The love of a dignified woman

I am drowning in the pool of want 
My love, should you pull me out and coax me in your arms 

Let me satiate your arousal, 

Let me be on my knees and worship you, my king 

I am a woman with dignity and hence untethered love for you 

Should I feel weak for wanting you to glaze me with your essence and let me shine your grace and glory on my skin 

Many would think I am a freak but the truth to that is knowns by you my love, I am an untamed rider, I will ride you dry until the hinges of my hips feel like they will disjoint from each other. 

Sometimes I wonder if I was made of rubber, how could you possibly fill yourself into my mouth and let me drink up your essence while deep in my throat. 

I am a woman well aware of what I want and who I am, my face is a shade of cuteness, my brains are opulent; filled with all kinds of beauty and nastiness. Tonight baby, I will show you what nasty looks like and tomorrow I will be your cuteness 

Tonight burry yourself st every orifice of my body and then say it… 

tell me… 

tell me I am the only one. 

The only one that you love, if not I will not let you release your essence inside me because I am a woman who knows what she wants and who she is… and I will not be played and disrespected 

Everytime ❤️

Everytime I look into your eyes, I feel like you handpicked me to suit your darkest insight, but you never really knew what I was like, you only witnesses a facade of what it’s like to love a woman like me. 

Everytime I am inside your arms, I feel like you handpicked me out of a million, only you didn’t know who I was like, I thought you will leave cause I tempted to leave, not because I hadn’t loved you yet, but because it didn’t feel right, because you only witness the smile I wear in day, and the lustrous mask I wear at night but then you reminded me, it wasn’t a facade it really was me.

Everytime I dance with you in the dark, I want you to be harder cause I am not so soft, Everytime you try to be kind I tell you I want you to be hard because I know love isn’t supposed to be easy, that’s why I don’t want you to be easy. 

Everytime I look into your eyes, I feel like you handpicked me effortlessly because I am transparent, you know I was the girl that suit your life, I love the sex you like and the fetish you love, I hate all the things that you hate, I laugh at same joke as you laugh to, I never cry because you hate to see me cry. 

Everytime I kiss you I feel like I will explode into a million diamonds because you make me shine brighter than the diamonds. 

Everytime you sleep I want you to know, you are my love and I belong to you. 


Let’s Fuck

Famished, time is passing, eaten by the wind, nothing, there is nothing happening just us, eyes biddy and giddy, bodies excited and nervous, 

Time is passing and we are here, just sitting, eaten by the thoughts in our brains, burning like acid, bit by bit, No blinking nor speaking, holding hands we can’t leave 

We are closer than further, open than closed, tongues tempt to tie but lips are sealed, time is passing eaten by life and here we are sitting, we aren’t mortal, we don’t feel safe considering the explosions, we should be grateful we survived the wrath of our orgasm 

We have nothing, nothing to wear, bear and nothing to hide, my nipples are puckered, I ain’t trying to hide, you are growing turgid, you are hard, I am swollen, you have been here before, a few minutes ago and yet I still salivate at your sight, no I don’t mean my mouth, I mean my pussy, my mouth is dry, please water me

Time is passing, we should preserve it, nothing special just something sensual, exquisite and dangerous, how but we mingle, scratch this tingle, tell me which angle this time then 

Let’s Fuck. 

It’s a savage world 

I am single 

But my heart belongs to someone who can never be mine 

I am on my own 

Hence my mind rotates in circles 

I feel a certain drowsiness since I decided to let go and let God 

But I want you, 

I want something new 

Because you are all that is in my mind 

Promoting your image, an illusion of the best life 

And I buy into it 


I am single 

I walk on the streets 

Hand in hand with your phantom 

I am cursed with the eyes that are the only that can see you 

 because I belong to you 

And you belong to someone else

It’s a savage world. 

It’s sad I live in it 

And you don’t live in it 

I am not loving it 

So that’s why I tempt to leave it 

But nothing is as impossible as that 

Letting go, of you, and letting God. 

Looking for love

come in and speak 

I am hoping you can hear me 

I tell you my name 

You don’t even react 

I sing to you 

Can you hear me?

The lyrics 

Are sweet and mine 

Do you understand this ?

That I am looking for your attention?

I write,

can you read me?

The tale of my sorrow 

The novel of my passion 

The memoir of my desires 

The poetry of my love 

I laugh 

Can you join me? 

It’s all combined in one tin 

Sadness and happiness 


In one laugh 

As if it will solve me 

I am looking for love 
In all the darkest places

Dirtiest places 

Loveless places 

I am looking for life 
Where there is only death 

No water no air 

Suffocation is the key 

I am looking for you
Though you are standing beside me 

Gone is your spirit

The one that I loathe 

I am looking for fame 
Talented yet neglected 

I write to tell you 

The horror in my mind 

I am just a kid 
Floating on the surface of the ocean 

Fearless of the potency of water 

Looking forward to singing with the Dolphins 

I am looking for love 
Where there is no love 

Where it’s lust and sex

Resulting in silence and self hate 

I am looking for love 
For I don’t have love myself 

I have looked for it 

I can’t find it 

But you find it in me.


The beauty of a blind man is that he sees what he wants to see. 
He sees the darkness and the darkness doesn’t show him the havoc and chaos that the world has become. 

Dead beauty and alive ugliness. 

It shows him the beauty that the world has lost and therefore he has no pain. 

In which it’s his imagination that envisions such perfection.

The beauty we crave and that is art 

In his sightless life, he paints a picture ever so beautiful.

Yet we with sight, we fear the darkness for what it’s not. 

Sometimes I wish I was a blind woman maybe I would see a better world.

Loving loveless

I am  blessed  for I have been cursed by you, 

lucky  enough to unfortunately sleep in a bed with you.

I am happy  for I have drowned in a pool of your sadness. 

lovely  for you have loathed me. 

loveless  for I have loved you. 

I am alone for I am walking besides you. 

You are smiling while I cry my bided failure.

I am lonely for you are constantly in my arms. 

Sightless  for I have seen your feigned smile. 

I am loveless for I am a hopeless romantic.

A hopeless romantic with a loathsome passion.


She is still

Unmoving as if dead

Her face contains no emotion

Her smile is a lie

Her eyes projects a lie

Her mouth deposits a lie

She always lies
She is spread all over 

Pulled apart 

In quarters

They make her do this

Tell her to do that

No thanks whatsoever 
She is made of stone
Carved structureless 

Born with no heart 

Nothing that bleeds

Always tossed about, 

Easily forgotten

Remembered when needed

Easily unappreciated 

She is a stone 

Pointless existence.
She is made of metal

She dreams to be glazed with gold 

The struggle melts all of her steel

She is close 

So close to breaking 
She will jump 

Because no one listens

No one cares

As long as she will lie

Paste that plastic smile 

Everything’s fine 
She’s told she needs to do more

It’s not good enough

Nothing is good enough

She is the ground

Everything is buried under that body

The eyes of the people that despise her

All her emotions are unknown

She is an angel 

Makes people happy

While being obedient 


Cries without tears 

Never cries in almost a full year

Her heart cries for 365 days

She wishes to say everything

But no one will listen

Her words will be projected otherwise

Means of stress relief

Would be means of stress increase

Yet you won’t know
She is made of stone

A stone doesn’t cry.

She doesn’t speak up

She can’t speak up

She doesn’t care anymore

Which leads to her being stoic
A decision is made

She don’t need her thanks

She will be glazed with gold

Gleam like a diamond

It’s part of life

It will pass

But would it 

Hence the decision’s made

She will remain stoic.

It’s good to love

It’s good to love someone 

Know someone 

Mentally, emotionally, historically and physically. 

Know them inside and out 

I tend to look at person like a map at times 

It looks well structured, well labelled with clear directions and everything. 

As a work of art and intelligence 

But within that map it’s a journey 

 my journey to their heart 

I will walk through their dark valleys

Swim in the peaceful rivers 

Encounter my biggest fears

Experience the beauty of their nature 

Through that map, I will drive on their roughest roads 

Glide on their softest roads 

Survive the hardest storms 

Face pain 

Tears and both laughter 

Until I reach my destination. 

Their heart


Loving them 

Because it is a journey, a journey worth living 

And a journey worth taking

Let me play 

Daily post challenge: Construct


Burning so fervently 

Ever so exhilarated by the thoughts of you 

Tonight I must pay attention daddy 

Pay attention to myself

I want to construct a feeling of self love 

Play my music and touch myself 

My hand Marvelling my body leaving fevent chills in my skin 

Laying on my back, spreading my legs wide 

So wide I feel myself spread wider 

Leisurely touch myself 

No need to rush 

Stroke the swollen clit tormentingly slowly 

Putting on some pressure 

Gently make love to myself 

Construct a feeling of self confidence 

Know myself 

Drive my fingers inside my moist 

Feel them wrapped tight 

Feel them rotate inside me 

Feel them stretch me 

Wet and glazed by my juices

Take my time there is no need to rush 

My thumb pressed and pleasuring my clit  

Move my hips to the rhythm of my own sound 

Clip and pinch the attention seeking nipples 

Construct an understanding of my own body 

Lose myself to the ecstasy 

Gradually increase the momentum 

Fuck it feels great

My fingers stretch and stretch me 

Ardently pummelling them inside me 

Fill my ears with the sound of my wetness 

I am dripping 

I am so saucy today 

I am constructing an explosion so huge 

Taste the sweetness of my own sex 

Know myself well 

Know how fast I want to be fucked 

How slow I want to be rode 

My dirt fingers will help me figure this out 

Plunge them ever so deep 

Lose myself 

While gaining knowledge about myself 

Construct an unending desire for myself