The love of a dignified woman

I am drowning in the pool of want 
My love, should you pull me out and coax me in your arms 

Let me satiate your arousal, 

Let me be on my knees and worship you, my king 

I am a woman with dignity and hence untethered love for you 

Should I feel weak for wanting you to glaze me with your essence and let me shine your grace and glory on my skin 

Many would think I am a freak but the truth to that is knowns by you my love, I am an untamed rider, I will ride you dry until the hinges of my hips feel like they will disjoint from each other. 

Sometimes I wonder if I was made of rubber, how could you possibly fill yourself into my mouth and let me drink up your essence while deep in my throat. 

I am a woman well aware of what I want and who I am, my face is a shade of cuteness, my brains are opulent; filled with all kinds of beauty and nastiness. Tonight baby, I will show you what nasty looks like and tomorrow I will be your cuteness 

Tonight burry yourself st every orifice of my body and then say it… 

tell me… 

tell me I am the only one. 

The only one that you love, if not I will not let you release your essence inside me because I am a woman who knows what she wants and who she is… and I will not be played and disrespected 

Let’s Fuck

Famished, time is passing, eaten by the wind, nothing, there is nothing happening just us, eyes biddy and giddy, bodies excited and nervous, 

Time is passing and we are here, just sitting, eaten by the thoughts in our brains, burning like acid, bit by bit, No blinking nor speaking, holding hands we can’t leave 

We are closer than further, open than closed, tongues tempt to tie but lips are sealed, time is passing eaten by life and here we are sitting, we aren’t mortal, we don’t feel safe considering the explosions, we should be grateful we survived the wrath of our orgasm 

We have nothing, nothing to wear, bear and nothing to hide, my nipples are puckered, I ain’t trying to hide, you are growing turgid, you are hard, I am swollen, you have been here before, a few minutes ago and yet I still salivate at your sight, no I don’t mean my mouth, I mean my pussy, my mouth is dry, please water me

Time is passing, we should preserve it, nothing special just something sensual, exquisite and dangerous, how but we mingle, scratch this tingle, tell me which angle this time then 

Let’s Fuck. 

In denial and in love 2

If you haven’t read the first part then read it here, cause you won’t fully understand their relationship. 

With a smile she went down to her stomach and gently kissed from her marvel while she squeezed her tits and plucked the small hard nipples with her fingers. 

Her kisses traveled from her stomach to her groin. She looked up at her and licked just above her groin making her moan. 

Then she grabbed the underwear and pulled it off of her. Molly spread her legs for Carly and Carly took a moment asking herself if she was capable of pleasing a girl. She had seen a lot of pornography but that was just acting, this was real.

Not doubting herself, she glided her fingers down Molly’s slit and Molly shuddered, her pussy pumping wetness. 

“What do you want me to do you Molly?” Coquettishly, Carly asked while she slowly and guardedly glided her fingers up and down her slit. 

“I want you to screw me with your fingers, Molly” Breathy Molly told Carly and Carly bit of her bottom lip and used her thumb to massage Molly’s clit. Then she eased two of her fingers in making Molly emit a little gratified cry. 

“Do you like that?” Carly whispered, 

“Yes” said Carly 

“D’you want be to go faster?” 

“Yes” Molly whispered and then Carly began moving in and out of her, screwing her with her fingers, turning them and twisting like a driller inside her. Molly was so warm and so wet, feeling her fingers in there aroused her. She was soaking wet she could feel it between her thighs. 

Then she lowered her head to her kitty and kissed around her groin down at the sides of her thighs gently lingering her tongue on her skin while her fingers still worked on her. Then she landed her lips on her clit, sucked on it while leering up at Molly’s face. She was glowing with sexual merriment and that pleased Carly cause she knew that was all because of her. 

She flicked her tongue on Molly’s clit, flicking it in circles and in up and down motions. Molly was getting wet and wet with each stroke of her tongue and each entrance of her fingers. Then she stopping drilling them into her and inserted them in a coaxing manner, coaxing Molly’s orgasm. With one two three entrances Molly bid her to do it faster and Carly did. Entering and withdrawing with no hesitance, slamming her hand against her pussy as he pummelled her fingers in. 

Then a myrad of electric pulses stroke Molly’s body, she was pulsating and spasmodic. Screaming Carly’s name as her kitty clenched around Carly’s fingers that were still plunging into her. Carly then ferociously rubbed Molly’s pussy as she orgasmed one her of a stormy one. 

Then she brought her back from the galaxy of their sex with a kiss, a hit tongue action kiss while she was grinding her pussy against Molly’s knee. 

Molly turned her around and said “I want to see you ride that dildo” whispering in her ears. 

Carly got up and grabbed the pink thing in her hands. 

“It’s too big” she protested and Molly smirked 

“Oh I know baby”… 

to be continued. 

In denial and in love 

Carly was a good girl. In fact, mama’s good girl, raised by a strong opinioned single mother who was a church goer and always voicing her opinion about homosexuality. She despised such people and that led to Carly being in denial. 

But she couldn’t anymore, not when her pussy clenched so tight every time her room mate walked into the room with her curvy body and blond hair. She was deadly in love with her. With the way she moved, the way she talked and the way she laughed her throaty laughter throwing her head back with clapping her small little hands. Damn she was in love.  

“So Molly, have you ever hit it with a girl” they were both on their small beds, looking up at the ceiling while they spoke about love and dating. 

Molly laughed and said “no, have you?” She glanced over at Carly. 

“No but I want to” she said, dreamy. 

“Tell me your fantasy” 

“I will freak you out” Carly chuckled pulling up the blankets and facing Molly’s side. 

“Trust me you won’t and I won’t tell you anyone. What happens here is our secret” Molly told her making them both laugh with how sinful the atmosphere had suddenly become. 

“I wish to kiss you, taste you in my mouth, your tongue against mine. I want to spread your legs so wide for me. Suck on that clit with my mouth. The image of me doing that is just making me so horny, my pants are dripping wet” she grinned feeling a little bit mortified. She was still indenial about her desires. They somehow scared her. 

“Would you put them into action with me” Molly broke the silence pushing away the blankets and revealing her naked legs. 

“Are you sure?” She couldn’t believe this was actually about to happen and she had to be sure first. 

“We are in uni, Carly. We should do this shit” Molly said getting up and pulling out a purple thick dildo from her drawer. “You have no idea how much I have fantasied about you fucking me Carly and knowing you have the same fantasy is making me wet.” Molly strode to Carly’s bed and pulled away the sheets, her lips hastily locking with Carly’s. 

They kissed, the tongue battle leaving them breathless. Carly opened her legs to let Molly in. Molly sat aside the dildo and used her hand to rub Carly’s pussy. 

As her fingers touched her freshly shaven pussy, she gasped in some air. How long had she anticipated that touch, the touch of being owned by a woman, a woman with the same desires as her. The woman she loved. That feeling stroke a thunder inside her, conjuring a side of her that she thought was just an alter ego. 

She grind her  hips in circles oppositing Molly’s fingers. Then she dived them deep inside, she moaned. 

“Damn Baby you are all wet for me” Molly whispers against her lips. The two fingers stretched her, she had not really inserted two into her pussy before due to the small incessant feelings.

But it felt painfully good.

 Molly pummelled them in and out of her pussy while her lips laced with hers. Sucking on each other’s tongues.

 Molly was gifted, the way she had finger fucked her pussy so ravenously made her reach her first wave really quick. She shook and trembled the orgasm so huge than what she had went through before. 

“You are so excited. You didn’t even take time creaming my fingers” Molly’s voice and tone were intoxicating. It made her all horny even after a small wave of climaxing. 

“Well I have been looking forward to this for a long time” she whispered dreamily watching Molly suck on the fingers while humming. 

“That’s so sexy” she whispered before Molly pushed the two fingers into Carly’s mouth. Looking up at her Carly sucked on them now fully aware she was having sex with Molly. Nothing could hinder this moment. 

Not the thought of her mother’s loathe towards genders.

“I want to eat you up” she whispered making Molly giggle laying on her back on top of her bed. The sight, the view of how open Molly was for her. The way her legs spread wide like she had no bones all for her. The way she was wet all for her. Every single thing that Molly exposed to her at that second made her heart sink. She loved her. Loved her too much, it was hurting. 

With a smile she went down to her stomach and… 

to be continued…

Fucking Karen part two

Hey guys, here is the long awaited part two of FUCKING KAREN! I hadn’t had time to write but I knew I would write it for you guys and k am so excited for you to read this! So for the new lovelies who haven’t  read the first part of Fucking Karen, you would understand better if you read the first part. 


She rolled me over the bed. Had my back on the bed and her body on mine. She started kissing me. Her kisses were lux and fast letting me know I was under her mercy. I was never really the one to receive. I liked being the giver, the pleasurer. For me there is no much pleasure bigger than the one I feel when I see my lover lose control, tear apart and go crazy because of me. It just sets my soul on another level of fire that can’t be tamed, but I seemed to have triggered something in Karen. The wild beast that she had been hiding. The beast that I was anticipating. I had shredded all innocent out of her and I was about to endure the consequences. 
Her kiss deepened leaving me feeling the fire still burning in my lips. Hunger and lust vehemently expressed within the haste nasty kissing. It made me even hungrier. I was throbbing wet like I had filled myself with a gallon of water before that night. But I knew I was that wet because Karen was intoxicating. Hell, her lithe sexy body had me wet just staring at it but having her on top of me literally kissing me like that, I was drenching wet. I needed her to penetrate me rough and literally claiming me real quick.  

“You have a sexy way of unleashing the beast in me” her voice was filled with lust and excitement, it’s hoarseness blended with an abandant amount of sexiness, lasciviously screaming her latent desires for me. I was crazy and high. All crazy and high on Karen and it fuelled the flames of want all over my body. I was burning for her and my God wasn’t she such a tease?! She  hadn’t even touched me yet and I wanted her to literally posses me with all that she  had.

“And baby tonight I will brand you mine” her amorous smile made me hum. No man had ever made me feel such high levels of passion. Neither had another women of my past. Karen was like a new different drug and I was hastily getting addicted to its ecstasy. It was hot and astounding. 

And I was ready. I was ready to endure the consequences of what I had unleashed and I was willing to let her brand me hers and to fulfil all her lust that she had for me. 

Then she started kissing my skin. Her tongue was wet and soft against my skin as it lingered at almost every inch. I could feel myself at the urge of a climax, and she hadn’t even touched me there. She was toying with body like I was her new barbie doll and she sure as hell wanted to drive me crazy. 

Her tongue was adding more gas to the fire that was already burning and as she reached my hard tits, I was hit by a small quake of an orgasm that trembled my body a little. She was something I had never experienced before and as she went on sucking and plucking my tits, I was feeling like I was about to touch the sky and scream her name so loud the whole universe would hear. 
But while I enjoyed her soft gentle touch she hastily changed like the British weather. She roughly and sternly pulled me to her preferable possition. Then she lustily spread my so legs wide I felt my pussy open up for her. 
Then while I was still trying to catchup with her, she was hell far away. Her fingers dived into me making me scream out forgetting that mom and her aunt were in the rooms attached to ours. She closed my mouth with her other hand and plunged her fingers into me so bad and fast. She was fucking me like she was a sinner hell-bent to find heaven through me. Then she used her thumb to stimulate my clitoris while she still restricted me from screaming and also breathing. And that suffocation made our fucking even more intense and extremely hot. 
She was fucking me roughly without any justice. Hell, I was the one responsible for unleashing the beast that she was manifesting to me and that beast was rough, bad and unhinged. I fucking loved it. 

“You like it huh?” She said through her fastened teeth as she eased down the speed a little bit. My muscles were quivering and stinging but also begging for her attention, again. It shocked me too. She was hardcore and I wanted it like that. I had always been the alpha of the atmosphere with my experience with women, but this time I wanted to lose it. I wanted to be under another woman’s mercy and damn Karen was the right woman. 

As I kept seething under her slow strokes on my pussy, I hadn’t realised she was waiting for a response so she reminded me by spanking my inner thigh, making me lift my back off the bed a little it. 

“I want more.” I told her while I felt myself reach the peak. My clitoris was my soft spot and she tormentingly played with it with her fingers like she knew that already. Plucking it and  flicking it, adding pressure on it and teasing it. It was driving me crazy. Her dexterity was immensely absorbing, that I felt all my joints lose power. For once I was powerless. But I regained my strength as I felt her stretch my tight pussy with all four of her fingers. I couldn’t hold in the little screams that wanted to be unleashed. 
Feeling the little stinging pain as she stretched me was insane. She merticulously inserted her four fingers in and out, slowly and slowly making me get used to them. And like she’d read my mind she began plunging them into me. Hitting inside me with almost every strength she had. I was at the verge of a tsunami of an orgasm and as she increased her momentum, I was scraping at the surface of a thunderstorm of an orgasm. Then it didn’t take long for me to tear apart. I was trembling and pulsating with a breathtaking wave. All my strength left my body and she didn’t stop fucking me. She went on, fucked me to my way up in the sky, sat me at the shape of the moon, coaxed all the stars into my head, conjured all of them to explode within my world and bathed me in an ocean of diamonds. It was the most astronomical orgasm of my life. 

And she joined me in our ecstasy with a gentle kiss. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t even know how to breath after that. 

Fucking Karen (short story) part 1

Hey guys this is just a short story that i am writing as a way of saying thank you for reading what I write and really being supportive. It’s not personal but it something I think one or two of you would like. 

I was on a holiday with my family and mom decided she would invite her friend to bring her daughter who was just a year older than me. I was 18 and she was 19. Our holiday was in Australia and we lived in a holiday home. We shared a bedroom with two single beds and some dressing table. Then mom and her friend slept in their individual rooms. 
I had never met Karen before and I didn’t know much about her. So we started talking and somehow our talk led to talking about sex. We were both born in strict Christian homes so sex before we turned 21 was seen as a sin. So I was basically a sinner cause I had banged a few guys here and there. We were both girls in one room and there was nothing wrong with that because we were both straight but I had always wondered how does a pussy taste. And having Karen there wasn’t really helping especially with the topic we were talking about.So  that’s when I asked; “have you ever had lesbian sex?”  she grin coyly and I had to play the reasonable girl and say “it’s okay if you are not comfortable talking about personal staff”. She sat up and leaned against the headboard of the bed. 

She was god damn attractive. I mean, the Victoria secret angels would be begging her for tips as to how she looked that hot. She had big grown eyes, fine thick lips, long blond hair and just the perfect woman and as much as I had fantasied but never felt like having sex with a girl, I was feeling perched and as an imaginative girl, I couldn’t clear the curiosity of how good she looked down south. 

“Actually, I have never had sex with a girl” she said. 

“Have you ever been attracted to a girl sexually?” I asked as I also sat up at the edge of the bed instead. 

“No, but I have a habit of masturbating to lesbian sex. It’s so… I don’t know… It makes me really horny” she bit her lip. 
“I know what you are talking about. Having sex with another girl has always been one of my fantasies. So have you at least kissed another girl” I was trying to get to make out with her and then I would take this into action. 

“No” she whispered and with how intense her brown eyes were and how she had crossed her legs tight, I knew she was aware of this conversation’s route. 
“Do you want to try with me? You might like it?” 
“Why would I want to do that?” She sighed a little nervous smile, 

I stood from my small bed and went to hers. I sat ever so close to her and made sure I leered into her eyes with obvious intentions. “Because I am horny and you are horny. There is no harm in kissing, is there?” I whispered my hand already caressing her skin towards her collarbone. Tracing with a feather like touch that made her catch her breath a little bit. 

While I waited for her answer I felt soft sweet lips against mine. Pressing with so much hunger. We kissed nervously at first but then we both started kissing with our tongues, her body relaxed; she wasn’t nervous anymore. So with our lip still laced together I pulled the sheets away and spread her legs wide to position myself between them. She did not even try to protest. I stopped kissing her mouth and kissed her neck. She drew her head back, her breath becoming erratic. 

I then hastily pushed her pj top over her perky tits. The hunger to taste them was unconquerable. It propelled me to go down on them with so much confidence as though I knew what I would do with them. I enveloped one nipple into my mouth and she moaned a little too loud for our environment so I reminded her our mothers were just in the next rooms. She had to be a good girl and be quiet. I went back to flicking my tongue on the hard nipple, kissing and sucking on it. I had never felt so exhilarated in my life. I was eager to pleasure her in the most unthinkable ways. So while I took on another nipple, I shoved my fingers underneath the pj shorts but just above the lace briefs she was wearing. Then I began stroking slowly and teasingly while I went back to laving my lips with hers. 

I like vocal sex and I can’t control it so I asked her “do you like that?” And she hummed while nodding her head, her eyes shut while she was biting her lips. Seeing that she was floating in cloud nine all because of me was insanely arousing. So I stopped kissing her and pulled my hands out. I leaned back and pulled her shorts off her legs and pulled the black lace underwear off her legs. I then spread her legs even wider. Her pussy was so tiny, so cute and hastily famishing. I didn’t know what I was going in for but damn I was thirty for it. 

“You have such a cute little pussy Karen” even during sex, I have the incapability of keeping my thoughts to myself. She responded with a coquettish grin while she pinched both of her nipples. I liked the look on her face. The nervous good girl was dead gone, she was replaced with a naughty sexy and crazily amorous face. It was like I was reading all her dirty thoughts on that face. So while still admiring her face, I inserted just one middle finger into her pussy. She was a bit tight around it. The electricity flowered all over my body as i felt her moist wrap around my finger. I fingered her slow and romantically while still looking at the cute faces she made. Damn I would have wifed her at that second. Her face told me that she was mine that night. And so I leaned down. 
I had to show her that she was mine for that night and I wanted to create a tattoo on her memory and stay in her memory forever. I then teased her pearlescent clit with the tip of my tongue and she exhaled deeply. I then laved my tongue on her pussy, tasting the sweet juices pouring out of her. She was so wet I had never seen anything like it. 

I continued eating her pussy, manifesting all my skills that I had seen on porn and read about. I was holding her life up while I also Fingered her with all three fingers. She took me in with so much loving acceptance. Then I soon felt the walls of her vagina begin to quiver around my finger. I then increased the speed of my thrusts. I fucked her so hard she was losing herself, she was running out of breath and I was driving her crazy. 

Then right then she exploded. Trembling and screaming almost too loud for our environment. Her body shook like she was being electrocuted. Her orgasm was incredibly exhilarating to watch. It almost made me climax. On top of that she was creaming all around my fingers, warm and exciting.

Being the dirty minded slut I knew I was I pulled my fingers out, licked them while she watched, while we both leered at each other, grinning coquettishly. Then when I had licked my fingers clean and dry, I went back to kissing her. While she rolled me over laying my back on the bed and positioning herself on top of me.