The love of a dignified woman

I am drowning in the pool of want 
My love, should you pull me out and coax me in your arms 

Let me satiate your arousal, 

Let me be on my knees and worship you, my king 

I am a woman with dignity and hence untethered love for you 

Should I feel weak for wanting you to glaze me with your essence and let me shine your grace and glory on my skin 

Many would think I am a freak but the truth to that is knowns by you my love, I am an untamed rider, I will ride you dry until the hinges of my hips feel like they will disjoint from each other. 

Sometimes I wonder if I was made of rubber, how could you possibly fill yourself into my mouth and let me drink up your essence while deep in my throat. 

I am a woman well aware of what I want and who I am, my face is a shade of cuteness, my brains are opulent; filled with all kinds of beauty and nastiness. Tonight baby, I will show you what nasty looks like and tomorrow I will be your cuteness 

Tonight burry yourself st every orifice of my body and then say it… 

tell me… 

tell me I am the only one. 

The only one that you love, if not I will not let you release your essence inside me because I am a woman who knows what she wants and who she is… and I will not be played and disrespected 

Let’s Fuck

Famished, time is passing, eaten by the wind, nothing, there is nothing happening just us, eyes biddy and giddy, bodies excited and nervous, 

Time is passing and we are here, just sitting, eaten by the thoughts in our brains, burning like acid, bit by bit, No blinking nor speaking, holding hands we can’t leave 

We are closer than further, open than closed, tongues tempt to tie but lips are sealed, time is passing eaten by life and here we are sitting, we aren’t mortal, we don’t feel safe considering the explosions, we should be grateful we survived the wrath of our orgasm 

We have nothing, nothing to wear, bear and nothing to hide, my nipples are puckered, I ain’t trying to hide, you are growing turgid, you are hard, I am swollen, you have been here before, a few minutes ago and yet I still salivate at your sight, no I don’t mean my mouth, I mean my pussy, my mouth is dry, please water me

Time is passing, we should preserve it, nothing special just something sensual, exquisite and dangerous, how but we mingle, scratch this tingle, tell me which angle this time then 

Let’s Fuck. 

Discussion: two women? 

Here is a scenario. 

You recently met a girl and you are actually in a relationship. Let’s say her name is Melisa. So one day your girlfriends finds out that you have been seeing Mel and she doesn’t say anything and you don’t know that she knows about Mel. Then one day you are from work, or something, exhausted and all you need is your gf besides you, watching tv and just chilling basically. Then you go into your bedroom and find Mel and your girlfriend having sex. 

This is a real scenario, don’t think of it from a really sexual mindset, this is your wife and your sidechick having sex. 

What would you do? 

My sexual prodigy 

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been posting often. It’s exam times and I am obsessed with my grades so I am studying. But I have a lot more planned and I will be back as soon as I write my exams. Thank you for the support and understanding and also thanks for following and reading my work. You are all stars 😘

My sexual Pridigy 

Let’s forsake the wrong and the right intuitions As there is no journey nor a story when it’s right 

And yet there is an adventure, the thrill, the danger and the insanity within the wrong. 


The wrong would only unravel an intoxicating journey for us 

A journey you draw with your fingertips on my skin 

Fuelling life into my body,

See me respond with a shuddering shiver 

Knowing that I have been touched by the sinful hands of a prodigy. 


My sexual prodigy 

A man who feels as though he fell from heaven 

With lust and desire honed to perfection by the flames of hell

Sinful and devilish 


There is no harm in praising the dexterity of a man 

Only there is the danger of my falling heart

In which your hands are glazed with an exotic oil 

My heart will slip to the ground 

Glistening with your the exotic oil it will slip through

Hence, this night- you pounding me into heaven – will be and is a branded mark of steel.


You are as mystic as Fuck 

Nothing could identify you 

Or claim to know you well

But this pussy knows you well 

Too well that it salivates in your presence

Drools at the sight of you 


You are a man, 

Different from the head to the toe

You conjure my fears of waking up to an empty bed 

As though you are my phantasm 

And I had the most adventurous night in a dream The only way I will remember our night would be my incapability to walk, the marks of your grip 

The burning sensation on my ass cheeks

And my breaking heart. 

Damn you 

Beat it up

She laid on her back and spread her legs open. So open, the glistening sight of her swollen pussy made him as hard as rock; it was painful. 

“I want you to beat it” her voice was a silk touch, caressing across his desire, erecting and mercilessly arousing. 

“Make me scream” her eyes peered up at him, held a strong contact, her eyes filled with supplication. 

“Give it some discipline” she caressed her manicured hand down her slit, teasing with her finger, only inserting her finger just a nail’s length. 

“Ram yourself inside me” she moaned licking her fingers and returning them to her pussy. His eyes vied between the protruding pink nipples or her inviting open legs. 

“That potency that you possess makes me drenching wet” her voice thinned, plead vehement and obviously in thrall to his dominance.

“Look” his eyes were spellbound and they followed two of her fingers Slowly and dextrously slipping into her pussy. The tender muscles welcomed her long fingers in a sucking sound. 

“Dive deep into me, into the slippage that will have you moaning and groaning in gratification” her words were in commas as she drew her neck back, heaving and making love to herself with her fingers, her hips moved. Grinding and swaying. 

“Fuck” she whispered “I would wrap you so tight” she emitted a kitten’s cry pinching her hard and taut nipples. “Fucking warm and all yours” she moved her fingers in and out of her in the momentum of a snail and the sight reminded made him feel as though he was yet again a virgin and if he dared to move he was going to explode. 

“Tell me this pussy is yours” she cried her eyes lustful and coquettish. 

“Mine” he growled, immensely infused in his girl’s eroticism. 

“Fuck me” she withdrew and drew her fingers to her mouth and sucked on them. 

“Brand it yours” she whispered spreading her legs ever so wide, and exposed to him.

“You are so naughty” he said.

“Then beat it up” she said slapping across her pussy “give it some discipline” she smirked coquettishly. 

In that second, he felt lucky. So lucky the gates of heaven would open for his sinful soul.



In the depths of the slippage 

Like a honey glazed snake, it immerses in 

Sliding and moving courageously



Deep in my waters 

A gun ready to shoot bullets inside me 

Pull a trigger 

Breed the explosions that destroy every havoc in life 

Leaving me and you entwined together. 


Deep in the ocean of love 

Overflowing never less 

Deep into the wildness 

Tap onto the freak of nature 

Love me by day 

Fuck me by night 

Kiss me by the morning 



In deep


In deep 

In deep inside 

Inside me 

My pussy


In deep 

Deep like the ocean 

Never ending 

Immeasurably inside 


Deep inside my heat 

Slippage and wetness 

Sliding in 

In deep, 

Deep and full 

Filling me up tight 


In deep 

Your crystal wand clarifying its love 

Touching my heart 

Watering it’s pounding psssion 


In deep 

Deep inside the emotions 

Deep inside my head 

Indelible and permanent 

But never the same 



In deep 

Deep inside me 


There was no ruminating

Initiative thinking only 

My mind is always illuminating 

Glittering with lustily traits 

The imitation of an untamed bull 

I am fuming the lustful smoke through my nose 

Every part of me heats ups. 

I knew it, 

I was sure of it when I saw a glimpse of your skin, 

Down your pelvis 

You weren’t trying to be sexy you were just tucking your shirt 

It was just a glimpse 

I had always denied it but it just added more gasoline to my endearment towards you. 


I had a glimpse of your treasure hair 

My mind took me to where it led, 

I knew were it led 

It made me shiver, 

My clit throbbed 

For the first time in your presence, my libido screamed at me 

How much I felt the need to please you right then 

If circumstances were different, I would have… 

do you really wanna know? 

I would have suggested we go get out of the shop 

So I would ask you what you wanted me to do. 

It wouldn’t be about me but it would be about you.

The most thing I ever wanted was to suck you 

Ride you

Touch you 

Freak you 

Kiss you 

Hug you

Everything and anything 

Words can’t even equate it because this is my lowest illustration of pleasing, 

Of endearment

I am distant to my own intellectual skill 

I can’t write anymore because I don’t have the motivation, 

All I think about is you and your Fucking disappearance!


I couldn’t breath and I wondered if you had noticed 

I wanted to breath you 

Your lips against mine 

Your body against mine 

Just us. 

I am on urge and alone these days 

I avoid everything and all I am thinking about is you. 

It sucks

I am just…

I normally just write how I feel 

Now I can’t write what I feel 

Because it’s astronomical 

My head can’t hold the weight of the words 

My heart is pumping harder

I don’t know what’s going on any more 

I hate it and I love it 

Because it’s strange that I have no term for it. 

It’s just… 




I will put a title when you breath life back into me and my brains can function again. 

In the meantime… 

it’s untitled

A lucky man’s little girl

This is part of my short story series the luck man if you would like to catch up on these. 

A lucky man’s treasure. 

A lucky man’s woman.

She was little and young and she hadn’t experienced much in the sexual activities but she was a keen leaner and she had asked him to take her to every length there is in sex. 

That day he had something new in his mind. He had done a lot with her that with how receptive her body was to him, he had fallen in love without even realising that he had. 

It was a Saturday and they spent the weekend together. He had just picked her up from work and they drive all the way home while chatting about their day. When they got hot, he waisted no second and kissed her. Hard. Pressed her body against the wall and kissed life out of her. He was hungry. Famished for her and every time he saw her his dick strained, his heart swelled with so much love and his soul felt complete. 

Hastily he took her into the living room. The fun of not having kids or anyone around was that every surface of the house was a witness of their love making and banging. 

He laid her in the white fluffy rug in the living room and stripped her off her clothes. All fresh and beautiful for him, once she was naked he slid his hands to her slit while he savoured her skin all over her body. 

Then she stopped him. “I read about something and can we try it” she whispered looking into his eyes. 

“What is it?” He asked with a lascivious smirk in his glorious face while he looked up at him. 

“I want two dicks to fill my ass and my pussy. So I bought this” she leaned forward to grab her bag and put her hands it only to bring it out with a black thick dildo, it was lengthy and with a thick girth. While he thought it was only it, she pulled out a butt plug with a rose diamond at the end while it was thick but smaller than the dildo. 

“I think we can start by the plug so that I can be used to it then later on we will go bigger” she told him somehow he witness a bit of worry in her tone. So he stroked her hair and said “this is why I love you.” He grinned plugging his lips with hers. They were now driven by a new passion. 

He fingered het pussy getting her all wet and soaked so that she would be relaxed snd comfortable. Then after she climaxed he asked her to get on all fours. Her chest was flat on the rug while her ass was fly high and open to him. 

He grabbed a lube from her bag as she had bought it too. Then he drizzled some on the crevice of her open ass and used his fingers to massage the hole. He was inserting them slowly and carefully, increasing them from one to three and this time she winced. 

He stopped and grabbed the plug then glazed it with lube and pressed it into her ass. He did it in turns, starting with slight entrances then covering half of the plug until he fully inserted it. 

“Do you like it?” He asked her as he caresses her ass cheeks. 

“Yes” she breathed out, dropping wet and obviously aroused with how full she was. 

He smacked her ass and she clench tensing her ass and making the plug dig in deeper into her. She moaned seeming to have liked that. He gave her another smack, not too painful but good enough that she would tense up a bit and then ease up. 

He then sheathed his cock into her pussy, he did it meticulously as she groaned. When he stilled thinking it was hurting her little cunt she begged him not to stop. That drove him insane. 

He fit himself into her and then began moving, she was full in both holes. The thin skin almost felt nonexistent. 

“Harder!” He bid and he began pounding into her. With every entrance he would feel the plug move too. She was also so wet and that turned him on especially with how she wanted him to be all hard and rough with her. 

“Spank my ass please” she cried out and he did, she tended up a little bit in which her pussy clenched around his cock. The sensation of two cocks into her wasn’t only a pleasure to her, it was to him too. 

He fucked her until he felt at the brink of an orgasm then he drive her, drilled her, fast and unhinged, breathless and damn countless. Within much time they hit their climax. Spasmodic and insane. Pulsating and knackering. It was the best ever!


Daily prompt challenge: Tremble

In my presence, he is as hard as stone 

Probing out, unhinged and driven 

Glowing with such grace and dark desires

The potency looming in the air, a promise of an apocalyptic climax 

Unleash your beast, and let him ravage me, 

Tear me apart, 

Flip and toss me

leave me lost for words 

Hold me tight while he sheathes into me with his beastly traits 

Have these pretty eyes rolling 

These little toes curling 

This dexterous fingers fisting 

My voice disappearing with my breath 

My brains labelled your name, 

A mark that I am yours

Damn the potency of your beast, he posses every speck of me, 

Fitting in ever orifice of my body 

Unleash him – the beast 

let me lick him dry as he salivates to enter inside my heat. 

Dangerous and hard, I tremble at the sight of him. 

Unleash your beast, let him fill every hole and complete me.