom. 

I love you because I do love you 

I used to believe you love me but really I have become your flu 

I should be the medicine to your health but I am just the glue 

Sticking you to the floor, next to me, for that’s the cue

To the next song that my heart beat makes to give you a clue 

That your freedom is the death of me because it’s true 

Being in my arms should never feel like imprisonment 

My love for you surpasses the imagination of commitment 

It’s an obsession, due to the incapability to bear my resentment 

That I am weak and you are like my project of development

Until you find means to extricate yourself from me, shall you try to at least smile at my endearment 

I wish you would be here for me like I am been for you 

Be here when we make love like I am to please you 

At least last longer, you know I am ravenous bull 

At least bring me roses because you know red makes me beautiful

What made you stop loving me? 

I love you because through you I love me 

But you are a bird in need of its freedom 

I don’t know how to let go 

Because my love for you is seldom 

Until I learn to let you fly my hopeless bird, 

I will be yours and yours forever. 

So Sing a song with me 

Let us lie in the pool if our tears 

And within a few seconds I will let you fly 

Fly away my love and please do take my heart with you 

As you vacated it and your safest home. 

I own it 

It would be a green ugly lie if I said I always live in reality 

My head is world of gold and fortune 

Sleek and fine 

Haters ashes, scattered in hell

My ashes are diamonds

Pose bitch 


I dance

Barely dressed 

My body is a gracious vessel

A fountain of youth 

Bathing in this liquid gold 

My melanin popping

My highlight gold and brighter than your future 

I am owning it 


I like giving you something to talk about 

A hegemonic figure of life 

I own every shit I have 

You own that malice, what do you have? 


My eyes lascivious 

He said they pierce through his soul, 

My lips thick 

He says they are juicy, 

Cause I am damn owning it 

Own it bitch 


Remind haters you the shit, 

The damn queen of your life

Let them play extras

And you be the lead role

My face on everything 

I’ll be your kid’s idol 

Your brother’s crush

Your boyfriend’s fantasy 

Bitch, I am owning it. 


All of that glam 

Bad and boujie 

Own it 

Choosing life

You are a barrier between life and life 

I don’t know what to choose cause you are still life 

But it’s different kinds of life 

I want that life as much as I want this life 

But i don’t know which one is good for me. 

Would you elucidate please

Show me the life you provide 

A naughty woman: music of her thoughts 

She was on a train, commuting from work to her home in which it was a 45 minute ride and normally she would have a novel to entertain herself or She would have downloaded a film from Netflix. In fact she was obsessed with the TV show, the client list but that day she had nothing to do. So she plugged in her earphones and like commonly, her songs always had a pinch of sexuality in them. 
She was an erotic woman with dark intentions and interests when it came to her sexuality and recently she’d met a man, from work. He was kind, his demeanour was smart, intelligent but he wore no suit. In fact he was a man that worked outside a lot, a construction worker he was. He had came around a couple of time and he had never came to her work wearing smart nice and clean clothes. He always wore his work clothes, with mud and paint on them. His skin was almost a tan due to the sun and his arms looked manly, very veiny and strong. 

It was a first for her to be entranced at such measure especially with a man in muddy clothes. That day as she sat in the trained she recalled her day with him. He’d came round drenched, the weather had been shit – raining and windy. His shirt was pressing on his skin. Something about the wetness conjured a lot of imagery. Besides, his body was a masterpieces carved by a god of perfection, his smile – his teeth – fine and unreal but mostly his eyes and his lips, – she bit her lips – if she ever tasted those lips, if she ever laced hers with his, soft and gentle, rough and sexy; she would ride the crazy train to heaven. 

Then the song played. Dance for you by Beyoncé. She thought about him sat on a small couch with his arms resting on both arms of the sofa, his legs relaxed and lean. She imagined him leering at her with his dark blue eyes, so intense they burned am indelible imprint in her heart. She would be in a lingerie piece, a red one. Sexy with a similar bra supporting her huge tits. A red lipstick on her thick lips, her curly hair loose and wavy down her shoulders, black lace clip on stalkings and red long heeled stilletos. 

She would stand, see him bite on his lip with that sexy smirk playing in his lips, his fingers gripping on the arms of the sofa, digging deep as though playing in her soul. 

Her hips sway with the song, her hands on her body, caressing and loving. Hips sway, she moved with the song, getting down spreading her legs, gentle and romantic, dancing for him. Hips sway, biting on her lip, licking her fingers sensually, tracing them down her body, her eyes never strayed from his. He was bothered and wanting. Her hips sway, she moaned he groaned, she danced. 

The song morphs to Fuck you all the time by Jerimiah. She forgot she was on a train, all she knew was the song made her feel herself crawl on her knees to him. Kissing him, finally her lips laced with his. Her breath, her breath became a mist, so light and so weak to obtain but she would not let those lips go. Her hips grind on him, feeling his shaft harder between her legs. His lips on her neck, his breath a warm sweet lather tantalising and caressing like a feathers of a bird fleeting down her skin. His hands, rough from cement but the roughness somehow tomenting and spelling his power, his manliness and his desire. Sexually invigorating.

The song morphed into another, papi pacify by FKA twigs. The train could have passed her stop, she didn’t even remember she was on a train. The song propelled her onto her knees, her hands unbuckled his belt, pushed down his pants down and the man sprung free, red and turgid, taking her breath away. He was well endowed, precious – she salivated. Her fingers touched, caressed down his shaft. He pulled his head back humming. Her mouth covered him. Pleased him, the song played on the back ground, her mouth moved with it. His hips moved with it, his fingers tighter grasped with it. 

Then the song morphed to I can go deep a classic by silk. He flipped her, turned her and made her lie on the sofa with her legs wide open. He removed her clothes and when she attempted to push her heels off he stopped her and smacked her ass. 

“I want to Fuck you in them heels and don’t you dare take them off or else…” 

The song stopped and when she opened her eyes the train was just arriving on her stop. Only she knew the wetness that drenched her pants. She had to get home. 

Very soon. 

Let’s have a laugh 😂 

The internet has no chill man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 

Discussion: virgins 

So like I have said before, when thinking of what pleases men, we think it’s playing with their bodies let them inside us and then they are pleased but due to my understanding; men are just as complicated as women are. That’s why I am starting this series of discussions so that I can understand more and also help others. I also demand brutal honesty, in this and also respect. Also if you do not agree with someone’s opinion, do remember -it’s their opinion and be respectful even if you feel like commenting on it.

 I have been contacted by some virgins both male and female, both of their worries are that women and men avoid them due to no experience. In my culture if a woman is a virgin a man normally treasures her as it shows that she respects herself but that said; it doesn’t mean every man could look at a virgin in this way. Also in my culture women always crave a much older and experienced man as they are said to be more profound and caring. In fact; my grandma taught/told me, I would experience more with an older man and they will care for me and respect me more. I can’t say I know or I have experienced such with a man because I have not been with a man older than me. 

So the question for this week’s discussion is: 

Do men like virgins? And what is their opinion about them? Please be brutally honest because this discussion will be useless if people aren’t honest. After all you are free to voice your opinions. 

The man in my dreams 

Child, you are safe

You are safe now, he would say
He wears a white shirt, 
He’s an angel now 

He will hold me in his arms 

Console me in his amour 

And whisper 

You are safe now 

In world were there is no safety 

He kisses my forehead 

Heal the fatigue of my day and night dreaming 

Caress his magnificent fingers in my coiled hair 

Lull me into closing my eyes 

Travel on time, to were my happiness is 

And I will hear his voice say 
Child, you are safe
You are safe now 

He wore a dark suit 

Leaped me out of fire With one hand 

Took me to the glistening river 

That only existed in Disney 
Showed me the lights after the darkness 
And said 
Child you are safe, 

You will be safe now 

As the morning sun came 

He wore his straw hat and walked away

Left me washing my feet in the miraculous river 

Turned his back on me 

I felt forlorn for a moment 

Then he turned around 

His halo glowed above him 

He held his cane to balance his frail body 

And said 

“Child, you are safe 

You are safe now” 

He smiled and said 

“I will not wave as your father did wave 

I will not promise as a promise can be easily broken 

I will not say ‘goodbye’ and my name is Goodnight 

I am a star that shines upon you 

For as long as I shine bright like a diamond 

Look up and remember my worlds 

Child, you are safe. 

You are safe now” 

He vanished into thin air, 

And you should believe me when I say 

The man of my dreams is the star that shines above me 

The one that keeps me safe. 

Safe forever.

The elixir 


Crawling affection in my skin

Awakening is the desire to love

Spreading goosebumps on my skin

A shiver, aware of the potency in your touch 

An elixir of eroticism. 


The beauty of our dynamic loving 

One minute we want it rough 

One day we want it soft

Forever we want it longer 

Our passion the elixir of desire 


There’s is no need for a hustle 

Tear my legs apart, open a mystery 

Glittering and glazed by our essence 

Flowing and sliding down the silk skin 

Lacing with affection 

An elixir of life 

On my knees 

Like your little pet, 

on all fours, hitting from the back 

The instinct to please an overwhelming ocean 

The passion to satiate our hunger, the epicentre of our eruption 

The broken bed the sign we haven’t been sweet, it’s been rough 

It’s been a rollercoaster 

Up and down, 

Dirty and raw 

Unrestricted and naughty 

Loud and sexy 

 Explosive and climatic 

An elixir of affection

If I say I want you 

I mean I want you 

To touch me 

Give me life 

Fill me up with all of you 

Let me ride you and keep you inside 

Warm and watering the passion inside 

Let it flourish and grow 

Radiate in our room

Have me crazy about you 

And you high on me 

Drunk on you 

Insane about me 

An elixir of us. 

Eat me

I am here to provide

I am the piquant dish you have ever had 

Eat me 

Savour the taste of a freak in your bed  

Let your tongue sweep across every curve 

Leave me sated 

Take me to the heaven’s doors with just your mouth 

On it, you eat me 

Eat me till I feel my pussy become numb 

Drive your tongue inside me, 

Reach far and taste how much I am in love with you

Eat me 

Let me grind my hips while you hum 

Enjoying what’s yours and yours only 

Make me wet, drenching wet; drink from me 

Let me sit on your face, my throne 

Sit on you, King 

Worship me like I am your religion 

Love me, 

Eat me 

Fuck me with your mouth 

Drive me Fucking crazy 

Let your tongue drive with adulation 

All around it, you taste me 

It feels so damn good, don’t stop 

Keep me cumming and humming 

Taste me, 

I am here to serve you, 

Taste me 

Eat me, daddy

Eat me over and over again because I know you will always want more 

And I will provide 

How to experience ecstatic sex

Enjoying and enduring ecstatic sex begins from within. You have to free yourself. Let go. So in this article I will feature a step by step guide introducing one thing you probably didn’t know before this article or that you knew but didn’t know how to do. 

So the trick is Dance. Yes, Dancing is the trick. Why? Because through dancing you can channel your inner self, you can lose yourself and you can let go of yourself. Physically, you learn to move your body in motions that are freeing. I mean if you think about it, all kinds of dance are almost sexual in a way, think about that belly dance, twerking, or swaying your hips. Isn’t it kind of sexual? But because you hold yourself in you also inhibit yourself from getting outside of your own skin. Sex in fun when it’s free. Free of insecurities, free of problems, unplanned and more. The idea of it is freedom. 


Step 1.

Get into your comfortable space, first; alone. Wear something that makes you feel sexy. Go in the nude if you want. This is totally up to you. But it’s good that you make yourself feel sexy. Sexy is confidence remember. 

Step 2. 

Play a song that is almost ecstatic, FKA Twigs is one of my favourites because her songs are quite strange with some soft rhythms and strong base beats. I literally lose myself. Which is the key. I will give examples of the songs here: Jeremih -all the time or Harsley-not afraid anymore or Beyoncé crazy in love and any more that makes you feel like you are in a sexy music video. Also have a playlist because one song won’t be long enough. Then open the volume to full blast. 

Step 3. 

Sex is never a planned performance. If it is, it will lack authenticity and enjoyment. So don’t start planning how you will move your body. Move with the song, follow its rhythm, follow its momentum. I would advise you don’t play something like Nicki minaj’s anaconda. This moment is about reaching inside your body and soul and discovering. 

Step 4. 

Move. Move baby, sway those hips. Lose yourself and let go. Forget all your problems. View this as one hell of a sexy yoga session. Take your mind off things. Care-less, never mind how you move. Move your body, up and down, sideways and how ever. Close your eyes if it helps. 

Step 5. 

Breath. Let your breath control you, because through sex you are not in control of your breath so why now. Even if you feel like moaning, go ahead. The point here is, loosen up. Be free. Just move. Move your body and eventually you will realised you might be getting turned on. 

Step 6. 

Touch yourself. No I don’t mean pleasure yourself. This is were we mistaken the power of self touching. We rush to touch our pussy/dick. Which leads to just one climax, or taking to much time trying to get yourself wet or your dick hard. You have to stimulate your senses. Touch your body, caress your hands all over your neck, your ass, your everywhere apart from your private part. While you do so, move your body. Get on your knees if you want. Stand if you want. But channel the inner woman/man inside you. That erotic beast.

Tip: Bite your lip.

Step 7. 

Imagination. Use your imagination, envision yourself in a sexy music video or dancing for a partner or just envision your movement and how sexy you look as you move. The point here is to lose yourself to the power of sex and letting go. Forget every insecurity, feel what you imagine. Feel sexy because you really are sexy. Make your mentality think sex and pleasure. All the things you want to endure in your sexuality.

Step 7. 

Now start reaching your sexual parts. Fact is if you do this right you could even climax without even having to touch yourself. If this happens to you, you have achieved the point of this article. Which is Enduring estatic sex mentally. Because that’s where it should start, which is why in this step we get physical. In my experience (and it you do this right) you will be about to achieve your second orgasm. 

Step 8. 

Touch yourself how you like to be touched but don’t lose the rhythm of the song, don’t lose movement, don’t use anything apart from your own hands, don’t think too much about it, just roll in like you are high. Only this time, you are high on yourself. If the song is a bit slow then follow it, if it’s fast (in which I wouldn’t advise for this exercise) follow it. And also continue to touch your other body parts. 

Step 9. 

Lose yourself. Literally, lose yourself to freedom. Free your soul, don’t think wrong or right. Think you and your enjoyment. 

Step 10. 

If you have done it right, you have achieved your second orgasm and to see how powerful this excercise is, take a minute break and go again. You might reach your third or more orgasm. Experience estatic mind blowing self love. 

Note: this is not about you only it’s also just about your sex life generally. Trust me you are never the same after this exercise. Mostly you will crave to feel this way because you will realise how amazing it feels to just break free and be lost in ecstasy. If you have been high before, you will feel similar only sexually this time. And you will crave it. 

Next time do it with your partner. If you wanna know how to. Just comment if you want me to write one for two. 

If you are a woman (I don’t know about men lol) and you are comfortable with same sex love making. Try same sex. I find it even more estatic.