I own it 

It would be a green ugly lie if I said I always live in reality 

My head is world of gold and fortune 

Sleek and fine 

Haters ashes, scattered in hell

My ashes are diamonds

Pose bitch 


I dance

Barely dressed 

My body is a gracious vessel

A fountain of youth 

Bathing in this liquid gold 

My melanin popping

My highlight gold and brighter than your future 

I am owning it 


I like giving you something to talk about 

A hegemonic figure of life 

I own every shit I have 

You own that malice, what do you have? 


My eyes lascivious 

He said they pierce through his soul, 

My lips thick 

He says they are juicy, 

Cause I am damn owning it 

Own it bitch 


Remind haters you the shit, 

The damn queen of your life

Let them play extras

And you be the lead role

My face on everything 

I’ll be your kid’s idol 

Your brother’s crush

Your boyfriend’s fantasy 

Bitch, I am owning it. 


All of that glam 

Bad and boujie 

Own it 

How to have a sex-appeal? 

So sex appeal,it feels amazing. I am not really an expect on this I am just stating what I know and what might help other people out there. That said, I am still learning and discovering and being more and more inquisitive within this subject are and therefore if you have your tip, do comment below 😊

1. Confidence

For me confidence = sex appeal. Sex appeal = confidence. A confident woman appeals to anyone because they seem to be aware of themselves, who they are, their strength their weakness and their flaws/insecurity. We all know that no one is perfect but a person who knows that and is confident and in love with themselves is literally sexy in my opinion. 


Know it in your mind that you are sexy. Know that you don’t need anyone’s approval. You are damn sexy. It’s not about size, height, beauty standards or any shit from this world, it’s about you, your mentality. Accepting your uniqueness, embracing your features, acknowledging that you are a working progress, you are changing daily, you have room for some improvements and you are damn flawed but walk around with your head high. Label yourself ‘Sexy as Fuck‘. You are what you think you are and people see you for who you think you are as your body will project who you believe, think and label yourself as

3. Style 

I am literally a t-shirt, jeans and trainers type of a girl. Or gym gear type of a girl. You never see me in a tie touching skirt, on that day it would rain chickens. You will rarely see me in a dress unless it’s tight, it’s short over the knee shirt, it’s black, red or any nude colour and it’s stylish. 

 I don’t mean get out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to think that wearing skimpy slutty shit is what appeals to men, well honestly it doesn’t.

Don’t wear this, it’s damn scary. 

 You have to wear something that expresses you. Even in my daily jeans and t-shirt, I don’t walk into a room without a heads turning for me. My friends are even jealous. So be who you are, wear comfortably and own what you are wearing, speak in loud volumes with it. It’s not all the time that skin revealing is sexy,

This ain’t sexy! It’s weird and appalling as Fuck. Like why though? 😂 

If you like revealing some skin and some sexiness, try this :

I know you probably aren’t a fan of Kim but she has a good sense of fashion.

I find this sexy. It’s actually my style.

Or this: 

(Gosh I love Rihanna. It’s too much, man!)

It always depends on how you present yourself and how revealing it is. All I can say is be yourself. Be your style. 

4. Smell

This is the most intoxicating thing. Your smell. Your perfume. There is this girl that I know that always comes to buy something at work. When she walks in the entire room smells like her. Even when she is gone, you can still smell her and she smells Devine! That will have head turning to you. A perfume is sexual in a way. That’s why even the adverts and the names are quite sexually related. So go spoil yourself and buy yourself some Ja’dore or Channel, Dolge and Cabanna. Truth when I smell good I feel sexy. And I know most women feel like that. And man love it when a woman smell Devine.

5. Love yourself 

Sexual appeal isn’t about appealing to a man or your man. It’s about you. So I am not going to preach about the importance of hygiene, but it is vital. Are you a shaving woman, then go ahead, have your nails looking clean and nice that he can’t help but imagine them clawing at his back or something. Don’t ever have witch nails and toes, men look at that shit. Some have a hand or foot fetish, you never know besides; having nice nails on both your fingers and toes feels nice. At least I know I feel nice. Exfoliate and moisturise your lips, chapped lips don’t appeal. Whiten your teeth or make sure you don’t smoke and drink too much coffee to avoid them being yellow. I heard 98% of men love a beautiful smile showcasing white and clean teeth. So teeth are important. Do your hair nicely, have it looking so silk and nice he can’t wait to have it in his hands. Smell good and just love your body. 

Now let’s get sexual…

6. Turn a mundane moment to the best!  

I am literally allergic to boredom and silence. I even start making silly jokes with how much I try to be not bored. So I think it applies to men too, if you are in a boring moment, don’t just sit there and look at his face. It’s handsome, I know but Do something! Make a silly Joke, mock him nice like “you look like you need some pussy” I know that’s a bad joke but you might start a fun conversation then. Or are you at a restaurant and the food is taking too many years to come and you both looking like you have been slapped by a monkey? How about you tease him. Touch his weak spot, caress his manhood and get him a little excited. Don’t ask about work cause that’s also boring shit. Get interesting. E.g.:


Or – Are you in a long queue at a supermarket? How about you whisper “do you know what? I am not wearing any underwear” trust me, he would be a brick if he doesn’t get turned on by that. 

7. Own your sexuality

It’s very easy for women to hinder themselves from being expressive about their sexuality. That leads to sad and boring relationships. If anything, it takes away the zeal in a relationship. I hate sad and boring stuff, and I am pretty sure everyone hates them. So be open to your partner, that will excite him. From the time your relationship got real, you must have told him whether you are as kinky as Fuck or vanilla as ice cream, dirty as hell, submissive or dominant, your fetish and all. That excites a man. I heard that 90% of men love it when a woman tells them what they like in bed. So babes, I am pretty sure your man might be in 90% category if he wasn’t you probably wouldn’t be with them. So own it. 

If you want it in the ass, tell him. If he doesn’t wanna hit it in the ass, you won’t be happy and you will get bored, you might be faithful but later on you will really get frustrated and as I hate to say this – you would end up looking for someone who will ravage your ass good, good. 

Do you like being tied up and blindfolded, tell him; if he doesn’t want to indulge in that, you are probably in a relationship with the wrong person because they are not even willing to try and satisfy that kinky woman you are. In which such things breed to unhappiness in a relationship. 

Are you both off at work or is it the day you spend together, tell him you wanna try something out. Own your sexuality woman! Own that bitch! That shit drives a man insane. 

8. Realise your pussy power!

Girl that kitten between your god damn legs is a queen! Until you realise it, you will not feel the fun that power could lead to. Your confidence in your pussy makes a man thirst to dive in that kitten. Make him feel so blessed to even see it, make a man crave to at least touch it. Know that your man would go hella disfunctional without being in that pussy. That kitten is a super hero, it could brighten up a man’s day, give it to him in the morning for breakfast. Learn how to tease him with it, have him thinking about it all day. Realise how that pussy can make a man knees weak. No matter how powerful he think he is, when it comes to pussy; he will get knees weak but once he earns it – realise I said earn it – he will ravish it like he would never ever again. Like it’s a once in a while opportunity. 

9. Lingerie 

I don’t know how many times I will tell you this. Don’t ever go to bed wearing long and ugly nightwear, you will give that man nightmares! Besides, wearing a sexy night wear will make you feel sexy. Simple. If you can’t wear one, wear nothing, that would appeal even more but remember variety. Wear a sexy piece of nightwear. Like some little short and a comfortable bra, a slip dress, try a variety of things, variety of colour and shape. Be interesting. E.g. 

Do brush your hair too or tie it up nicely or leave it straight down. Just look good when you going to bed and don’t look like something that escaped hell. 

Second, I know you probably like your cotton panties cause they are good for our  kitten downstairs but that doesn’t mean that you should wear old lady stuff, by old lady I mean wearing this: 

Girl! This ain’t appealing. There are cotton thongs, nice briefs, I mean they are my everyday underwear. Don’t make him remember his great grandma when he pulls your jeans off, it’s the wrong time to remind him of his grandma. My mom bought me my first thong ever when I was thirteen. I am not saying wear them but wear some sexy panties that even if he surprise you, you are damn ready all the time. Here are some examples: 

So shop well. 

10. You are sexy and you know it so embrace it! Stay loyal and a good woman with a dirty brain, a freak in the bedroom, a damn chef in the kitchen and a runway model on the street. Expensive and sexy as Fuck!