The love of a dignified woman

I am drowning in the pool of want 
My love, should you pull me out and coax me in your arms 

Let me satiate your arousal, 

Let me be on my knees and worship you, my king 

I am a woman with dignity and hence untethered love for you 

Should I feel weak for wanting you to glaze me with your essence and let me shine your grace and glory on my skin 

Many would think I am a freak but the truth to that is knowns by you my love, I am an untamed rider, I will ride you dry until the hinges of my hips feel like they will disjoint from each other. 

Sometimes I wonder if I was made of rubber, how could you possibly fill yourself into my mouth and let me drink up your essence while deep in my throat. 

I am a woman well aware of what I want and who I am, my face is a shade of cuteness, my brains are opulent; filled with all kinds of beauty and nastiness. Tonight baby, I will show you what nasty looks like and tomorrow I will be your cuteness 

Tonight burry yourself st every orifice of my body and then say it… 

tell me… 

tell me I am the only one. 

The only one that you love, if not I will not let you release your essence inside me because I am a woman who knows what she wants and who she is… and I will not be played and disrespected 

Let’s Fuck

Famished, time is passing, eaten by the wind, nothing, there is nothing happening just us, eyes biddy and giddy, bodies excited and nervous, 

Time is passing and we are here, just sitting, eaten by the thoughts in our brains, burning like acid, bit by bit, No blinking nor speaking, holding hands we can’t leave 

We are closer than further, open than closed, tongues tempt to tie but lips are sealed, time is passing eaten by life and here we are sitting, we aren’t mortal, we don’t feel safe considering the explosions, we should be grateful we survived the wrath of our orgasm 

We have nothing, nothing to wear, bear and nothing to hide, my nipples are puckered, I ain’t trying to hide, you are growing turgid, you are hard, I am swollen, you have been here before, a few minutes ago and yet I still salivate at your sight, no I don’t mean my mouth, I mean my pussy, my mouth is dry, please water me

Time is passing, we should preserve it, nothing special just something sensual, exquisite and dangerous, how but we mingle, scratch this tingle, tell me which angle this time then 

Let’s Fuck. 


Daily prompt challenge: Lovingly

Your mouth hungrily cover, 

My wetness, legs spread, your fingers my kitten pleaser

Your tongue, my heaven provider 

My tongue, the reason you’re harder 

Your taste, your love; flies me higher 

To another level of ecstasy, no one can decipher 

Only you know the route, my pacifier 

Pacify your love to me, see me glow brighter 

Your presence, the emplifier 

Of the eloquence of lust and insanity, in which I flounder 

In the pool of your essence, blessedly I am a survivor. 

Lovingly, I drown in your love for I know I am the founder of this burning desire in you. 

La Seductrice poetry book (get it for free on the 13th to the 15th)

la seductrice cover.png

She is your page turner

Engrossing, awakening every nerve in your body

Enthralling with every word, arousing your brains

Prepossessing, conjuring you latent eroticism


La Seductrice

Willing and nubile

Word by word, she ought to please

To your mercy, she will submit


La Seductrice

A dark angel from heaven

Inviting you into her ecstasy

Sexing you until bliss


La Seductrice

Her freaky brains will leave you erect

Then she will caress you with her titillating words

Lick your enthralled attention

Taste your hunger

Sip from your glass of want

And leave you empty, wanting more.


La Seductrice,

You can’t ever get enough of her.



hey guys, so I have published my first erotic romance poetry book. If possible please share with more people and please review it on amazon/kindle.

Thank you to those who bought it, read it and left a review 😁

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your love and support guys. When I opened this blog I was scared shitless because I had no idea how people would react to this hot brain I have but you guys have bolstered my confidence to write more and more and accept that I have a natural born erotic mind. I am not hiding that part of me anymore.

Giving out this book to you guys is my way of saying thank you, its the best I can do. I hope you don’t miss the offer and read and review or comment or just tell me what you think and I am pretty sure some of the poems will be familiar but I had to combine it into a book and show how much I love writing erotic poems. and if you know any poetry or book reviewers, please let me know.


Right against the wall

Daily prompt challenge: Base

It’s our eyes that do the talking 

Our bodies that do the connection 

Unbreakable and wrecking me strength less 

Crave crawling through my skin 

Your eyes

Dark and intense they pierce through the base of my skin 

I feel you everywhere 

On my every inch on my body

Wanton for you 

An overwhelming thirst

I lick my lips 

Reminice the taste of your kiss

I want you to crush me against the wall 

Show me you don’t need a certain base to take me 

Up against the wall you posses me

Choke me 

Tighter please

Take my breath away 

Crush your sinful lips against mine 

Provide me life 

Let me breath you 

While I take you in 

Let you inside where I will keep you safe and warm

Up against the wall 

Our love doesn’t need the bed and the base 

We like it rough and nowhere sane 

Grab me please 


Leave a mark that will remind me I am yours

I should be unable to walk for days 

You like me on my knees anyway 

So bang me till next week 

Right against the wall, daddy.


Daily prompt challenge: Giant


Dark and dirty eyes 

Leer within my darkest desires 

Just watch 

Let them trail the lines of my body 

Linger at my imperfections

Love me as I am  

Fully yours. 

Just watch 

Legs parted, 

Spread out and open wide 

Hot and steamy you feel 

Baby just watch 

Stimulating and teasing

Caressing and touching 

No need for a big screen 

You are seeing real and right close 

Tonight just watch 

Your eyes looking straight at my pussy 

Diving fingers 

I shut my eyes 

This feels so damn good 

I am making it wet for you 

Turning it into a jacuzzi for you 

Warm and damn sexy for you 

Do you know why I am like this? 

It’s your fault 
Just watch 

Watch me fuck myself 

Watch me ravish this kitten 

Watch me reminice your love 

Watch me lose my self to the ecstasy 
Baby please sit down and watch 

Watch me spread this pussy wide 

Watch me get bad, daddy I know you’re hard 

Watch me prepare to have you inside me 

Just fucking watch 
Seeing your undivided attention 

I plunge deeper 

Four fingers into this kitten 

You know damn well she can take it. 
I want you to watch 

Look at me etch this pussy yours 

Watch me scream your name as I climax 

Know it’s all your fault I am this bad 

Know it’s all your fault I am this dirty 

Watch me burn with so much passion 

Even after this giant explosion 

You know I am ready for round two 

You see what you do to me 

Even when you just watching 

You have me active like an electric machine 


The sun shined so bright 

The heat harsh and unbareable 

I was a dry river. 

Many men came with their pipes and promises of life but I remained dry 

The rain came and poured into my life but  I remained dry 

Then you came 

With your heavy waves 

An ocean you were 

Beautiful and blue 

Full and huge 
Just from looking at you I began watering

My river was damp

With your first touch, I moistened  

You grinned, the rough sexy tone  

I became wet

When I felt your kiss on my skin 

I became soaking wet 

I witnessed your nakedness 

Then I was dripping wet  

You held me in arms 

Your skin against mine 

Your body hard and strong against mine 

Your potency heavy and unconquerable 

I realised I had been missing a part in my life 

Then you kissed me 

My pants became soaked

You the only man that ever made me feel like this. 

You are fucking mine… And mine only 2

I get on the bed,

Get on top of you 

Hold you in my hand 

Stroke you a bit, 

Man you as hard as a rock 

Something I never get used to 

Even thinking about it 

I become wet 

Clench my legs together and try to avoid your distraction 

That’s why I had to do this 

 take you to my slit 

Take you into me 

Feel you snake into to me 

Despite being the one restrained, 

You take realm of me 

My body and my feelings 

How the fuck do you do that? 

Humming and savouring the delicious pain

Fill me up with you  

Claim me 

Baby I belong to you 

I am made to occupy you 

 your hard strong cock into me

Tell me how you feel 

Because I am feeling like an expensive diamond 

That’s all because of you 

That’s why you are rock hard 

And I am rocking steady

The whirl of hunger steers inside me 

Pushes me

I want to ride you hard

Let your magical wand bless me 

Fill me with nothing but sparkling love 

Let me glow like your angel 

Because I am your angel 

Never mind you are cuffed 

You move me daddy 

Hit into me 

Meet me half way 

Build the huge collusion

Burn away all our problems 

Burn away the existence of any past men

Gosh I am out of breath 

You are all that I feel 

All that’s in my mind

All that I love and 

All mine. 
I want you to touch me 

But you are touching me deep inside 

I cry for more of you 

I can never be enough of you 

You are as intoxicating as hell 

How the Fuck do you do that? 
I am breathless 

Searching for air within the space 

Your strong turgid cock drives madly into me 

Every step in our dance you meet me half way

You are building a humongous fire that I can not bare 

And that you cannot bare 

So we give in to the volcano of our desire. 

I explored in joyful cries 

You electrify me with your cock 

Feel you glisten me with all the light 

Fill me in with all of you

And as I come back from the explosion 

I remind you… 

You are fucking mine… And mine only. 

You are fucking mine… and mine only 

Can you feel it 

My hand running across your jeans 

My eyes leering dark into yours 

I slide my hand into your jeans 

Feel the soft skin of your hard shaft 

Hold you in my small hand 

You suck in some air 

I love the look on your eyes 

You wanna grab my hair so bad, 

Touch me here 

Squeeze my tits

Unfortunately I have you cuffed on a bed, you can’t touch me tonight. 

I take my hand out of your jeans, 

Bite my lip as I unbuckle your belt, unbutton your jeans, unzip them 

And then I smile as I see your erect shaft Spring out 

So hard and erect for me 

You make me so excited, you know that? 

Unable to hold myself I begin stroking you up and down, do it just the way I know you will be crazy. 

Just how you like it. 

But I still ask if I am doing it right 

If you are mine you should be he happiest man walking on earth 

I will brand myself in your heart so that whenever you go, 

You will never forget me. 

I tease the tip with my tongue 

You wriggle your wrists against the steel handcuffs 

Careful daddy, don’t hurt yourself. 

As my eyes come down to look at you in my hand 

Man, it’s exhilarating to see you this hard 

And you know what 

That’s my effect

You’re all stone and rigid cause of me

Keeping my eyes on your face I lean my head down, 
Handle you in my hand 

Then swiftly and tormentingly nice, I run my tongue from the bottom of your shaft to the tip of your cock. 

You lasciviously whisper my name as I let my tongue tease the tip before I put my whole mouth on it and suck all of you in, 

Choke a bit but that’s alright 

I pull you out all wet from my mouth with a smile 

Lick you up dry again 

You grunt 

I am glad you’re enjoying yourself

As you tell me how lucky you feel 

I start stroking you hard and fast 

Have you humming and moaning 

Have you crazy and high for me 

Then I insert you inside my mouth again, 

Move my mouth up and down your shaft none stop, 

Did I ever tell how much I like how you taste? 

It excites me in many ways. 


I don’t stop

I take you in my mouth enjoying being absolutely breathless 

And then I stop and take my clothes off 

It’s time we take it to another level

It’s time I show you that you are mine 

And mine only


I went too far this time lol. I wanted to release this piece a long time ago but I thought it was too much. I tend to lose my mind when I write so sometimes when I read what I wrote I be like ‘Damn Sammy, where you got that from?’ In an American accent haha . 

I hope you like it 😜 and there will be a part two