A naughty woman’s torment 

All four limbs were tied up at every corner of the bed. She had disappeared into the bathroom and he was becoming impatient and nonetheless turned on. She came out wearing her sexy lingerie, black lace thong and a matching bra accompanied by lace talkings and red stilettos. In her hand she held two glasses of wine and and a bucket of ice. She asked him if he was feeling hot and he grinned nodding his head, every inclination wishing he was able to pull her to his lips and kiss them like there is no next minute of life. 

She climbed up onto of him while a soft sexy song played at the background. She grind her hips on him her hands just a bit above his hard and erect manhood. She bit her lip caressing her hands all over her body throwing her head back making him wish he was able to touch her. Hell his hands were all itchy and wanting to feel her soft skin. He growled telling her how beautiful she was and how he would die to just touch her but she wasn’t going to let him. 

She leaned down her skin touching against his and she planted pepper kisses all over his chest, going up his neck while her finger nails softly caressed his arms tickling and awakening every cell of his body. “Fuck,” he breathed out and she captured his words into her mouth, kissing him breathless, her lips her tongue were all commandeering, letting him know that he was hers. He yanked his arms from the cuffs involuntarily as electricity pulses through his veins triggering him. He was used to be the hegemonic man of the house and he wasn’t used to letting his guard down, he was used to have her obedient and assuming the position with a strong hand. 

She grabbed the glass of wine and sat just above his abdomen. “Open your mouth” she told him and he didn’t take two more seconds, he was ready to recieve from her. She sipped the wine and leaned over to pour it into his mouth and he drank from her. “Good boy” she grinned lasciviously while her eyes leered in his, she poured  the blood red wine on his belly button and letting it slide down his chest, cold and chilling. She shuffled back; her ass was in the air and her mouth was licking the wine from his skin. He could run crazy already. She was ignoring his election as though it didn’t exist. She was playing with him, taking time because they had all the time in the world. She drank up again and when he opened his mouth this time she dived in with a kiss, the wine tasting in his mouth and also spilling all over him. But they kissed until the taste of the wine was gone and they could taste each other. She moaned, her heart swelled. Even if she was trying to be domineering to him, she was irrevocably in love with him. Words and actions felt too little to explain how much she was in love with him. 

She kissed him commencing from his mouth down his neck and down to his manhood. It stood tall and hungry. She caressed her finger like a feather against it and it pulsed. He was too intoxicated and very sensitive. She had taken her time and played around with him and he had had a hard on since he’d come home. She leaned down, had it close to her mouth but she simply breathed in his scent, taking him into her and that made him crazy. Her love for him was wordless but worthy. Her lips were like a feather close to touching his thin skin but also a bit away. Her warm breath was brushing across his man hood, her eyes were closed and she moved about it, just breathing his scent in. 

She grabbed the ice from the bucket of ice and put in her mouth her eyes gleaming with latent desires. She then leaned down to his thigh and ran the ice on his skin slowly with her mouth and when she got to his groin it had melted. So she grabbed another and this time, she placed her cold lips on his shaft and hastily replaced them with ice, he grunted out loud, there was a searing pain and pleasure as his shaft was turgid and painfully hard. The ice was painful but nice too, he was heaving and humming. She moved around his shaft in shapes and patterns. She took her time and tomented him heartlessly. Keeping the little ice in her mouth she held him tight with her hand and sheathed him into her mouth his bulbous sensitive head hitting on the ice in her mouth, he bellowed with pleasure and pain yet again and surprisingly he felt himself release his first shot of essence. She grinned while he was still in her mouth. 

He was becoming breathless, her torment was one he hadn’t prepared for and it had him crazy and constantly erect. She schelped him out of her mouth and swallowed his first shot. Then she went back and licked all of him before putting him back into her mouth and sucking him hard that he had his eyes rolling back. She was slurping, licking and sucking until he climaxed yet again. It was violent and knocking him weak. Then she didn’t waste time she climbed up and sheathed him inside her warmth in one take and he was back alive yet again. 

Leaving him inside she unlocked his wrists from the headboard and he immediately held her. He had craved that almost all night and she rode him with his hands touching her, and when her orgasm tore her onto shreds he was there to put her back together.  

Favourite song of the week: The Weeknd Oh Nah

On Nah 

Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?

You can ride my face until you’re drippin’ cum

Can you lick the tip then throat the dick or nah?

Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah?

I’m not the type to call you back tomorrow

But the way you wrappin ’round me is a prob

Ain’t nobody tryna save ya

Baby, get that paper

Probably got a lot of other bitches owe you favors

Pussy so good, I had to save that shit for later

Took her to the kitchen, fucked her right there on the table

She repping XO to the death, I’m tryna make these bitches sweat

I’m tryna keep that pussy wet, I’m tryna fuck her and her friends – the Weeknd 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Wrongly right 

His sexy mouth drove her far deep into the ecstasy. The way he  marvelled her body with his kisses sent a jolt from her spine to tremble her entire body, conjuring her to be throbbing wet. With just his mouth he made her beg with her moan that blended flawlessly with the sound of his kisses and the silence within the room. This was supposed to feel right. Well it did feel right but it didn’t feel right. It was a confusion that she wasn’t about to focus on at that time. 
His lips were made up of platinum. They made her feel expensive and fucking hot. They drove her totally insane as they trailed down her body, to her pieced belly button and she knew where else he was going. 
Then his lips were right above the red lace panties she was wearing. It almost made it feel like from the minute she walked into his office she’d ought to fuck him. Not that she didn’t want to do that everyday but he was her boss and her best friend’s husband. If this didn’t make her a bitch what else would? 
But all those thoughts burned into nothing but pointless ashes when she endured the beautiful torment of his teasing kisses against freshly shaved sex. He pulled her panties down her long legs and leered at her while he bit his bottom lip. “You are so damn sexy, you know that?” He grinned as he spread her legs wider, her vagina literally exposed to him. 

Then next it was his cool soft tongue laving right against her pussy. She ran out of breath, lost sense of her surroundings and all she knew was the feel of his mouth against her sex. But there was this incessant feeling that wasn’t washing away. This was wrong in so many ways and if he fucked her good she knew it wouldn’t be the last time she found herself under his mercy. 
His tongue washed across her slit and she hummed a little and that’s when she knew someone might be listening and they would tell her best friend. 
She had to stop being selfish and stop this before it went far, 

“Jace stop” he frowned lifting his head from between her legs, his eyes were pissed and irritated, “this feels wrong” she whispered and he stared at her a smirk stretching on his lips. 
“Nothing feels as good as doing something wrong while knowing how wrong it is, babe. Now let me eat this cake without any disturbance. If you disturb me I will spank you…” as he said his words his thumb was rubbing and adding a bit of pressure on her clitoris slowly taking her breath away. “Hard” he finished his words with his fingers delving into her causing her to breath in her pussy clenching against his fingers. 
He was right, nothing felt as good as his mouth on her pussy. Obstacles aside, she had to fuck Jace.


Hey guys this is my first attempt at writing a flash fiction story. I have always desired to challenge my writing skills and to write this I was actually inspired by Dave and he writes really good ones so I thought I would challenge myself and try to do it too. Although, most of his flash fiction stories are romance; I challenged myself to write one on Erotica  because I normally go full detailed when writing those. So it’s a challenge to just write it on a few words. I hope you enjoyed it. And please let me know if I went too far lol. I can’t help it sometimes.