A naughty woman gets spanked and fucked p2

Most of the times Harvey is a very loving man. Gentle and caring – in fact it is the main reason why she fell in love with him hence that said it didn’t drive her crazy. Not as crazy as the feeling of him posses her, glide into her, hard but carefully stretching her tight little hole. The confusion of whether she liked the pain or the pleasure had her head almost spiralling. Her ass cheeks burned etching his five fingers on it. With every movement, every passing inch she almost died, not because of the wrath of pain that brimmed in and out of her ass but because of the overwhelming pleasure that followed up after that. The welt met with her ass yet again she arched her back, he pulled out his finger and worked her. In and out, humping like she was a matter of life and death. 

Her legs trembled, her knees attempted to buckle. He was close to his climax but he didn’t want to have his end without her having one. So he slid out and and turned her so her back was on the bed. Her face was glowing, eyes flaming with lust, her lips red and wanton. He leaned up to her and put her hands over her head and kissed her lustrously, licking and biting her lips. He trailed his way down to her tits with kisses and light bites. He enveloped the pierced nipple onto his mouth and sucked on it hard that she felt like her nipple was getting pierced all over again but nonetheless it shot bullets of arousal in her system. She knew if he touched her down there this time, she was climaxing and she was not just climaxing she was basically going to combust. 
His tongue flickered on the numb bead. Licked and kissed. Then he slid down and pushed her legs wide open her knees were almost touching on her shoulders. He rubs her pussy hastily just above the clit and she was going hella crazy. When she was just about to orgasm her body was shook by the welt meeting with her pussy, delaying the explosion. He ran his tongue across her slit, she raised her hips pressing her pussy against his mouth. He flicked his tongue on her clit and this time, she was going to lose it. Even when he lightly patted her pussy she felt the storm coming and when he inserted his fingers in there along with his mouth on her pussy Ravishing her clit, she climaxed, her teeth gnashed together her body pulsed into a rigid ice that pulsated. Her eyes were blinded, stars maybe but she didn’t know because her brains also stilled. Her world stopped and the universe reminded her Harvey was the only man that conquered all odds with loving her. She could feel his that fingers hadn’t stopped and they were hasty but her body was shook by the waves of pleasure that when her body melted from the shock of the orgasm she still pulsated, her body trembled, she felt like there was a whole river of an orgasm and it kept pouring and pouring nonstop.

After he’d had his end she was strengthless and could barely keep her eyes open. Her joints felt like melted cheese. Her body felt like she had been sprinting for the right three hours.  He went into the bathroom to clean himself up before he ran the shower and carried her to the bathroom, washed his wife and put her to bed. 

He had done something like this before but this time it was astronomical because he was irrevocably in love with her. 

Can you believe I write this at work while trying to avoid looking aroused and serving customers with a smile or a straight face so I can conceal the image of how hot this story has been?  Well I have been busy. I hope you enjoy 

True and truth

Is the truth really the truth?

 Could you recognise something that could be constructed and reconstructed like the truth? 

What evidences the truth? 

How do you know what you heard is actually true or just someone’s else’s morality or definition of the truth? 

Is this true? 

Is anything true because you believe it’s true? 

But do you see the lie in that? 

You might believe it’s true but someone who also thinks is telling the truth will say your words are a lie. 

When is the truth ever true? 

Image: That’s Lana Del Rey. My favourite singer after Rihanna. I connect with her music so much! I just love her…


It’s incredible what you have done to me. From the moment I awaken you are all that o think about. It has become like infinity because I know you are the only one that I enjoy. 

The only one that I have the infinite desire to please. So tell me, what do you want me to do. I ought to give you the infinite pleasure. I ought to make you happy

And I am yours, so tell me what is that you want to do. Do you want me all naked or strapped inside a red lace? What do you want? Do you want to turn me around and  take me from behind? What tell me I am keen. 

Or do you want to hear my thought? 

Okay, let me tell you. I want to worship you, I want you to be inside me in every way possible, leave me overtaxed and distended. Leaving an infinite mark that I am yours and yours only. 

I want to suck you dry, deepthroat you and make you miss me whenever I am not close. I want to swallow your seed so that I can grow into being the woman you love and the woman you want and every woman you need. 

I want to have sex with you. I want to have sex with you everywhere. Anywhere you want, any place you feel the need to. I want to fulfil your needs. 

I want you to fuck me, finger me, lick me, love me, drive me, drill me, spank me, kiss me, caress me, take care of me. 

I want you in every way possible because I am keen to have you, I want you to be the infinite being that I cannot live without. I want to love you, taste you, breath you and I want to be yours. I want to be your good girl. Your nasty little freak. 

I just want to have infinity with you. 

Worshiping you

Rope on my ankles 

Rope on my knees 

Hand cuffs on my wrists

Scotched away is the attention to anyone else 

Nothing could thwart this affection.

Knelt in front of you 

for I am to worship you 

I want to see you hold your manhood 

Play with it, let me watch 

See you harden each time you stroke 

Make me crave to assist you 

For I love making you feel good

Make me want to lick the little drops of your essence 

As we are addicted to each other’s taste 

Just let me watch 

Let me worship you with my eyes 

Remind you that I am yours 

As you worship me sometimes 

We are the king and the queen of our kingdom 

A kingdom built by our love 

Filled with our  inquisitive affection 

Filled with lust 

And experimental pleasure 

Just you and I

And as I watch you pleasure yourself, I become keen 

Keen to hold you in my hand 

Pleasure you 

Just like you pleasure me

But today we are on a different route 

I want you to play with yourself till you lose yourself 

All in my watch 

Spread your essence all over my chest 

Let me lick and taste you From the plate of my chest 

Read gracious gratification on your face as you watch 

Watch me glazed with all your essence 

Shining bright like a well polished diamond 

Reflecting you, the light of my life 

I am doing this because I am devoted to you 

Not just because I am a little freak you bang on the weekends 


Daily prompt challenge: Giant


Dark and dirty eyes 

Leer within my darkest desires 

Just watch 

Let them trail the lines of my body 

Linger at my imperfections

Love me as I am  

Fully yours. 

Just watch 

Legs parted, 

Spread out and open wide 

Hot and steamy you feel 

Baby just watch 

Stimulating and teasing

Caressing and touching 

No need for a big screen 

You are seeing real and right close 

Tonight just watch 

Your eyes looking straight at my pussy 

Diving fingers 

I shut my eyes 

This feels so damn good 

I am making it wet for you 

Turning it into a jacuzzi for you 

Warm and damn sexy for you 

Do you know why I am like this? 

It’s your fault 
Just watch 

Watch me fuck myself 

Watch me ravish this kitten 

Watch me reminice your love 

Watch me lose my self to the ecstasy 
Baby please sit down and watch 

Watch me spread this pussy wide 

Watch me get bad, daddy I know you’re hard 

Watch me prepare to have you inside me 

Just fucking watch 
Seeing your undivided attention 

I plunge deeper 

Four fingers into this kitten 

You know damn well she can take it. 
I want you to watch 

Look at me etch this pussy yours 

Watch me scream your name as I climax 

Know it’s all your fault I am this bad 

Know it’s all your fault I am this dirty 

Watch me burn with so much passion 

Even after this giant explosion 

You know I am ready for round two 

You see what you do to me 

Even when you just watching 

You have me active like an electric machine 

The Bridge to my heart

Daily prompt challenge: Bridge

It should be illegal

To feel the way I feel about you

It should be deported to where it’s from 

Because it’s an acceptable foreign feeling inside me.

It crossed the Bridge to my heart without permission.

It should be cast out of me,

Exorcised out of me as it reveals the side of me I don’t know if I am ready for.

It’s beginning to frighten me,

It’s wild and it conjures desires 

Gives unfathomable imaginations 

Beautiful views across the Bridge of love and happiness

It should be kicked in the ass  

As it is becoming a persistent feeling 

That is not backing off 

I love it and I hate it 

I am a confused leopard

Confused by the colours of it passion.

It shouldn’t be here because you are never here

Your presence is what cross the bridge of independence and came to adorn my life 

Hence trouble it too 

Because I know you are not mine 

You probably won’t be mine 

Perhaps you will never be mine 

But I want you to be mine 

Let me show you how good it would be if you would be mine 

Let me cross the bridges of life with you. 

Is it that hard?

I want this feeling out of me

Hence after all, I love this feeling 

Because it gives me hope.