Am I lucky?

I feel you, like the ants inside the layer of my skin, 

Crawling affection alarming the bells that were dead,

Skin craving like your touch is a needle of affection

You haven’t touched me yet 

Hence I am inhaling the fumes of your craving for me all over your shaft like a shark smelling blood, 

Tainted lips across my skin, awakening the death of lust i had buried far within

Alive are my nipples yearning for your attention 

If my arousal could be water, my pants would be floating on an ocean

I have wanted you since the morning I laid my eyes on you, light gleamed in your eyes and I was beguiled; is it luck or lust?


The tale says only the lucky ones see a shooting star once in their lifetime, but as you sweetly and delicately present yourself into me, feel me wrap tight and warm around you like a glove, hear your groan of want and gratification vibrate from your throat as I lay my lips and taste the sweat on your skin; taste you – I see a million shooting stars, 


Does that mean I am lucky? 

Lucky enough to be the vessel that allows you to enter it with your magical wand, 

Glide into me like a snake that found a brand new cave 

Bite on to me like I am the forbidden fruit, one you will never ever have again

Kiss me like I am the passing second and you wouldn’t want to waste me

Lick my skin like I am glazed with honey and you can’t get enough of me

Hear me moan your name like a bird chirping in summer morning 

Slap your skin against mine in thrall to your own welt of pleasure 

Plough me like you are exerting yourself into me 

Fuck me like you’re straight out of prison, and I was your dream

Give me shooting stars while you glaze my lips with your love, ravish my pussy with your hunger and brand my body with your lust. 

A naughty woman gets spanked and fucked p2

Most of the times Harvey is a very loving man. Gentle and caring – in fact it is the main reason why she fell in love with him hence that said it didn’t drive her crazy. Not as crazy as the feeling of him posses her, glide into her, hard but carefully stretching her tight little hole. The confusion of whether she liked the pain or the pleasure had her head almost spiralling. Her ass cheeks burned etching his five fingers on it. With every movement, every passing inch she almost died, not because of the wrath of pain that brimmed in and out of her ass but because of the overwhelming pleasure that followed up after that. The welt met with her ass yet again she arched her back, he pulled out his finger and worked her. In and out, humping like she was a matter of life and death. 

Her legs trembled, her knees attempted to buckle. He was close to his climax but he didn’t want to have his end without her having one. So he slid out and and turned her so her back was on the bed. Her face was glowing, eyes flaming with lust, her lips red and wanton. He leaned up to her and put her hands over her head and kissed her lustrously, licking and biting her lips. He trailed his way down to her tits with kisses and light bites. He enveloped the pierced nipple onto his mouth and sucked on it hard that she felt like her nipple was getting pierced all over again but nonetheless it shot bullets of arousal in her system. She knew if he touched her down there this time, she was climaxing and she was not just climaxing she was basically going to combust. 
His tongue flickered on the numb bead. Licked and kissed. Then he slid down and pushed her legs wide open her knees were almost touching on her shoulders. He rubs her pussy hastily just above the clit and she was going hella crazy. When she was just about to orgasm her body was shook by the welt meeting with her pussy, delaying the explosion. He ran his tongue across her slit, she raised her hips pressing her pussy against his mouth. He flicked his tongue on her clit and this time, she was going to lose it. Even when he lightly patted her pussy she felt the storm coming and when he inserted his fingers in there along with his mouth on her pussy Ravishing her clit, she climaxed, her teeth gnashed together her body pulsed into a rigid ice that pulsated. Her eyes were blinded, stars maybe but she didn’t know because her brains also stilled. Her world stopped and the universe reminded her Harvey was the only man that conquered all odds with loving her. She could feel his that fingers hadn’t stopped and they were hasty but her body was shook by the waves of pleasure that when her body melted from the shock of the orgasm she still pulsated, her body trembled, she felt like there was a whole river of an orgasm and it kept pouring and pouring nonstop.

After he’d had his end she was strengthless and could barely keep her eyes open. Her joints felt like melted cheese. Her body felt like she had been sprinting for the right three hours.  He went into the bathroom to clean himself up before he ran the shower and carried her to the bathroom, washed his wife and put her to bed. 

He had done something like this before but this time it was astronomical because he was irrevocably in love with her. 

Can you believe I write this at work while trying to avoid looking aroused and serving customers with a smile or a straight face so I can conceal the image of how hot this story has been?  Well I have been busy. I hope you enjoy 

A naughty woman gets fucked and spanked P1

She wondered, what was it about the pleasure exerted by the flames of a man’s hand against her butt cheeks. It was a fantasy and she had never ever felt it. The last time she’d requested it, it was with a man who saw it as a different nature to provide pleasure through pain. Even when he dared to, his slap felt like a little touch of a small baby hand. He cared too much and sometimes what she needed was careless love. A love so careless and edgy that she would almost quit but because it’s such a challenge it would conjure her to stay. So now she has found a man, his grip is as strong as wood. His eyes seer lust like a demon of sex. “Come here” he is sat on the bed fully dress. She takes the few steps towards her. She is also dressed in a beautiful dress and some work heels. 

As she closes near, he grabs her waist and yanks her towards him with such hunger as though he will fit all of her in his mouth. He presses his nose against her stomach and inhales while his fingers dig deep into her ass that she can’t help but emit a complimentary moan. His hands caress around her body down her legs with each trace and each feathered feel of his fingers on her skin causing arousal, her pussy yearning and craving his touch. “Harvey…” she breaths but he slides his fingers up to her lips and presses them on her lips. She can’t help but kiss his thick fingers before enveloping it in her mouth and sucking hard on it that he moans closing her eyes and his member protruding.  

Harvey inserts his hand in her drenched underwear. She grinds her hips, spreading her legs a little bit wider to allow him enough access. She draws her neck back when Harvey rubs her clit gently and slowly in tormenting circular motions. He pushes his fingers into her mouth and forces her to suck on them. He rises from the bed and looks deep in her eyes. Keeping the two of his fingers  in her mouth while she sucks hard, he kisses her neck eliciting so much lust that she becomes oblivious to who she is or what she feels. All she knows is she wants to be fucked. Real good. 

Harvey drives his fingers down her mouth while looking into her eyes, murmuring sweet seductive words. She deep throats his fingers. He pulls them out and hastily kisses her.  Before she gets used to the hot tongue session Harvey throws her onto the bed. 

“On all fours babe” he bids the clicking of his belt loud and masculine in the room. She does and bid. 

“Spread them wide, I want to see how wet that pussy is” Harvey’s nasty words have her almost climaxing. Especially when she spreads her knees and he runs his fingers down her pussy. His touch is medicine, intoxicating and dangerous. He smacks her pussy and she yelps. Furious pleasure ripples through her body but she knows it’s no an orgasm it’s a warning before the tsunami or an orgasm. He uses his belt to slap her pussy tenderly and she draws her neck back arching her back. The arousal, the sweet painful arousal that she feels makes her crazy. Harder this time, Harvey slaps the mouth of the belt on her pussy and she cries out loud her wetness running down her legs. She wants more and she wants him to hit harder. So she begs for it and Harvey’s next slap has no mercy and it calls a huge climax but she knows it’s another warning and she wants more. Harvey inserts two of his fingers into her pussy and quickly finger her, she is so wet and slippery; it’s making Harvey ten times harder and she is at the urge of the climax. He smacks her ass and her pussy clenches around his fingers. He pulls them out glazed with her essence. 

“You drive me crazy woman” he growls spanking her pussy making her clench some more, then he climbs on the bed and presses her back down onto the bed making her pussy open than ever. Then he puts his finger in her wet walls before inserting his thick cock stretching her out and… 

(To be continued) it kinda got too hot here. I can’t finish cause 💦💦💦 so maybe tomorrow or later today. 

Sex with you


Wetness sliding down my legs 

Keenness to feel your touch 

You are teasing Me, and I don’t know if I like it 

My clit tingles, it seeks to be played with

Roll it around your fingers 

Round and round – drive me crazy as you rub – round and round 

I am heaving 

Each breath I take, a jolt hits my spine,

 I tremble 

You tongue licking across my sex, promises a seizure from an orgasm 

Shutter my body with you magnificent touch, 

Tell me, am I not the luckiest woman? 


Wetness sliding down my thighs 

I am craving to feel you sheath into me 

Feel every inch of you take possession of my body 

Take it slow so my pussy will reminisce the feeling the next time I touch myself 

Bit my bit, every measure of you, 

Your girth, feel it stretch me as you occupy yourself in me 

Until I feel your pubic bone hit against mine. 

You are all in

No body can take you in like I do 

Wrap you tight and warm; it feels damn good you are moaning louder 

And you have taken my breath away 

Because I am dripping 

Wetness sliding down my legs 


My heart beats fast as you plough me 

Nail me to the bed, I ain’t moving I am yours 

Ride me good, I will be your white horse my dark angel 

Grind on me let me feel you move like the anaconda in a tight tunnel 

Let me feel your skin on mine, your girth expanding like the mouth of a hungry beast 

Let me feel you pulse inside me, that enthralls me 

And Fuck me



But you are a gentle man you will let me cum before you come and then you will bend me over again and make me cum again 

It’s a roller costa because on my knees I will make you cum again 

We don’t stop until our body feels like it’s been stripped off of any piece of strength 

That just us.

Let’s Fuck

Famished, time is passing, eaten by the wind, nothing, there is nothing happening just us, eyes biddy and giddy, bodies excited and nervous, 

Time is passing and we are here, just sitting, eaten by the thoughts in our brains, burning like acid, bit by bit, No blinking nor speaking, holding hands we can’t leave 

We are closer than further, open than closed, tongues tempt to tie but lips are sealed, time is passing eaten by life and here we are sitting, we aren’t mortal, we don’t feel safe considering the explosions, we should be grateful we survived the wrath of our orgasm 

We have nothing, nothing to wear, bear and nothing to hide, my nipples are puckered, I ain’t trying to hide, you are growing turgid, you are hard, I am swollen, you have been here before, a few minutes ago and yet I still salivate at your sight, no I don’t mean my mouth, I mean my pussy, my mouth is dry, please water me

Time is passing, we should preserve it, nothing special just something sensual, exquisite and dangerous, how but we mingle, scratch this tingle, tell me which angle this time then 

Let’s Fuck. 

Fifty shades Darker

Hey guys, so the movie trailer is out and a lot of people have been asking me what do I think. I am thinking I am going to watch it because fifty shades was actually the first erotic book that I read. I enjoyed it but as k went on reading other one. I realised it wasn’t all that. Hey I am not bashing it, I like that book; I just don’t really enjoy it as much as I did the first time. 

Then I watched the film and I was literally like ‘what the honest fuck is this?!’ Casting was shit, the plot was shit, the script it was like they were being cut every second each of them spoke, some lines were just off and it didn’t have that flow. I went to cinemas to watch it, I fell asleep. I was as bored as Fuck. 
And no offence to Jamie Donan’s fans but that’s not my Christian Grey. Like an aspiring director if I were to recast that film, my Christian grey would be Chris Hemsworth  

This face 
And this body is just… Christian Grey’s picture in my mind. 

Then as for Anastasia, I would say Kristen Stewart. Never mind the fact that the book is a twilight fan fic, Kristen with her stammering and her awkwardness would do the best Anastasia, 

Then it’s Anastasia’s friend (I forget her name all the time) that girl they cast in the film was an absolute no no. I mean as an aspiring actress myself, I would have nailed that part super good! But if I were to cast someone, despite the age; I would go for Leighton Meester. 

With that gossip girl attitude, she would nail that part. 
Then it’s that male friend, (I also forget him) who is the photographer or shit like that. I don’t know who that actor is, but that part wasn’t right for them, it just didn’t suit them at all, in my opinion it was like putting Ed Sheran to play HarryStyles. You get the memo, so  if I were to recast it, it would be Robert Sheehan. 

Then I think, it would have appealed to me. But unfortunately I wasn’t the director or anything to that film. 
The other question I was asked was: 

If I were to re-write it, would I add more sex scenes or add more content? 

If I would re write that book I would nail it to the ground. I know English isn’t my first language but you should look at every plot like fucking. Give it some highs and ups, some mystery and excitement, change positions and twist it here and there, calm it down a bit then accelerate it a bit; then at last, you put some fire, ecstasy, an orgasmic ending, shock your audience leave them thinking ‘what the fuck just happened?’. That’s how I would write it. And mostly I would do my research! I don’t think a virgin can just become a submissive just like that. They have to learn just like everything else. 

3: what about the story line, what’s my opinion on it? 

Well, the storyline is just cliché. We are used to the Boss and the new girl or the Hot guy and the shy girl shit. But with fifty shades, I would find better mystery than the one in the book. I would give it a base and a storyline that won’t need the eroticism to sell it. For instance if I tell you a short cut of my erotic novel, ‘

When Sebastian meets Penelope for the first time he is instantly attracted to her. Which leads  to him cheating on his wife. Hence  more, his affair leads to him finding out Penelope is on revenge lane. She  is hell-bent to kill Sebastian’s wife. With that Sebastian finds out Lilian isn’t exactly the woman he married. She was recruited to Mary him, and now that it’s five years, she is starting to bankrupt  him. At the same time, for all five years Lilian was in a relationship with two women, she is a lesbian. Having have had his car shop bombed, his hotel bombed, money missing in his business accounts, and the worst part witnessing Lilian admitting to all that to be her fault, Sebastian’s kills her mother, brutally kill her father, and her girl friend. How is Sebastian a man who is angry he has lived a choreograghed life for all five years and an ex professional killer with an addiction to kill- going to deal with someone who has played him for five years and also someone that he still loves, while he is still having sex with Penelope?”

See, you hear little about the sex but more of the drams. Fifty shades lack a nice storyline, it’s just BDSM driven. So I would write a smashing one. (My imagination is always brutal and dramatic and mysterious). 
Would I keep the sex relationship BDSM or just romantic? 

Considering the book’s selling point is BDSM, I would have to keep it like that. But, if the book was mine I wouldn’t write  a BDSM relationship because I don’t know anything about. I would write an absolute lie. What I know is, there is a Dom and Sub. The ins and the outs and the process and the dark side and all about it, it’s really unbeknownst to me. So I wouldn’t write it. 

Flawed solace sex scene

Hey guys this is one of the sex scenes in my book Flawed solace:

He threw her on the silver bedded king size bed. She loved the energy and the fire that was written all over those crystal blue eyes. She layed on her back with her legs wide open while watching Ace take off his tie. The way he gripped his hand around it as he loosened it then pulled it off and tossed it to the side while wearing his winning impish smirk. Then he unbuttoned his shirt taking his time while she was seething for him. 
Soon he was topless. That hard chest increased the rage of her hormones. Those etched abdominal, Jesus Christ; how on earth was she going to survive such a view that made her feel like she wouldn’t breath with him looking so lustre right in front of her. 
He leaned down to the bed and she couldn’t stop smiling lasciviously before he pushed her white t-shirt up to her tits while he kissed from underneath her pierced belly button, his tongue lingering and tasting her skin. She drew her head back. My god, she would even climax to the wet soft touch of his lips. He continued to push the t-shirt up until it wasn’t effacing her black lace bra. He took his time kissing her until his mouth touched on her tattooed skin right below the thin band of the bra at the low centre of her tits. 
“Do you know how beautiful you are Aloe?” He muttered as his strong strength veined hand grabbed both her tits and squeezed. She couldn’t help a begging moan as he squeezed yet again. “So beautiful the image of you with another man hurts” he grunted his hands caressing all over her legs and her body. He bided her to lift her back so he could unclip the bra then pushed her t-shirt over her head and left it closing her eyes. 
“Don’t remove it” he ordered before he pulled the strings of the bra off her shoulders. “I want you to feel the passion and burning desire I have for you” he whispered and before she could know it, her left pierced boob was engulfed inside so much wet and sweet warmth. “Ah” she complimented the dexterity of his tongue as it caressed past her bar. Ace sucked on it causing a little sting that made her wince a little. He sucked on it again before his tongue fondled with the piercing until he let it go and payed the same attention to the other one. 
Then his hands began rubbing against her sex above the smokey grey jeans she was wearing. Due to her closed sight, she felt his lips crush with hers. Ace kissed her with so much passion and hunger, his tongue tasting every corner, every edge and every vertex of her mouth. Totally taking absolute control of her desires. 
Soon his lips unlaced from her lips. While she waited she felt his touch as he unbuttoned her jeans. Soon she heard the purr of the zipper of her jeans. She lifted her ass off the bed so he could pull down the jeans. After he had slid them off her legs, she felt his soft lush lips against the skin of her legs. He took his kisses to her inner thigh, kissing right on the tattoo that circulated her thigh like a lace band.
Then she inhaled and held her breath there when he touched her sex while he was kissing and tasting her skin. He began stroking circles on her sex above the black lace thong that she was wearing. She couldn’t help grinding her hips against his touch. She was loving the energy and the intensity that came from Ace. 
He stopped kissing and hooked his fingers at the corners of her hips, grabbing the lace fabric and pulling it down her legs. He then spread her legs so wide that she felt the lips of her vagina part. She felt his weight as he knelt on the bed. He laved his tongue fast across her sex making her hold her breath for a little while. “You taste so good” he lasciviously complemented. 
With his tongue, he stroked her clit a little bit before he sucked on it with his mouth. His lips were soft and lush against her flesh. She couldn’t breath because of how much she loved and enjoyed the way his tongue manifested its finesse on her sex, flicking and tasting her while he hummed as if he was enjoying what he was eating. 
He spread her sex with his hand and she couldn’t help lifting her ass off the bed when the tip of his tongue touched between her folds, tasting her juices. Soon his lips were there too as if he were kissing her right there. “You are so sexy and hot” he grunted sensually. 
He rubbed with such ferociousness with his hand. She was close to climaxing and with the way he was beginning to hasten his strokes she knew he knew. 
Ace hovered his mouth over her sex while his tongue flicked around her clit before he sucked and ran his tongue over her sex, licking her clean. He then inserted his fingers into her. He wasn’t messing around and she knew he intended to make her climax one huge orgasm. He hastily finger fucked her, his strong fingers hitting against her g-spot. “Oh Ace” she’d lifted her back off the bed now balancing on the bed with her elbows, the shirt hanging around her neck. 
Ace pulled out his fingers and rubbed her clit so fast that she was rolling her eyes as the massive orgasm started to make her body tremble. “Hmm you like that baby?” he grunted while he fingered her yet again and she couldn’t hold it in anymore and hot liquid furiously squirted from her pussy. The orgasm trembling her entire body as Ace continued to pound into her with his fingers. 
“Oh fuck fuck fuck, Ace, I love it” the orgasm was so big that she felt it flower all over her body while her sex squirted so ferociously. The orgasm threw her back to the bed lifting her booty off the bed, curling her toes, her fingers gripping into the pillows. Ace stopped fingering her and licked her juices as she’d stopped ferociously squirting. It was her second time ever to have a man making her squirt. She’d do it herself but my god Ace had her squirting like she’d kept a gallon of water inside her. 
The force of her orgasm calmed and Ace came to meet his lips with hers sharing the taste of her juices with her. She couldn’t get enough of his taste. He soon let go of her lips and hastily took off his pants. “Head down ass up” he ordered and Aloe obliged. He spanked her butt cheek before he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He spanked her again then she felt him place the tip of his cock between her ass cheeks then he inserted himself inside her. The entrance seared, painful and so good at the same time. 
Then he was buried right deep inside her. Thick and rigid fighting against her tightness. He stretched her more when he pulled out of her only to thrust himself deep again. She winced and he stilled inside her “am I hurting you?” Concern laced his words and she would have been a fool to tell him to stop. It was a kind of pain that she loved and wanted to feel. 
“Please don’t stop” she whispered burying her head down more and pushing her ass pressing it against his hips. He drew himself out only to thrust back in his hips hitting against her ass, the force nudging her forward a little bit. He repeated his slow entrances until she was used to his size then he began increasing his speed, pounding into her ass like it was his way to neverland. 
He then pushed himself in and gathered Aloe’s hair, tightened it around his hand and pulled it making her grunt arching her back which made her push her ass back to him. In that position he began fucking her real quick, she was running out of breath. As his cock grew even harder he let go of the hair and pressed her back down that her face was sinking in the bed and her ass was ever so open and so high and so beautiful. 
The he pulled himself out only to plunge himself in again. He was close, really close to his climax that he was plunging into her with intense ferocity. He curved his hand around her hips and hastily rubbed her pussy. He wanted them to climax together and like god heard all his desires. It didn’t take a few second for them both to climax. 
His orgasm had him rolling his eyes back with intense enjoyment, moaning Aloe’s name, his entire body trembling so bad an earthquake would be jealous. Mean while Aloe’s was yet again strong body shuddering and laving all over her body, knocking her joints and bones weak. If anyone had told her a man will have you squirting and orgasming a multiple times she would have laughed at them and told the to piss off but Ace had did things to her no man had ever been able to do. 
Sex to her was one concept. You fuck, you orgasm for those little seconds then you both knackered to go again. But with Ace she had been going again and again and she knew even after those two amazingly huge orgasms, if he twisted her around and took her on a hot ride with her pussy, she would have went on. One thing she knew was that she was high on Ace and she wasn’t even looking forward to sober up from him because nothing was going to wash Ace away from her mind and her vision and as water washed down her body while Ace washed her with his hands and the white scrub with a huge foam of soap; she knew she had attached. She’d never liked being attached. She hated being attached. She didn’t want to be attached. Hell she hated herself for being fucking attached. She loved the sex and she would die to have him fuck her like that again but this time sex had meant more than just comfort and something that made her a little sanguine about her fucked up life

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. 

Hey there sir

Hey there Mr
Hey there sir,
I am right before you
I declare myself to you
I know you want me too

Hey there Mr
Stop the torture
I am starved for you
I really want you
And I know you want me too

Hey there sir
I give myself to you
I know am tempting you
Stop fighting it too
It’s our nature
The sexual adventures
The throes of pleasure
That nothing could measure

I want to be yours
Make me yours
You can have me
Left, right
Flip me upside down
I happen to be flexy.

So hey there Mr
I know you want the cake
I know you want to taste
You want to eat it too.

So, Hey there sir
I can see it in your eyes
The devil never hides
The look in your eyes
Tells a novel of want
I am sick and tired of reading it
Now I want to see it, feel it, touch it.